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Descript is an ingenious AI video editor that is user-friendly and allows users to edit text-based transcripts as easily as editing any document. This software is encouraged by top YouTube and TikTok channels, podcasts, and businesses. It also simplifies video creation for various marketing, sales, and collaboration.

The unique transcription feature along with the screen and audio recording, multitrack editing, and AI-driven text-to-speech capabilities, makes it a versatile tool. Available on web and desktop platforms, with a tiered pricing structure, Descript is accessible to all and is particularly favored by podcast creators for its collaborative features.


What is Descript?

Descript is an all-in-one audio and video editor that makes editing as easy as a word doc. Upload media or record directly in Descript to instantly transcribe your file into text, then tweak the text to directly edit your media clips. Edit out filler words and silent gaps with a single click. Record your screen and webcam for presentations and video messages and edit out mistakes before publishing. Use pro editing features, such as non-destructive multi-track editing, live collaboration, auto-captioning, exports and much more.

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Descript Key Features at a Glance

  • Screen Recording: Descript authorizes its users to document their screen activities just as they do the editing with their documents, you can capture nearly every click and keystroke, as recording audio from the microphone or the computer itself.
  • Easy Transcription: Transcription is no longer a monotonous task. Users can choose between automatic transcription for quick results or careful service for flawless transcripts.
  • Remote Recording: It breaks all the geographical barriers with its remote recording feature allowing users to record multitrack audio and video from anywhere in the world by using its collaborating feature.
  • Podcasting Tools: It offers a variety of podcasting tools that let users edit audio, remove silence, add crossfades, and effects turning out the raw recordings into polished podcasts.
  • Collaboration: Descript encourages teamwork with its Multi-user Collaboration feature. Allowing team members to work together on audio and video projects, inspiring creativity and productivity.
  • Automatic Filler Word Removal: This feature is a lifesaver. It automatically detects and removes all those annoying “ums,” “ahs,” and other filler words from your recordings with just a click. Makes everything sound so much more professional.
  • Overdub Voice Cloning: Ever made a mistake or needed to add something to your audio after recording? With Descript, you can create a digital voice profile and clone your own voice to add or change parts of your recording without needing to re-record. It's pretty neat and a bit futuristic.
  • Multitrack Editing & Sequences: If you're working with interviews or podcasts with multiple speakers, this feature makes managing and editing multiple tracks super easy. You can edit the transcript, and it automatically applies to the audio. Plus, you can work on tracks separately if needed.
  • Video Editing Made Simple: Not just for audio, Descript makes video editing straightforward too. Adding titles, shapes, and images is as easy as editing a doc. Plus, the AI features like automatic retake removal and summarization tools help streamline the editing process.
  • AI-Powered Tools: The AI actions in Descript, like finding good clips automatically, summarizing recordings, and even generating social media posts, are incredibly helpful. It's like having a creative sidekick that speeds up the editing process.

Honestly, it's made my life so much easier, and I think you'll love it too. Plus, it's user-friendly, so you don't need to be a pro to get started. Definitely worth checking out!

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What is the Overdub Feature of Descript?

The Descript Overdub feature offers ultra-realistic voice cloning capabilities. It helps users with audio editing and create a text-to-speech model of their own voice or choose from a variety of lifelike stock voices available with the audio editing tool. This feature is particularly used for making adjustments or additions to audio content without the need for re-recording and providing a more convenient and efficient tool for editing the audio.

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Descript Use Cases

  • Collaborative Editing: Descript enables seamless collaboration on video and audio projects. Multiple team members can work together simultaneously, making edits, providing feedback, and reviewing changes in real-time. This fosters efficient teamwork and streamlines the editing process for projects that involve multiple contributors.
  • Automatic Transcription and Captioning: Descript's transcription feature automatically generates accurate transcriptions for videos and podcasts. This functionality is a game-changer for content creators who need to provide captions for accessibility purposes or comply with captioning requirements. Descript's automated transcription saves time and effort, enhancing accessibility and making content more inclusive.
  • Voice-over Recording: Descript empowers users to record high-quality voice-overs directly within the software. Whether for videos, podcasts, or other audio projects, users can effortlessly record their voice-overs and seamlessly integrate them into their projects. This feature is invaluable for narrations, audio presentations, voice-overs for animations, and more.
  • Storyboarding and Scriptwriting: Descript serves as a tool for storyboarding and scriptwriting. Users can create visual storyboards, add notes, and collaborate on the development of video or podcast scripts. This functionality helps organize ideas, plan content, and ensure a cohesive narrative structure before diving into the recording and editing stages.
  • Remote Interviews and Podcasting: Descript simplifies remote interviews and podcast recordings by providing a dedicated recording and editing platform. Users can invite guests to participate in interviews or discussions remotely, record the conversations directly in Descript, and then edit the audio with ease. This functionality eliminates the need for separate recording and editing software, making remote podcasting more efficient and accessible.

How to use Descript? A Simplified Guide

Step 1: Download and Install

Visit the Descript website, create an account by clicking the “Sign up” or “Get started for Free” button and follow the installation instructions to download the software.

Descript homepage

Step 2: Understand the Layout

Launch Descript to see the Drive View, which displays your files and workspaces.

Step 3: Create a New Project

Click ‘New Project' in the Drive View, name your project, and create your project.

Descript free trial

Step 4: Import Files

Drag and drop an audio or video file into the project sidebar. Descript will automatically transcribe the file.

