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Hexometer is your AI-powered sidekick that works tirelessly to monitor your website and key services 24/7. With comprehensive coverage across six core areas, including availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO, and security, Hexometer ensures your website runs smoothly and efficiently. Trusted by over 20,000 businesses, Hexometer helps you catch and fix issues before they impact your customers, keeping your online presence strong and your business thriving.



  • Hexometer is an AI-powered website monitoring tool that works 24/7 to catch and address issues affecting businesses, such as server problems, slow page load times, broken links, spelling mistakes, SEO changes, and security issues.
  • The platform continuously monitors websites across six core areas: availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO, and security.
  • Users receive real-time notifications when issues are detected via email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, and Trello.
  • Hexometer is designed for eCommerce businesses and is also loved by agencies, providing a multi-client agency dashboard for website management.
  • The tool integrates with Google Search Console to provide page performance metrics and ranking metrics, and it performs on-demand performance audits.
  • Hexometer covers six core areas, including availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO, and security, providing a well-rounded analysis of your website.
  • Users receive instant alerts via email, SMS, Slack, Telegram, and Trello when issues are detected, enabling quick response and resolution.
  • Hexometer is designed for simplicity and does not require any software installation or code changes, allowing users to get started quickly.
  • Some users may experience a learning curve when first using the platform, as it offers a wide range of features and monitoring capabilities.

Use Cases of Hexometer

  • Performance Monitoring: Continuously monitor website performance across desktop and mobile devices, analyzing page load speed and providing actionable insights to fix issues.
  • SEO Optimization: Monitor websites for SEO issues that can impact search engine performance, highlighting problems and opportunities, and integrating with Google Search Console.
  • Security Monitoring: Continuously check for security issues, such as blacklisted domains, SSL best practices, and malicious URLs, and perform on-demand security audits.

Hexometer Pricing Plans

PlanMonthly PricingAnnual PricingMonitored WebsitesPage Limit per WebsiteSmart CrawlUptime Monitoring FrequencyStandard Uptime MonitorsUX & Performance Monitoring
Regular Standard$12/month$120/year210,000Yes1 minute5Monthly
Regular Business$24/month$240/year525,000Yes1 minute10Weekly
Regular EnterpriseContactContactCustomCustomYesCustomCustomCustom
Agency Standard$50/month$500/year1010,000Yes1 minute10Weekly
Agency Business$100/month$1,000/year2525,000Yes1 minute25Weekly
Agency EnterpriseContactContactCustomCustomYesCustomCustomCustom

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Alternatives of Hexometer

  • Semrush: A popular all-in-one marketing toolkit that offers SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research tools.
  • Freshping by Freshworks: A simple and reliable website monitoring tool that checks website availability and performance, offering real-time alerts and reporting.
  • Dynatrace: An AI-powered, full-stack monitoring platform that provides insights into application performance, user experience, and infrastructure monitoring
  • Monitor your website 24/7 with Hexometer's AI-powered sidekick.
  • $12/month
  • Catch and fix website issues before they affect your business
Try Hexometer
Try Hexometer free for 7 days
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