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Deciphr is a game-changing AI-powered platform that simplifies content creation for podcasters, influencers, and content marketers. With features like automatic transcription, rapid article writing, and instant multimedia asset generation, Deciphr helps you create captivating content in record time. Join the revolution and supercharge your content production with Deciphr today.


About Deciphr AI

Deciphr is a state-of-the-art, AI-powered platform that streamlines long-form audio content and content production process. It simplifies the process of extracting key insights from the entire Podcast transcript and other audio files.

It helps content creators to efficiently repurpose audio content into engaging written material such as blog posts or social media updates. It saves a lot of time and also helps in reaching a wider audience base. It also helps by offering valuable insights by extracting the most important information from podcast episodes or other audio recordings.

Possible Use Cases of Deciphr 

  • Transcription: Deciphr can automatically transcribe audio and video content making it easier for creators to repurpose their content across multiple platforms.
  • Show notes and summaries: The platform can generate show notes, summaries, and timestamped chapters for podcast episodes helping creators provide additional value to their audience.
  • Content repurposing: Deciphr is capable of creating short video reels, and audiograms, and extracting valuable episode snippets, allowing creators to reach and engage new listeners on various platforms.
  • Press release generation: PR agencies can use Deciphr AI to transform interviews and other source materials into professionally crafted press releases within seconds.
  • Content marketing: Marketing agencies use Deciphr's content creation and repurposing content capabilities to reduce the time and effort required for content creation, enabling them to take on more clients and projects.

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Products Offered by Deciphr

There are two products offered by Deciphr – Deciphr AI and Deciphr Enterprise.

Deciphr AI

Deciphr AI

Deciphr AI helps users to generate detailed show notes, timestamps, and transcripts using their pre-generated audio files. The platform is ideal for podcasters, content producers, and audio editors looking to simplify and speed up their production process.

It also offers various advanced key features including efficient production, end-to-end encryption for security, and ease of use through the Deciphr website or mobile app. It also offers tools for creating audiograms, video reels, and social media captions, making it an all-in-one solution for content creators.

Deciphr Enterprise

Deciphr Enterprise

Deciphr Enterprise is created for larger organizations and businesses that require more advanced features and support. It offers a branded and personalized content search page, data-driven content generation capabilities, and advanced search analytics to help optimize strategy and create impactful content experiences for the audience.

With customizable AI-generated content and AI-powered search analytics, it enables users to create a complete content suite from their audio, video files, or document transcripts in minutes. This powerful solution helps fulfill the needs of enterprise clients, providing them with an efficient and effective way to manage their content production process.

Deciphr Key Features at a Glance

Deciphr's Content Suite

Deciphr's Content Suite

This feature offers extensive tools for smoother content production flow. Users can simply transform a single piece of content into multiple formats such as accurate transcriptions, show notes, and personalized content for their audiences.

It automates the whole process of critical point generation, quotes, and insights from transcripts. This saves a lot of time ensuring that the content is engaging and relevant to its listeners.

With the content suite, you get accurate transcriptions making it an invaluable tool for repurposing content across multiple platforms.

Article Writer

Article Writer

Deciphr's Article Writer helps in generating high-quality, long-form articles in just a few minutes. Creators can simply upload an audio, video, or text file and Deciphr will create engaging articles from scratch using AI technology.

It ensures that the content created is engaging and relevant to their target audience. This feature is capable of generating content quickly without compromising on quality. It offers a user-friendly interface making it easy for the creators to navigate and customize their content efficiently.

Deciphr's Inspiring Audiogram

Deciphr's Inspiring Audiogram

Audiogram is a powerful feature of Deciphr that allows users to transform any audio content into visually appealing and engaging social media assets within a few minutes. It helps podcasters to repurpose content for social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

It also contributes to boosting Podcast SEO and engagement. Access to multiple AI-generated snippets and videos enhances the impact of Deciphr's Audiogram making it an essential tool for content creators looking to expand their reach.

DeciphrVideo Reels

Deciphr's Video Reels

With the video reels feature users can efficiently transform their single personalized video uploads into a collection of snappy, sensational reels within a few minutes. Its instant video reel feature is designed to save content creators time by automatically generating the most critical points, quotes, and insights from their content. 

It is a game-changer for most podcasters, social media managers, influencers, academics, content marketers, and B2B businesses looking to supercharge their content and captivate their audiences.

Effortless Transcriptions with Deciphr

Effortless Transcriptions with Deciphr

The transcription feature is helpful for content creators to generate high-quality automatic transcription from Raw audio or video files. It eliminates the need for manual transcription or expensive subscription services for smoother content production workflow. 

It also offers features like bulk editing, intuitive filler word filtering, and automated speaker identification, ensuring accurate and polished transcripts with every upload. This feature adds value for thousands of creators including podcasters, academics, and content marketers looking to optimize their product process. By offering effortless manual speech transcription into high-quality content.

Social Media Captions

Social Media Captions

Social Media Captions feature enables users to effortlessly transform their long-form content into engaging social media captions with just a few clicks. By utilizing the power of Deciphr, content creators can save time, reduce effort, and enhance their content's reach across various platforms.

It streamlines the content production workflow allowing creators to focus on generating captivating content while the platform takes care of generating attention-grabbing captions.

Deciphr Product Demo

Deciphr Subscription Plans

PlansPrice per MonthMonthly Upload MinutesFeatures
Flexi FreeFirst 40 MinutesText-Only content, Optional PAYG Power-Ups
Hobbiyst$29240 MinutesReal-time Content Editor, AI Content Assistant
Professional$69240 MinutesAutomatic Audiograms, Instant Video Reels

Content creators can go for more monthly upload minutes of up to 1000 minutes. Price is based on the monthly upload minutes you choose with each plan.

Deciphr Alternatives


Descript is an all-in-one video and podcast editing tool that offers transcription, editing, and collaboration features, as well as a unique “Overdub” feature for refining transcriptions before publishing.


PlansPrice per Year
EnterpriseContact Sales


PodSqueeze is an AI-powered tool that helps in effortless podcast production. It's a go-to tool for creating Show notes, timestamps, newsletters, and more.


PlansPrice per Year


oTranscribe is a web app designed to ease the process of transcribing recorded media.

Pricing: oTranscribe is available for free.

9.7Expert Score
Deciphr Review: Unleashing the Power of AI for Content Creators and Podcasters
Supercharge your content creation with Deciphr AI, a powerful AI-driven tool that revolutionized podcast production and content generations. We strongly recommend Deciphr which exaggerate 4.9/5 rating from happy users who have experienced seamless workflows, effortless content scaling, and more to help podcasters, influencers, and content marketers alike.
Automatic Transcription
Time Saving
Pricing Affordability
Machine Learning
  • Simplifies podcast production
  • Streamlines content creation
  • Understands content and audience
  • Saves time on content generation
  • Potential learning curve for users
  • May require subscription or payment

Deciphr Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Turn content into captivating multimedia assets.
  • $24/month
  • Receive accurate transcriptions with Deciphr.
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Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
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