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guidde is an AI-powered platform that streamlines the creation of step-by-step tutorial videos. By recording on-screen workflows and leveraging advanced natural language processing, guidde automatically generates engaging, narrated videos that demonstrate processes and workflows.


Key Features of guidde

  • guidde uses artificial intelligence to create stunning video documentation and how-to guides. It captures your workflow and generates step-by-step descriptions, making the process of creating video documentation 11x faster.
  • guidde offers a variety of over 100 different voices and languages for voiceovers. This feature allows users to personalize their content according to their preferences.
  • guidde allows users to share their video documentation with a link or embed it in their organization, making it easy to distribute the content across different platforms.
  • guidde is an all-in-one solution for creating interactive step-by-step guides on any subject. It's perfect for creating video tutorials or process documentation.
  • guidde integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Intercom, and more, enhancing the user experience and workflow.

Use Cases of guidde

  • Customer Support: Use guidde to create personalized video responses to customer queries, enhancing communication and reducing response times.
  • Employee Onboarding: Leverage guidde for employee onboarding and training, creating interactive and engaging video guides to ensure new hires receive comprehensive and standardized training materials.
  • Product Demonstrations: Utilize guidde for product demonstrations and tutorials, allowing companies to showcase their offerings effectively to potential customers.

guidde Pricing Plans

  • Free: This is a free plan.
  • Pro: This plan comes for $16 per user per month.
  • Business: This plan comes for $35 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: This is a custom plan.

guidde Alternatives

  • UserGuiding: This is a no-code onboarding platform designed to help product teams onboard new users and teach them how their product works with step-by-step walkthroughs.
  • Stonly: Stonly provides interactive, multimedia guides. The pricing is based on guide views, an interesting departure from the industry standard. It is a sophisticated and complex tool that can deliver good results with onboarding experiences.
  • HelpHero: HelpHero is one of the cheaper alternatives to UserGuiding. It offers a wide set of features that can easily compete with other alternatives, and you can get started almost immediately with HelpHero’s Chrome extension.

Few Final Words on guidde

guidde is a comprehensive platform that offers a unique blend of features designed to enhance the online experience. Whether you're looking for information, entertainment, or a platform to communicate, Guidde has you covered. Its advanced algorithms, user-friendly interface, and community engagement features make it a standout choice for anyone looking to streamline their online activities.

6.8Expert Score
guidde Review: Revolutionizing Video Documentation with AI
guidde is not just a tool, but a solution to the challenges experienced with written instruction. It allows teams to provide quick, personalized video responses to customer questions and create a tutorial video library.
User Satisfaction
Integration with Other Platforms
Quality of Video Documentation
Usage Metrics
  • Easy Sharing
  • Customizable Voiceovers
  • AI-Powered Video Documentation
  • Learning Curve

guidde Details

AI Technology
  • Make tutorials fast, guidde.
  • $16/user/month.
  • AI video support, guidde.
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6.8 Overall Rating

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