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What is ImgCreator.AI?

ImgCreator.AI is using the power of artificial intelligence to generate images helping you to convert text into visually appealing images. It is suitable for creating illustrations, anime, and concept-based image designs. The tool also lets you send images to edit and erase unwanted parts of the image using a text description similar to that of text-driven Photoshop. With you can create photorealistic stock photos for blog posts, photo editing, or images using text, creating illustrations for PowerPoint slides, posters, websites, children’s books, hairstyles, backgrounds, and more.

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ImgCreator.AI Key Features at a Glance

  • AI Image Generator: Use the power of AI and make ImgCreator.AI your companion for generating artistic images. The tool provides a way to create images straight from your imagination by providing text descriptions. This is a powerful feature helping you generate a new image from scratch.
  • Background Changer: This is another robust feature offered by ImgCreator.AI giving its users a platform to use their imagination and change the background of any image easily. AI lets you utilize the power of generating background removal functions smoothly by integrating with your requirements for a portrait, scene, or concept.
  • Magic Remover: Magic remover is another feature offered by ImgCreator.AI allowing you to remove any unwanted elements without any manual interventions. It lets you utilize the power to replace any image effortlessly by reshaping the quality of the image and experimenting with new dimensions of creative control.
  • Art Styles: This feature lets users experiment with different techniques helping you bring ideas to life in the most fitting visual appearance. ImgCreator.AI helps you to craft an image that resonates well with your unique sensibilities

ImgCreator.AI Product Demo

ImgCreator.AI Use Cases

  • ImgCreator.AI offers a platform to help users from different niches create captivating visual content effortlessly. Some of the popular use cases of ImgCreator include –
  • Creating Photo-Realistic Stock Photos: ImgCreator.AI is helping users to stock photo creation instead of hunting the web for visuals users can directly generate authentic, high-quality stock photos scrapped to the particular needs of each project. No matter what, whether it is a landscape, architecture, or an abstract design ImgCreator.AI can easily transform the concept into striking images by saving a lot of time and enhancing the quality of content.
  • Text-to-Visual Transformation: Another popular use case of ImgCreator.AI includes a platform that excels at turning any text into eye-catching visuals. Users can use their written narratives to converting them into eye-pleasing images. The feature then proves to be an invaluable thing for educators, storytellers, and content creators who are aiming to enrich their materials with more engaging graphics.
  • Illustrating Craftings: ImgCreator.AI is not limited to photos only rather it’s an efficient tool that helps in creating illustrations. This can be used from presentations to websites and children’s books by the users to design visuals that align perfectly with their creative visions.
  • Generating Visuals: With these tools, users can fulfill their visual needs easily. Artists, designers, and business owners can utilize the capabilities of AI making it a valuable asset for various creative projects.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use ImgCreator.AI?

Step 1: Visit the website and Sign Up

Go to the official website of ImgCreator and click on “Sign Up” to get access to its free account. Add the required details including name, email id, and password.

ImgCreator AI homepage

Step 2: Input Text Description

After your account is created consider logging in and entering the text of the image you want to create. It is important to be specific while adding the text and also consider providing some sample context so that the AI knows exactly what it has to generate.

Input text description in ImgCreator AI

Step 3: Generate the Image

Once you are satisfied with the text that you have provided create the image. Click on the “Generate” button and wait for the AI to create an image based on the description you have provided. The whole process may take up to a minute.

Step 4: Edit or Modify the Image (Optional)

If you are not satisfied with the image or you want to give some additional text descriptions to edit or modify the image then you can do the same for any image you feel editing or changes are required.

Step 5: Download the Image

Once you are done with the editing and everything with the image that you have generated click on the “Download” button and use it as per your desired purpose.

ImgCreator.AI Pricing Plans

ImgCreator.AI is one of the best AI-driven tools helping users to generate images effectively. It offers different plans to help users enhance the journey of the image creation process.

