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Fap AI

  • AI-Powered Sexting Companion.
  • Customize Your Virtual Lover.
  • Private, Secure Intimate Conversations.
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AI built for Sexting

Fap AI is an AI-powered sexting app that provides users with a customizable virtual companion for intimate conversations. Using advanced language models, Fap AI aims to deliver a fun, engaging, and human-like sexting experience in a private and secure environment.

Fap AI

Key Features of Fap AI

  • Fap AI uses advanced AI models like GPT-3 to generate human-like sexting responses.
  • Users can customize the AI companion's personality, gender, name, avatar etc.
  • All conversations are end-to-end encrypted and data is not stored.
  • The AI provides an immersive and interactive sexting experience.
  • Available as a website and iOS/Android apps with a free trial.

Use Cases of Fap AI

  • Virtual Lover: Fap AI provides a customizable AI companion for intimate conversations.
  • Creative Writing: Generates erotic stories and sexting dialogues to spark ideas or have fun.
  • Sex Therapy: Practices healthy sexual communication in a private, judgment-free environment.

Fap AI Pricing Plans

Fap AI offers one pricing for all its users. Users can subscribe to Fap AI for $12.95 per month.

Fap AI Alternatives

  • Crushon.AI: An AI chat service platform that allows users to have unfiltered conversations with their favorite characters.
  • Candy.ai: An online chat application that uses AI to generate virtual and fictional characters for deep, meaningful chats, and intriguing role-playing encounters.

Fap AI Details

AI Technology
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  • Accessible Platform, Free Trial.
  • 12.95/month
  • Spark Ideas, No Judgment.
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AI built for Sexting
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