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Emergent Drums is an AI-powered plugin that generates infinite royalty-free drum samples. It uses cutting-edge generative models to create novel drum samples from scratch, bit by bit. It also allows you to create variations on existing samples, and to harness two revolutionary sound models: Creamy and Crunchy.

  • Easy to use
  • Offers a variety of features
  • Offers Dual sound models
  • Allows users to sample a variety of sounds
  • Does not offer a free trial
Emergent Drums

Emergent Drums Key Features

  • AI-Powered Drum Sample Generation: Emergent Drums 2 utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to create an endless variety of original and royalty-free drum samples. These samples are generated from scratch by AI generative models without using any pre-recorded source material.
  • Deep Sampling for Variations: The plugin offers Deep Sampling technology that allows users to generate numerous variations of their existing drum samples. By adjusting the similarity slider and clicking generate, users can explore a vast array of unique sound options based on their own sample collection.
  • Dual Revolutionary Sound Models: Emergent Drums 2 introduces two distinct sound models: “Creamy” and “Crunchy.” Creamy produces beautiful, shimmering cymbals, deep kicks, and snappy snares, while Crunchy delivers high-energy noise, grit, and glitch-infused drums for experimental and otherworldly sonic possibilities.
  • Fully-Featured 16-Pad Instrument: More than just a sample generator, Emergent Drums 2 functions as a comprehensive 16-pad instrument that can be played via MIDI. Each pad has individual multi-out support, enabling users to shape and process each sound on separate channels. The plugin also includes built-in support for sample layering and various effects like clipping, filtering, and pitch-shifting.
  • Versatile Integration into Workflows: Designed to seamlessly fit into any production workflow, Emergent Drums 2 can be powered via MIDI for real-time performance, or users can extract generated samples directly into their preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) or sound design tools. Additionally, samples can be exported for use in sample packs or future projects, enhancing the plugin's versatility.

Emergent Drums Use Cases

  • Original Drum Creation for Music Production: Music producers can utilize Emergent Drums 2 to generate entirely unique and original drum samples for their tracks. By harnessing the power of AI, they can create custom percussion sounds that set their music apart, enhancing the overall sonic palette of their compositions.
  • Variation Generation and Sound Design: Sound designers can employ Emergent Drums 2's Deep Sampling technology to create a diverse array of variations from their existing drum sample collection. This feature enables them to explore new sonic territories and design custom drum kits with an unprecedented level of detail and creativity.
  • Experimental and Otherworldly Soundscapes: Musicians and electronic artists seeking experimental and innovative sounds can explore Emergent Drums 2's “Crunchy” model. This model's high-energy noise, grit, and glitches can be harnessed to create otherworldly drum textures that push the boundaries of conventional music production.
  • Real-Time Performance and Live Shows: Emergent Drums 2's integration as a 16-pad instrument playable via MIDI makes it an excellent tool for live performances. Musicians can use it to trigger a wide range of drum sounds on the fly, enhancing their stage presence and adding dynamic layers to their live shows.
  • Sample Pack and Sound Library Creation: Sound producers can leverage Emergent Drums 2 to generate a plethora of high-quality drum samples, which can be further processed, edited, and curated into sample packs or sound libraries. These sample packs can then be shared, sold, or used as a foundation for other music producers' projects.

Emergent Drums Pricing Plans

Emergent Drums Pricing Plans

Buy Emergent Drums for less than $100!

Emergent Drums Alternatives

  • Mubert: Mubert is an AI-powered music platform that generates royalty-free music for content creators of all kinds.
  • Drumloop AI: Drumloop AI is an AI-powered tool that generates royalty-free drum loops in seconds, perfect for music producers, composers, and anyone who wants to create music.
  • Infinite Drum: Infinite Drum is a machine-learning experiment that uses thousands of everyday sounds to create unique and interesting drum beats.

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