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What is HARPA AI?

HARPA is the acronym used for High Availability Robotic Process Automation. It is a Google Chrome Extension designed to help users utilize the way they interact on the web. HARPA AI is powered by a hybrid AI engine that helps combine ChatGPT with Web Automation. It allows users to automate various tasks, right from copywriting, and web surfing, to data extraction and monitoring.

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  • It can save time and money by automating tasks on the web with AI.
  • It can provide AI answers to search queries, summarize web pages, extract data, and generate content.
  • It runs locally in the browser and does not send your data away.
  • It requires a ChatGPT account for some features, which may not be available or affordable for everyone.
Harpa AI

Key Features at a Glance

  • AI-Assisted Search – HARPA AI transforms the way users interact with search engines by integrating ChatGPT responses alongside Google Search results. This feature not only provides direct answers to user’s queries but also extracts and summarizes the information from different web pages. The interactive AI chat functionality enhances the user experience by allowing real-time assistance and artificial intelligence engagement.
  • Price Tracking – HARPA AI offers a valuable tool for online shoppers that monitors the price drops on various platforms including Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, and eBay. Users can also track when a product is back on sale or when its price drops by receiving notifications from time to time. This feature also helps by eliminating the need for constantly checking websites for updates and saving a lot of time ensuring that the user never misses a deal.
  • Page-Aware GPT Prompts – HARPA AI's page-aware prompts provide a flexible toolkit for professionals in the fields of Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, HR, and Engineering. With hundreds of customized commands, users can make use of AI to perform specific tasks and functions. The customization options allow users to adapt commands easily as per their needs and preferences by enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Competitor Tracking – This feature can benefit businesses by tracking competitors as it monitors competitor websites for changes and updates. This real-time monitoring promotes strategic decision-making and keeps businesses ahead of the competition. The ability to convert websites to APIs and trigger IFTTT with Make.com adds another layer of functionality, enabling automation and integration with other platforms efficiently.
  • AI Writer on Any Website – Content creation becomes a lot easier with HARPA AI's AI Writer feature. Whether it's crafting Twitter posts, LinkedIn replies, Emails, or SEO-optimized articles, AI-generated text content tools simplify the process. Its user-friendly nature and efficiency let users create high-quality content across platforms without any specialized writing skills.
  • YouTube Video Summarization – HARPA AI's YouTube video summarization feature is a time-saving tool that extracts important data from hours-long videos. Users can quickly feed themselves with important deals and points without watching the entire video. This feature is particularly useful for educational content, tutorials, and long-form presentations, making information more accessible and digestible.

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HARPA AI Use Cases

  • Marketing & SEO: HARPA AI has strengthened the field of marketing and SEO by offering various tools that allow businesses to break down their audiences into targeted groups with similar requirements. It also provides advanced keyword research capabilities, enabling marketers to find the right terms for their content. HARPA AI can generate blog outlines and full articles within minutes to make content creation easy and efficient.
  • Copywriting: The copywriting capabilities of HARPA AI are huge and flexible. Its potential can generate various types of text content from social media platforms including Twitter tweets, YouTube video scripts, and Amazon product descriptions. This all-in-one tool is efficient in the process of content creation, allowing writers to focus on creativity rather than monotonous tasks.
  • Productivity: It is designed to save time and effort for the users. It provides information instantly with the help of ChatGPT integration on Google Search. The tool also summarizes web pages, find alternatives, and extracts essential information from websites.
  • HR & Recruiting: In the HR and recruiting sector, HARPA AI offers tools to improve resumes and write professional LinkedIn replies. It also generates cover letters for various platforms like Upwork and Fiverr Gigs. It helps job seekers and recruiters craft compelling documents to stand out in this competitive world.
  • Product Development: HARPA AI is a game-changer for developers. It can write and inspect code, answer Stackoverflow questions, and even rewrite code in different languages and stacks. This not only saves time but also improves the quality of code by providing AI-powered insights and solutions.
  • Spreadsheets: Managing spreadsheets easily with HARPA AI. It offers instant help with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel formulas, allowing users to handle complex calculations without struggle. It can also generate macros with AI, automating repetitive tasks and making spreadsheet management a straightforward process.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use HARPA AI?

Step 1: Choose a Compatible Browser

If you do not have Google Chrome, install Google Chrome or any Chromium-based browser first to ensure compatibility with HARPA AI.

Step 2: Install HARPA AI

Visit the official Chrome Web Store and install the free HARPA AI extension.

