• Extract data from a variety of documents
  • Make data extraction effortless with AI
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Try for free! is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that revolutionizes form processing and data extraction. With advanced machine learning algorithms, it effortlessly converts complex forms into structured data, saving time and improving accuracy. Streamline your workflow and unlock the true potential of your data with

Key Features of

  • Pre-configured Data Extraction Models: comes with a library of preconfigured data extraction models tailored for various document types. From general shopping receipts to official identity cards, these models enable users to extract data with a simple click, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
  • Effortless API Integration: The data extraction capabilities of are accessible through a user-friendly API. Results are returned in JSON format, making it easy for businesses and developers to seamlessly integrate FormX's data extraction functionality into their software systems.
  • User-friendly Web Portal: provides a user-friendly web portal that offers intuitive instructions and configuration options. Whether you're a coder or a non-technical user, you can easily manage parsing configurations, test data extractions, and access integration materials through the portal.
  • Mobile Phone Document Scanning: enhances data extraction accuracy by optimizing document photos captured with mobile phones. The platform employs processes like light and contrast adjustment, skew correction, and edge normalization to ensure that extracted data is precise and reliable.
  • Effortless Data Extraction from Specific Documents: With, data extraction from documents sharing a similar format becomes fully automated. The platform streamlines the process with a few simple setup steps, enabling users to efficiently extract structured data from various document types. Product Demo Use cases

  • Efficient Invoice Processing: Businesses can automate the extraction of invoice data using With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and machine learning, FormX can quickly and accurately transform invoice information from physical documents into structured digital data. This streamlines accounting processes and reduces manual data entry efforts.
  • Seamless Receipt Data Extraction: can be utilized to capture and extract relevant data from various types of receipts. Whether it's for expense tracking, reimbursement, or auditing purposes, FormX simplifies the extraction process and helps users convert paper-based receipts into usable digital data.
  • Optimized Business Certificate Handling: Official business certificates often contain crucial information. offers pre-configured data extraction models for business certificates, making it easy to extract data like registration numbers, names, and expiration dates. This accelerates the processing of certificates and regulatory compliance tasks.
  • Automated Address Proof Extraction: Address proofs play a vital role in various processes, from customer onboarding to legal documentation. can be employed to extract address information from a range of documents, ensuring accuracy and consistency in address data across different systems.
  • Enhanced Document Integration via API: Businesses can integrate into their software systems through an API. This enables seamless data extraction and integration of structured data into existing applications. Developers can effortlessly integrate's capabilities into their software solutions to enhance data processing workflows. Pricing Plans Pricing Plans

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  • Hassle-free data extraction
  • Can convert even images
  • API access
  • Good accuracy
  • Could be more user friendly
  • Doesn't provide much customization options Details

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  • Extract data from webpages
  • $299/month/extractor
  • Automate data extraction with AI
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