• Detect VPNs, proxies, and bots with Greip
  • Filter out negativity using Greip's profanity detection
  • Stay vigilant with Greip's intuitive dashboard
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Greip is an AI-powered fraud prevention tool that safeguards your app’s financial security and enhances user experience. With features like IP geolocation, VPN/proxy detection, and data validation, Greip helps businesses create a secure and trustworthy environment. Stay connected and monitor it all with Greip’s real-time insights and intuitive dashboard.


Key Features of Greip

  • Greip uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent various types of fraud, such as payment fraud and identity theft, in websites and apps.
  • Greip provides detailed information about IP addresses, including location, continent, country, region, city, zip code, latitude, longitude, and more.
  • The tool can detect if an IP address is using a VPN or proxy, helping businesses identify potentially malicious users.
  • Greip's profanity detection feature can identify and filter out negative language in user-generated content, ensuring a safe and positive environment for users.
  • Greip offers various validation features, such as BIN/IIN Lookup for credit card fraud detection, IBAN Validation for bank account numbers, and ASN Lookup for autonomous system numbers.
  • Greip uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent various types of fraud, ensuring the security of websites and apps.
  • Greip offers a wide range of features, including IP geolocation, VPN/proxy detection, profanity detection, and data validation, making it a versatile tool for businesses.
  • Greip's user-friendly dashboard allows businesses to easily track, monitor, and gain valuable insights in real-time, helping them stay vigilant and make informed decisions.
  • Greip's pricing may not be suitable for all businesses, especially smaller ones with limited budgets.

Use Cases of Greip

  • Fraud Prevention: Safeguard your app's financial security by deploying Greip's AI-powered modules to prevent payment fraud.
  • Content Moderation: Maintain a positive user environment by filtering out negative language using Greip's profanity detection feature.
  • User Verification: Validate user data, such as credit card numbers and bank account details, to ensure trustworthiness and prevent fraud.

Greip Pricing Plans

Name of the PlanFeaturesMonthly PriceAnnual Billing Price (Monthly)
Free15,000 Request / mo

IP Geolocation

VPN/Proxy Detection

Profanity API

Country Lookup

Device Module
Standard170,000 requests/month

All features in the Free Plan

Bulk Lookups

BIN/IIN Validation

Access Restrictions

Integration Assist

1 Webhook

1 Integration
Premium400,000 requests/month

All features in the Standard Plan

Payment Fraud Detection

IBAN Validation

ASN Lookup

Data Validation

10% back of requests

2 Webhooks

Unlimited Integrations
Pay-as-you-goUnlimited requests

All features in the Premium Plan

High-volume Discounts

Highly Scalable

Premium Support

3 Webhooks

Unlimited Integrations
Custom PricingCustom Pricing

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Alternatives of Greip

  • SEON: SEON is a comprehensive fraud prevention solution that uses AI and machine learning to detect and prevent various types of fraud, including payment fraud and identity theft.
  • Signifyd: Signifyd is a fraud protection platform that offers features such as chargeback protection, fraud detection, and order automation, helping businesses safeguard their financial security.
  • Riskified: Riskified is an e-commerce fraud prevention solution that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and detect fraudulent transactions, ensuring the safety of online businesses.

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  • Unleash Greip's AI-powered fraud prevention with Greip.
  • $14.99/month
  • Dive deep into user data with Greip.
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Keep your app safe with Greip!
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