PlanPrice per MonthPrice per YearFeatures
Starter$9.9$5.9/month300 fast generations per month
300 credits/mo
Resolution to 1K
4 image concurrent batch generations
History cloud storage of up to 1000 images
Pro$29.9$14.9/monthUnlock all premium filters
3000 credits/mo,3000 fast generation/mo
Unlock Negative Prompt
6 image concurrent batch generations
History cloud storage of up to 5000 images
Boss$59.9$24.9/monthUnlock all premium filters
Unlimited credits per month
Unlock All advanced features, including enhanced, upscale
Unlock All aspect ratios
Unlimited history cloud storage

If you are planning to get a tool at a decent price suiting your needs then you must check out the “Pro” plan as the plan most features are covered with this plan and it provides more value at pocket-friendly plans. And when you go for a Yearly plan your saving increases up to 60%. However, the choice of plan depends on individual needs and preferences.

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ImgCreator.AI Alternatives


ImgCreator.AI is an AI-driven image generation tool that helps in creating images, art, illustrations, anime, logos, and designs from text descriptions. The tool is best suited to be used by educators, students, and business professionals.


Photosonic is an artificial intelligence-based art generator offered by Writesonic that helps in creating beautiful, royalty-free images within seconds. It uses AI models trained on numerous examples of impressive and beautiful artwork around the globe. Photosonic is found on the Writesonic platform where users give instructions for AI on what they want to generate.

Pricing: As mentioned before photosonic is a feature of Writesonic and thus, the pricing for plans offering the photosonic feature include – “free trial”, “unlimited” for $16/ month, “business” for $12.67/ month, and the “enterprise” plan can be utilized by contacting sales to get a quote on custom pricing.

Writesonic logo


Photosonic is an AI-powered image generator that transforms your ideas into stunning visuals.


DALL-E 2 is a part of OpenAI that helps its users to create original, realistic images and art from text. It combines the concepts, attributes, and styles to generate more realistic and accurate images with 4X better resolution than its predecessor. It can also help by making more realistic edits to existing images.

Pricing: DALL-E 2 pricing starts as per the image resolution you choose and thus, for 1024×1024 resolution image price will be $0.020/ image, 512×512 can be availed at $0.018/ image, and for 256×256 resolution cost will be $0.016/ image.



DALL-E 2 is a large language model (LLM) from OpenAI that can create realistic images from text descriptions. is more like a magical AI art tool that generates original and unique images by modifying the existing ones by expanding pictures above from the borders, and a lot more. It also offers a fully integrated platform for image-generation tools that are built for speed with 20+ AI models ranging from Stable Diffusion to custom community styles. It can be used efficiently to use it for creation, photo editing, design inspiration, and a lot more.

Pricing: offers 5 different pricing options created to suit the different needs of users including – “Free”, “Basic” starts at $12/ month, “Starter” can be availed at $29/ month, “Hobby” for $49/ month, and the “Pro” plan that can be availed at $99/ month. logo is a cloud-based AI image generation platform that lets you create photo-realistic images from text or edit existing images with AI tools.

ImgCreator and its alternatives Photosonic, DALL-E 2, and is serving their users with the ability to create images but all of them are serving features that are different from each other. The choice is totally depended on the usage and budget of every individual and thus, we would recommend you go for the plan that suits your needs well.

ImgCreator.AI Customer Support

ImgCreator.AI is serving its customer with the best service and thus providing its users with 24X7 customer support service available to help users get solutions to all their queries. You can access customer support by various options including live chat and email. You can also check out the help center where you will get answers to most of your queries without needing to go for customer support.

Final Verdict

ImgCreator.AI is an amazing tool using AI technology to change the way visual content is generated. It is capable to convert any text into stunning images, create illustrations, and offering numerous features created to fulfill the needs of its users. ImgCreator.AI can craft realistic photos and is a must-have tool that lets you create images effortlessly and bring your ideas to life. It also offers a user-friendly interface and opens up a world of creative possibilities for individuals and businesses offering smooth solutions for generating high-quality visuals. If you are an educator, student, business person, or professional looking to enhance the creativity of your project then ImgCreator.AI is surely your go-to tool. Explore the tool and enhance the way you do creative work.

We hope this ImgCreator.AI review has added some value to your knowledge base and provided you with a way to create images in less time.

  • User-friendly
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers limited control over designs

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