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What is Illuminarty?


Illuminarty AI is an advanced AI platform that detects AI-generated images and text using advanced computer vision and natural language processing. By analyzing patterns, styles, and nuances, it determines the likelihood of content being created by AI models. 

Illuminarty offers powerful features like image and text detection, localized problem area identification, and API integration for automated AI detection. Its goal is to help users authenticate digital content, safeguard intellectual property, and foster transparency regarding AI capabilities. 

Key Features of Illuminarty

  • AI-Generated Image Detection: Illuminarty enables users to determine whether an image has been generated by AI. It can identify AI-generated, synthetic, tampered images, and even Deepfakes, providing insights into the image's origin and authenticity.
  • AI Model Identification for Images: Users can discover which specific AI model was used to generate a particular image. Illuminarty employs computer vision algorithms to calculate the likelihood of an image being generated from a public AI model.
  • AI-Generated Text Detection: Illuminarty extends its capabilities to text analysis, allowing users to assess whether a given text has been generated by AI. It employs various Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to determine the likelihood of AI-generated content in the text. The platform also highlights specific passages likely produced by AI.
  • Browser Extension for Real-Time Detection: Illuminarty is developing a web browser extension, allows users to perform image and text detection while browsing the internet. This feature enhances users' ability to verify content authenticity on the go.
  • API for Automated Detection: Illuminarty offers an API that automates AI detection integration into various services. This API enables users to determine if an image was AI-generated and identify the likely AI models used, all within their applications.

Pricing Plan of Illuminarty

Free$0/mo– Basic AI image and text classification
Basic$10/mo– AI image classification
– AI image localized detection
– AI model identification for image generators
– AI text classification
– AI text localized detection
– API usage (10,000 requests/day)
Pro$30/mo– All Basic plan features, in nightly build
– Increased API usage (40,000 requests/day)
– API integration support
Enterprise PlanCustom– User-based custom detection
– Unlimited API usage
– Custom API server

Alternatives of Illuminarty 

1. QuillBot AI Content Detector

QuillBot AI Content Detector

offers a highly accurate free tool with a low false positive rate.
It can detect edited AI text and up to 100% of GPT-4 generated content, providing a percentage score.

2. GPTZero


GPTZero specializes in detecting content from ChatGPT, GPT-4, Gemini, and other AI models. It analyzes text based on complexity (“perplexity”) and sentence variation (“burstiness”), with a premium model for even higher accurac

3. Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Copyleaks AI Content Detector

Copyleaks boasts over 99% accuracy in detecting AI content, including from ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude. It has a very low 0.2% false positive rate and offers enterprise features like AI-generated code detection and policy enforcement.

ToolKey FeaturesPricing
Illuminarty– AI image & text detection
– Localized detection
– API integration
– Free plan
– Basic: $10/mo
– Pro: $30/mo
– Enterprise: Custom
QuillBot– Highly accurate free tool
– Detects edited AI & GPT
-4- Provides % score
– Free
GPTZero– Detects ChatGPT, GPT-4, etc
– Analyzes perplexity & burstiness
– Premium for higher accuracy
– Free
– Premium: Custom
Copyleaks– 99%+ accuracy
– Detects AI code
– Enterprise features
– Custom pricing

Final Thoughts

After testing, it is clear that Illuminarty is one of the best AI detection platforms that use advanced technologies to verify digital content. Illuminarty’s easy-to-use interface, powerful detection features, and customizable pricing plans make it easy to navigate the ever-changing AI-generated image and text landscape. 

By providing valuable information about the authenticity and source of content, Illuminarty helps build trust, protect intellectual property rights, and promote ethical principles in the rapidly changing world of AI.

  • Powerful AI detection for images, and text.
  • Localized problem area identification in content.
  • API integration for automated AI detection.
  • Free and paid plans for users.
  • Potential privacy issues uploading user content.
  • False positives are possible in AI detection.

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