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What is is an AI-powered tool that helps in removing image background removal tools offered by Blend. It allows users to remove backgrounds from images instantly. It helps users to create professional product photos by removing backgrounds automatically. The tool is helpful for e-commerce, social media platforms, graphic designers, photographers, marketing teams, and content creators.

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Graphic Design for graphic designers provides graphic designers with a platform to remove backgrounds from product images, logos, and designing assets by smoothening their workflow and focusing on the creative aspects of the projects.

E-commerce for E-commerce

Any online retailer can use as an image editing tool to remove backgrounds from pictures resulting in a clean and professional image to enhance the visual appeal of online stores.

Social Media and Content Creation for Social Media and Content Creation

Content creators, photographers, and social media managers use to creating visually appealing images by removing the background and replacing it with the most suitable ones.

Large Enterprise for Large Enterprise

Enterprises can use for different purposes including creating transparent images for presentations, reports, and materials to create internal communications.

Background Removal

Background Removal

Another crucial feature of is bulk background removal. It automatically removes the background from hundreds of photos in one go. It saves a lot of time and effort for its users who need to process bulk images.

  • Can remove background from any image
  • Completely Free
  • Takes a little time to work

Step-by-Step Guide on How to use

Step 1: Access by Blend

Visit the official website of and explore the dashboard to check how the background of any image is removed.

Step 2: Upload Image by Blend

Click on “Upload Image” or simply drag and drop the image into the given area by clicking on the “Upload” button.

Step 3: Auto Removal

Once you upload the image will start removing the background from the image automatically.

Step 4: Review, Edit, and Download

Review the final output and use the eraser tool to make necessary adjustments. Once done, you can download your image by making the background transparent and use it on different platforms. Pricing offers both free and pro plans created to fulfill the needs and preferences of different users. Its plan includes – Pricing Plans

Explore Pricing! Alternatives

It uses AI and offers background removal services for any image quickly. It is more than just a background remover tool offering various options such as turning images into art, stunning banners, visual presentations, product catalogs, and eye-pleasing graphics. offers a free plan for its users and has different plans including

PlanImages per MonthPrice per MonthPrice per Image
Monthly Subscription40$5.99$0.15


Fotor is a photo editing platform that lets users enhance, edit, and create beautiful images online quickly. Its features are –

  • create design,
  • make a collage,
  • enhance photo,
  • remove background,
  • photo to art,
  • text to image.
PlansPrice per Month
Fotor BasicFree
Fotor Pro$8.99
Fotor Pro+$19.99


Unscreen is a remove unwanted backgrounds effortlessly. It helps to unscreen tickets where backgrounds vanish effortlessly. It gives 1080p resolution, ensuring the video looks crystal clear to your audiences.

PlanPriceTime per MonthPrice per Minute
Subscription$1.98/ video minute  
Hobby$903 min$3
Artist$3915 min$2.60
Creator$8945 min$1.98
Maker$18902:00 Hrs$1.57
Studio$38905:30 Hrs$1.18
CustomContact Sales  
Pay as you Go$4.99/ min  

Final Verdict is a highly recommended online tool for content creators and online businesses to remove background from images effortlessly. It offers ease of use, speed, and high-quality results. The tool is powered by artificial intelligence allowing users to handle complex images and remove background images effortlessly. It is indeed an excellent choice for all those who are looking for a simple, practical, and reliable image background removal tool. Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Remove the background from any image
  • $4/month
  • Quick and simple solution for photo editors



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