Step 5: Edit the Transcript

Use the editing tools to modify the transcript. You can add markers, leave comments, or apply effects.

Step 6: Use Advanced Features

Explore features like generating new voice over content from text, managing different tracks separately, screen recording, and automatic filler word removal.

Step 7: Save and Export Your Project

Save your project and export it in various formats for easy sharing.

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Descript Pricing Plans

The Descript has different pricing plans available for its users that suit the needs of each individual and business. Here is the list of pricing plans offered by Descript.

PlanPriceTranscription hoursCloud storageVideo exportsOverdubAdditional features
Free$01 hour5 GB1000 Word Vocabulary1 hour of remote recording
1 hour/ month of Watermark-free video export
720P video export resolution
First 5 results per search from stock library
and more…
Creator$12/user/ month
10 hour100 GBUnlimited1000 Word Vocabulary10 hour of remote recording
10 hour/ month of Watermark-free video export
4K video export resolution
First 12 results per search from stock library
and more…
30 hour1 TBUnlimitedUnlimited30 hour/ month of remote recording
Unlimited watermark-free video export
4k video export resoltion
Unlimited results from stock library
and more…
EnterpriseCustom price30 hourUnlimitedEverything in Pro, plus…
30 hour/ month of remote recording
Dedicated account representative for watermark-free video export
Single sign on (SSO) of video export resolution
Onboarding and training on studio sound
and more…

Note: If you are a student, educator, or running any Non-Profit organization, do not forget to avail the special offers available on Descript.

You can cancel your Descript subscription anytime by visiting the Descript Subscription Page and you can also permanently delete your account by completely wiping out all the data.

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Descript Alternatives

Murf AI logo

Murf.Ai is a text-to-speech software that generates realistic AI voices in 20+ languages & accents.
AI enabled, real people's voices logo is a virtual studio that makes recording and editing high-quality audio and video accessible to anyone.
Unlimited recording, editing and live streaming logo is a speech-to-text AI software that transcribes meetings, interviews, and lectures in real time.

Descript vs Murf

Descript offers a more versatile platform with collaborative editing, transcription, and overdubbing features. Its ability to handle both audio and video editing makes it a more comprehensive tool for content creators, on the other hand, Murf’s voice-over services are unique as it is an innovative platform for automated voice-overs, converting text to speech with various voice options.

Pricing: Murf has different pricing plans available for its users including, FREE at $0 per user/month; BASIC at $19 per user/month; PRO at $26 per user/month; ENTERPRISE at $99 per user/month. You also get a chance to save up to 33% when choosing the yearly plans.

Descript vs Otter

Descript goes a step further by integrating audio and video editing with transcription. Descript's all-in-one solution gives it a clear edge for those seeking a multifaceted content creation tool, whereas, Otter specializes in AI-powered transcription services, offering real-time transcription and speaker identification as it excels in transcription.

Pricing: Otter provides various plans including the “Basic Plan” which is accessible for free, the “Pro Plan” starts at $8.33/ user/ month, and promotes 51% saving when billed yearly. Next is the “Business Plan” starting at $20/ user/ month with 33% savings when billed yearly. And the “Enterprise Plan” which is a customized plan you need to contact sales to get the pricing quote.

Descript vs Riverside

Descript's detailed array of editing, transcription, and overdubbing features makes it a superior choice for content creators. Its all-in-one platform provides more value, especially for professional users, while Riverside offers quality audio and video recording with live streaming capabilities, making it suitable for podcasters and video creators.

Pricing: Riverside offers different plans suiting customer needs. The “Free Plan”; the “Standard Plan” starts at “$15/month”; the “Pro Plan” starts at “$24/month”; and the “Business Plan” is available with customized pricing. To get details about the Business Plan, you will need to contact the sales team of Riverside.

Descript Affiliate Program

The Descript Affiliate Program allows participants to earn a 15% recurring payment on each successful referral. One can start earning by registering and sharing referral links in their community.

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Descript Customer Reviews

Descript has been praised for making video editing simple and efficient. Users love its ability to turn complex interviews into polished videos and appreciate how it lowers the barriers to creating quality content. Descript's innovative approach continues to satisfy its users.

Descript Reviews

Descript Customer Support

Descript Customer Support provides various channels to assist users. Online resources are available through the Help Center, and existing users can access in-app help directly. Community support is fostered through Discord and live events. Support is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, excluding some U.S. Federal holidays.

Final Verdict

Descript has indeed proven itself to be the most versatile video editing tool. The transcript editing approach has changed the way people did content refinement earlier making it a top pick for podcasters, YouTubers, and other media professionals.

The AI-powered accurate transcription, screen recording, and collaborative feature let its users create a smooth editing experience whereas the Overdub feature is known to add a more innovative edge with the ultra-realistic voice cloning capabilities. Descript works well for effortlessly merging audio and video editing by presenting the best game-changing solution for its creators who are aiming for efficiency and maintaining the quality of their projects.

9.7Expert Score
Descript Review: A Game-Changer for Podcasters and Video Editors
Experience the power of Descript, a game-changing software that streamlines audio and video editing with its intuitive interface and AI-driven features. We highly recommend Descript, which boasts a 4.8/5 rating from satisfied users who have saved countless hours in their content creation process.
AI-powered Transcription
Real-time editing
Multilingual support
Pricing Affordability
Integration with AI tools
  • Easy to use
  • Ai Enhanced Transcriptions
  • Intuitive and Efficient
  • Screen recording
  • Limited timeline feature
  • Loading speed

Descript Details

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