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Illuminarty is an AI-powered image analysis tool that can detect whether an image was generated by an AI model. It also provides information about the AI model that was used to generate the image.Illuminarty is free to use for personal use


Key Features of Illuminarty

  • AI-Generated Image Detection: Illuminarty enables users to determine whether an image has been generated by AI. It can identify AI-generated, synthetic, tampered images, and even Deepfakes, providing insights into the image's origin and authenticity.
  • AI Model Identification for Images: Users can discover which specific AI model was used to generate a particular image. Illuminarty employs computer vision algorithms to calculate the likelihood of an image being generated from a public AI model.
  • AI-Generated Text Detection: Illuminarty extends its capabilities to text analysis, allowing users to assess whether a given text has been generated by AI. It employs various Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to determine the likelihood of AI-generated content in the text. The platform also highlights specific passages likely produced by AI.
  • Browser Extension for Real-Time Detection: Illuminarty is developing a web browser extension, allowing users to perform image and text detection while browsing the internet. This feature enhances users' ability to verify content authenticity on-the-go.
  • API for Automated Detection: Illuminarty offers an API that automates AI detection integration into various services. This API enables users to determine if an image was AI-generated and identify the likely AI models used, all within their applications.

Illuminarty Use Cases

  • Content Verification for Media Outlets: Media organizations can use Illuminarty to verify the authenticity of images used in news articles. By detecting AI-generated images and tampered content, they can ensure that the visuals they present to their audience are accurate and trustworthy.
  • Educational Materials Authentication: Educational institutions can utilize Illuminarty to verify the integrity of images and textual content used in their materials. This ensures that educational resources are free from AI-generated or manipulated content, maintaining the credibility of the learning materials.
  • Social Media Fact-Checking: Fact-checking platforms and social media moderators can employ Illuminarty to analyze images and texts shared on social networks. Detecting AI-generated content and deepfakes helps prevent the spread of misinformation and ensures accurate reporting.
  • Brands Ensuring Visual Integrity: Brands can use Illuminarty to verify the authenticity of images associated with their products and services. This prevents the circulation of deceptive images and maintains the brand's credibility among consumers.
  • Digital Content Creators and Artists: Artists, designers, and content creators can ensure the originality of their work using Illuminarty. By detecting AI-generated images, they can confidently showcase their creations as genuine and stand out in a landscape where digital manipulation is prevalent.

Illuminarty Pricing Plans

Illuminarty Pricing Plans

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Illuminarty Alternatives

  • Deepfake Detector: Deepfake Detector is a web-based service that uses artificial intelligence to detect deepfake videos and audios.
  • DetectGPT: DetectGPT is a free online tool that uses machine learning to detect text generated by the GPT-3 language model.
  • AICheatCheck: AICheatCheck is an AI-powered tool that helps educators detect AI-generated content.
  • Offers AI detection for text and images
  • Offers browser extension
  • Free Plan Available
  • API access
  • Only supports English

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