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GPTKit is an AI text generation detection tool that uses six different AI-based content detection techniques to identify and classify text as either human- or machine-generated. It provides reports on the authenticity and reality of the content analyzed.


Key Features of GPTKit

  • AI Text Generation Detection: GPTKit accurately identifies and classifies AI-generated text from human-written content using a multi-model approach.
  • Free Usage: Guest users can analyze the first 2048 characters for free. Register to unlock higher character limits and enhanced features.
  • Versatile Text Input: Users can enter text directly or upload files for detection, ensuring convenience and flexibility in analyzing content.
  • High Accuracy: GPTKit employs six different detection methods, achieving up to 93% accuracy in distinguishing between AI and human-generated text.
  • Supported Languages: GPTKit supports multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for users worldwide.
  • Data Privacy: GPTKit respects user privacy and does not store input text, ensuring data security and confidentiality.
  • User-friendly Dashboard: GPTKit's intuitive dashboard provides a seamless user experience for easy text analysis and results interpretation.
  • Developer-Friendly API: GPTKit offers an API for seamless integration into various applications and platforms.

How to make the most of GPTKit with simple steps

Step 1: Access the GPTKit Website

To get started, visit the official GPTKit website.

GPTKit homepage

Step 2: Register (Optional)

If you plan to analyze more extensive texts or use GPTKit regularly, it's beneficial to register for a free account. By registering, you can unlock the extended character limit and access other features like credit sharing with a team.

Register with GPTKit

Step 3: Input Your Text

On the GPTKit website, you'll find a text box that says, “Enter your text here.” This is where you can input the text you want to analyze. For guest users, the first 2048 characters are free. If you register for free, you'll be able to increase the character limit for each request.

Step 4: Submit and Analyze

Once you've entered your text into the text box, click the “Submit” button. GPTKit will then process the text using its 6 different detection approaches to determine the accuracy level. The results, including a report on the authenticity or reality rate of the content, will be displayed shortly.

Analyze text with GPTKit

GPTKit Use Cases

  • Content Verification: Content creators, bloggers, and journalists can use GPTKit to verify whether the text they are using is genuinely human-written or AI-generated. This ensures the authenticity and credibility of the content.
  • Academic Integrity: Educational institutions can employ GPTKit to detect AI-generated content and prevent academic dishonesty, such as using AI tools for plagiarism or submitting AI-generated assignments.
  • Misinformation Detection: Fact-checkers and researchers can leverage GPTKit to identify AI-generated misinformation and disinformation, aiding in combating the spread of false information online.
  • Language Localization: GPTKit's support for multiple languages allows businesses and organizations to assess the authenticity of multilingual content, ensuring accurate localization and global communication.
  • Chatbot Validation: Companies employing AI chatbots can utilize GPTKit to validate whether the chatbot responses are indeed generated by AI or crafted by human operators. This helps maintain transparency in customer interactions.

GPTKit Pricing Plans

GPTKit Pricing Plans

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What does GPTKit do?

GPTKit is designed to help users distinguish between human-written and machine-generated text. By utilizing a multi-model approach, GPTKit can accurately identify and classify text as either human-generated or Chat GPT-generated content. The tool employs six different methods for detection, resulting in an impressive accuracy level of approximately 93%. It ensures data privacy by temporarily storing input text solely for processing purposes, with immediate removal from their servers after the detection process is complete.

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Are there any available free plans with GPTKit?

Yes, GPTKit an AI-based content detection tool offers a free plan allowing users to access the tool without cost. With this free plan, users can make requests and utilize the GPTKit API to check AI-generated text for up to 2048 characters per request. This provides users with a substantial amount of free usage, enabling them to try out the service and experience its capabilities without any initial financial commitment.

Free GPTKit Plan!

How GPTKit works?

GPTKit works by closely analyzing the submitted text using six distinct approaches to assess its accuracy level. After analyzing, GPTKit provides users with detailed results, including a report on the authenticity or reality rate of the content. This process helps users in achieving reliable and precise outcomes for their text-based tasks.

Is the GPTKit Result accurate?

GPTKit is showing excellent results in terms of its accuracy rate of around 93%. This determination comes from extensive testing involving a data set of over 100,000 responses collected from both human interactions and Chat GPT.

Is there an affiliate program with GPTKit?

The GPTKit Affiliate Program allows participants to earn a 30% commission on all payments generated by referring paying customers to GPTKit. By joining the program, you can leverage the network to promote GPTKit and earn rewards for successful referrals. The program is powered by Rewardful, ensuring a reliable and transparent platform for tracking and managing affiliate commissions.

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Does GPTKit Provide Customer Support?

GPTKit provides Customer Support to assist users with any inquiries or issues related to their services. Users can access GPTKit Support by visiting the official website and clicking on the “Send email to GPTKit Support” option. Whether users require guidance in managing API tokens, have questions about the GPTKit API, or need assistance with their servers, the support team is available to provide help and resolve any concerns. GPTKit's Customer Support aims to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for its users by addressing their needs promptly and professionally.

Are there any pricing plans available for GPTKit?

GPTKit offers different pricing plans that suit different user needs. The Free Plan is available at “no cost” and provides up to 2048 characters per request and up to 5 requests per minute. For those requiring more resources, the Unlimited (Personal) plan is priced at $5/ mo and includes unlimited credits, faster processing speed, support for up to 2 team members, and up to 10 requests per minute, with a maximum of 10,240 characters per request. The Unlimited (Team) plan costs $10/ mo and extends the benefits to up to 8 team members with up to 20 requests per minute and a character limit of 30,720. For larger organizations, the Unlimited (Institution) plan is available at $20/ mo, providing access for up to 20 team members, up to 25 requests per minute, and a substantial character limit of 153,600. All plans in GPTKit include API access for seamless integration into various applications.

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GPTKit Alternatives

  • GPTZero: GPTZero is an AI content detector that can identify ChatGPT content as well as content generated by other AI models such as GPT-3, GPT-4, and Google Bard.
  • Illuminarty: Illuminarty is an AI-powered tool that can detect AI-generated text and images with an accuracy of up to 99%.
  • AI Text Classifier: AI Text Classifier is an open-source tool that predicts how likely a piece of text was generated by AI.
  • 6 Different Detection Techniques
  • Reports on Authenticity and Reality
  • Free Credits
  • Only supports English

GPTKit Details

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  • Detect AI Content with ease
  • $5/month
  • Get unlimited credits


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