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Homeworkify is an AI-powered educational tool that aims to assist students with their academic work by providing instant solutions to a wide range of questions. Homeworkify allows students to enter a direct link to a question and receive an answer immediately. It also features a Q&A solutions search engine, which helps students find similar questions and step-by-step solutions, thus enhancing their learning experience.

The platform is designed to make education more accessible by offering free access to its features, which is in line with its mission to provide unrestricted access to knowledge. Homeworkify leverages artificial intelligence to scan through an extensive database to find relevant answers or search for similar questions to provide comprehensive solutions.

While Homeworkify is free to use, there is mention of a paid plan starting from $9.99 per month, which suggests that there may be premium features available for a fee. However, the free version offers significant functionality for students seeking homework assistance.


Key Features of Homeworkify

  • Instant Q&A Solutions: Get quick answers to your study questions by entering the direct link or searching similar step-by-step solutions using Homeworkify's Q&A search engine.
  • Free Access to Knowledge: Homeworkify provides unrestricted access to educational content and answers, aiming to make knowledge freely available to all, without any paywalls or restrictions.
  • Diverse Subject Coverage: Covering various subjects like Biology, Engineering, Business, and Mathematics, Homeworkify offers a wide range of free homework help resources.
  • Simple Process: Search your question on Google, copy the URL, submit it on Homeworkify, and receive answers promptly, contributing to improved grades and understanding.
  • Non-Profit Initiative: Homeworkify is a non-profit organization with a mission to ensure that education is accessible to everyone, promoting the idea that access to information is a basic human right.

Use Cases of Homeworkify

  • Instant Homework Answers: Paste your question link and get immediate answers, or search similar step-by-step solutions using Homeworkify's Q&A search engine.
  • Unlocking Knowledge: Homeworkify breaks down paywalls by providing free and unrestricted access to educational resources, ensuring education is accessible to all.
  • Subject-Specific Support: From Biology and Engineering to Business and Mathematics, Homeworkify offers diverse subject coverage to help students excel in their studies.

What Subjects Does Homeworkify Cover?

Homeworkify Google play App.

Homeworkify covers a wide range of academic subjects including:


The platform provides step-by-step explanations and solutions for various math topics like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus etc. It has AI math solvers as well.


Homeworkify offers support for science subjects including physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy etc. Students can get assistance with science problems and assignments.


For subjects like world history, US history, European history etc., Homeworkify provides resources like practice questions, study guides, test prep materials to aid learning.


It covers major global languages and has tools to help students enhance vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing skills. This also prepares them for language proficiency exams.

Test Prep

The platform offers dedicated test prep modules for major exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT etc. It provides personalized guidance and simulated tests for success.

Other Subjects

Homeworkify also supports other common academic disciplines like business, economics, engineering, humanities, arts and more at the high school and undergraduate level.

So in summary, it aims to provide comprehensive homework assistance across most major subjects that students typically study in K-12 and college. The wide subject coverage makes it an versatile homework aid.

Homeworkify Pros and Cons


  • Saves time with instant homework solutions
  • Interactive learning platform
  • Covers a wide range of subjects
  • Unblur and reveal answers
  • Beginner-friendly interface


  • Potential accuracy issues in solutions
  • Limited free messaging with tutors
  • Slower response time vs human tutors
  • Cannot interrupt AI output for clarification

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Homeworkify Alternatives

  • Mathly: Mathly is an AI-powered math homework help tool that helps students solve math problems and understand the concepts behind them.
  • Tutorly: Tutorly is an AI-powered homework assistant that provides comprehensive support for all your academic needs.
  • SchoolAI: SchoolAI is an AI writing tool that helps schools streamline email drafting, marking, quiz creation, lesson planning & idea generation.
  • Completely Free
  • Easy to use
  • Offers variety of subjects
  • Does not offer direct search for query

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