Step 3: Log in to ChatGPT (Optional)

If you want to use the HARPA AI for generative AI features, log in to your ChatGPT account from your web browser.
(This step is not required for website monitoring and competitive intelligence).

Step 4: Explore Features

Explore the dashboard and familiarize yourself with the HARPA AI features by reading the overview or the in-depth guides available on the website.

Step 5: Select Your Model

Choose between GPT-3.5 for faster response times or GPT-4 for experiencing the power of ChatGPT writing in different styles.

Step 6: Utilize Website Monitoring

If you're using HARPA AI for website monitoring, set up the parameters and preferences as per your needs.

Step 7: Leverage Competitive Intelligence

Explore the competitive intelligence feature to gain insights into the competition and market trends.

HARPA AI’s Pricing

HARPA is a google chrome extension that is available at no cost. You can start using this tool just by adding the extension and you do not need to register anywhere. You can enjoy endless services for free except when you want to try some premium features. This Google Chrome extension also integrates well with the ChatGPT and allows users to use the AI tool for various tasks including content generation, code inspection, price monitoring on e-Commerce platforms, and for tracking competitor websites. Get Started for Free!

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Does HARPA have Cloud API? Which is better OpenAI API or Browser Session?

HARPA does not offer Cloud API at the moment but they are planning to launch it in the near future. Both the OpenAI API and the browser session have distinct benefits the OpenAI API offers unlimited access to GPT-4 and reliability, on the other hand, the browser session promotes free access with certain limitations. The OpenAI API is offering more extensive features at a price while Browser session is providing you with relatively more options that fit into your budget. You can choose between the two depending on your needs and budget.

How does HARPA ensure Privacy and Data Security?

HARPA AI ensures that privacy and data security is remained intact by adopting various measures. It encrypts all the client-server and server-server communications and stores all the data in an encrypted form, including the passwords of the user’s account in salted hash formats. They also implement the access control procedure so that they can be confident enough that all the data is accessed through the authorized personnel having the necessary login details. And the HARPA does not store or collect and store the data that is necessary to perform the function, it then automatically deletes the personal data when not in use. Also, HARPA never collects the web browser data including the browsing history or any 3rd party website data.

Check Out HARPA AI Privacy Policy!

HARPA AI Alternatives

HARPA AI vs. Hexomatic

HARPA AI's advanced algorithms and robust performance make it suitable for complex automation tasks, while Hexomatic's pricing plans offer specific automation credits and workflows. Although Hexomatic provides cost-effective options, HARPA AI's comprehensive capabilities make it a superior choice for larger organizations or intricate projects.

Pricing: Hexomatic’s “Silver Plan” starts at $49/ month and this plan also offers a 7-day free trial. The “Gold Plan” is starting at $99/ month, and for the “Enterprise Plan”, you need to Contact Sales to get a quote on customized plans.

HARPA AI vs. Robomotion

HARPA AI excels in scalability and diverse automation functionalities. Its extensive features position it as a more versatile and powerful solution while Robomotion offers tiered plans catering to different automation needs.

Pricing: Robomotion’s “Personal Plan” starts at $29/ month. The “Starter Plan” starts at $129/ month, the “Growth Plan” starts at $529/ month, and for the “Enterprise Plan”, you will need to contact sales and get access to the on-premise or private cloud setups with custom options suitable for your needs.

HARPA AI vs. Glarity

HARPA AI offers industry-specific solutions and various features. Its robust performance and tailored solutions make it a preferred platform for more advanced and reliable automation, on the other hand,  Glarity's accessibility is appealing to individual users and small businesses.

Pricing: Glarity is a free Google Chrome extension available to be accessed by anyone at no cost.

HARPA AI Customer Review

People often look for reviews to know about the experiences of users with specific tools or services. These reviews serve as a platform for individuals to help them share their thoughts and feelings about a product, its usefulness, their overall experience, and much more. And thus, here is how people think about the HARPA AI to help you make your decision and start using it to meet your needs.

HARPA AI Customer Review

HARPA comes out as a powerful Chrome extension for smooth-running of online work and searching for information without fail. Its advanced automation capabilities also help users to save a lot of time by automating repetitive tasks, and providing companies with a way to adopt AI technologies and make profits.

Check out what HARPA AI’s customers have to say!

HARPA AI Customer Support

HARPA AI provides incredible customer support services making it easier for the users to get in touch and receive any assistance required. You can reach out if you face any technical issues, or have any query related to the use of HARPA, their 24/7 customer support team is there to answer all your queries. You can reach out to them via email at [email protected] or you can directly connect with them using their official HARPA AI contact page.

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