• Create a Character for your business
  • Choose from a variety of  video templates
  • Choose voices in various languages
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Unlock the Power of Ultra-Realistic Virtual Humans with HumanPal! Create captivating AI human spokesperson videos in any language, effortlessly. Experience cutting-edge features like Hyper Realistic Talking HumanPals, Photo-to-Talking Human Character Builder, and Revolutionary AI Digital Human Generator. Get started with a one-time payment of $49 and revolutionize your video content without monthly fees.

  • offers an unparalleled service in creating the highest quality of 3D human characters for video creation.
  • It’s simple to learn, with easy editing attributes all done online.
  • No need to have any prior experience in video editing
  • Offers a Human-like text-to-voice transcriber built-in, without any limitations on the number of videos you can render.
  • HumanPal avatar can not move or do gestures.

HumanPal Key Features

  • Ultra-Realistic Virtual Humans: Create engaging AI human spokesperson videos with ultra-realistic characters that speak any text you type in all languages, enabling you to craft compelling videos on a shoestring budget without actors or equipment.
  • Photo to Talking Human Character Builder: Build unique HumanPal characters by turning photos into live talking humans using the vast library of copyright-free human faces, allowing you to achieve mind-blowing results in seconds.
  • Revolutionary AI Digital Human Generator: Generate unique male, female, and child face mugshots with AI to avoid copyright issues and hefty fines. These digital humans don't exist in real life, offering you versatile and hassle-free options.
  • New Male & Female Human Text-to-Speech Voices: Enhance engagement and global reach with a broad selection of realistic new voices in popular languages. Instantly sync voices with your HumanPal videos, and fine-tune pitch and speed for natural delivery.
  • Ready-Made Video Templates and Versatile Editor: Multiply your profits with ready-to-use video templates and personalize them with text effects, fonts, animations, and more using the powerful drag-and-drop video scene editor, enabling world-class video creation without technical expertise.

HumanPal Use Cases

  • Marketing and Promotions: Create captivating AI human spokesperson videos for product promotions, advertisements, and marketing campaigns to engage and convert your target audience effectively.
  • Educational Content: Produce engaging educational videos and presentations for teachers, students, and online courses, enhancing learning experiences with interactive human characters.
  • Content Repurposing: Repurpose old videos, audio files, podcasts, or blog posts by transforming them into visually appealing and engaging human videos to breathe new life into your content.
  • Social Media Engagement: Maximize reach and engagement on social media platforms by sharing human spokesperson videos that deliver your message effectively without relying on sound.
  • Brand Building: Create high-quality brand videos with HumanPal characters to boost brand exposure, credibility, and authority in your niche.

HumanPal Pricing Plans

HumanPal Pricing Plans

Get HumanPal for $49 in a limited time offer! Hurry up and get it now.

HumanPal Alternatives

  • PlayHT: PlayHT is an AI voice generator that can create ultra-realistic human-like speech in any language.
  • Synthesia: Synthesia is an AI-powered video creation platform that helps you create engaging and informative videos with the power of text-to-speech and motion capture.
  • HeyGen: Transform Ideas into AI-Generated Content with Ease and Creativity.

HumanPal Details

AI Technology
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  • Create a human avatar for your business
  • $49
  • Build unique characters with ease
Get HumanPal
Get HumanPal now!
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