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Unlock your nonprofit’s funding potential with Grantboost, an AI-powered grant writing tool designed to save time and improve proposal quality. Experience a seamless, user-friendly platform that generates tailored grant proposals incorporating industry best practices and proven strategies. Boost your impact and secure funding with ease using Grantboost’s cutting-edge technology.



  • Grantboost is an AI-powered grant writing tool designed specifically for nonprofits, helping them secure funding by generating tailored grant proposals that resonate with funders.
  • Users can copy and paste information from grant opportunities or start from scratch within Grantboost's user-friendly platform, which analyzes submissions and extracts necessary information.
  • The AI generates a customized grant proposal based on user inputs, incorporating industry best practices and proven grant writing strategies. Users can review and edit the output to align with their organization's unique voice.
  • Grantboost saves time and effort with its seamless process, allowing nonprofits to focus on their mission.
  • Grantboost has onboarded over 100 nonprofits, written over 500 grants with AI, and has more than 10 years of technology experience.
  • Grantboost speeds up the grant writing process, saving time and energy for nonprofits.
  • The AI-generated proposals incorporate industry best practices and successful grant writing strategies, increasing the chances of securing funding.
  • By reducing the time spent on grant writing, Grantboost allows nonprofits to concentrate more on their core mission.
  • The accuracy of the AI-generated text still needs to be verified by the end-user, requiring additional time for review and editing.

Use Cases of Grantboost

  • Funding Accelerator: Secure funding faster with AI-generated, tailored grant proposals.
  • Efficiency Boost: Streamline the grant writing process, saving time and effort for nonprofits.
  • Proposal Enhancer: Improve grant proposal quality with AI-generated content and industry best practices.

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Grantboost Alternatives

  • ChatGPT: This platform helps grant writers not only write full proposals but also improve the quality and efficiency of the grant writing process.
  • Instrumentl: This platform uses AI to match grant seekers with relevant funding opportunities and provides tools for proposal management.
  • GrantHub: GrantHub is a pre- and post-award grant management software for grant professionals, offering features for tracking and managing grant applications.

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