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  • Generate widgets without coding
  • Create and integrate your widgets
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Seamlessly integrate AI into your website, blogs, or platform without code with our no-code, monetizable, and embeddable AI widgets. From ChatBot Assistant to Image Generator, our diverse set of features elevates your brand’s presence while extracting relevant citations and providing accurate responses. Join us and empower your projects with effortless AI intelligence.



  • Seamlessly embed and monetize AI widgets on websites and platforms.
  • Features include ChatBot and Image Generator for enhanced user experience.
  • No coding required! Integrate AI intelligence effortlessly.
  • Elevate your brand's presence and provide accurate responses to your audience.
  • User-friendly platform for easy implementation and customization.

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InteraxAI Use Cases

Here are some Use cases of InteraxAI

  • Enhanced Customer Support: Embed the ChatBot Assistant on your website to provide instant and automated customer support, answering common queries and guiding users through their journey without the need for human intervention.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Utilize Interax AI's intelligent algorithms to generate personalized recommendations for users based on their preferences and browsing behavior, increasing engagement and conversion rates on your platform.
  • Interactive Content Creation: The Embeddable Image Generator enables you to create dynamic and engaging visuals for your website or blog. Generate customized images, infographics, or interactive elements that captivate your audience and enhance the user experience.
  • Streamlined Data Extraction: Interax AI's AI-powered technology can extract relevant citations and information from various document formats, such as txt, pdf, csv, docx, and json. This feature simplifies data extraction processes, saving time and effort for researchers and analysts.
  • Monetization Opportunities: With Interax AI's no-code, monetizable widgets, you can generate revenue by offering AI-powered features to other websites and platforms. Expand your business and unlock new streams of income by leveraging the power of AI.

InteraxAI Pricing Plans

InteraxAI Pricing Plans

InteraxAI Alternatives

  • is a no-code AI builder that allows users to create and monetize their AI applications in minutes.
  • Convostack: Convostack is a free and open-source framework for building AI chatbots that can be easily embedded on websites.
  • BotX: BotX is a low-code AI platform that helps businesses build custom AI solutions in record time.
  • No- coding knowledge is required
  • Easy to use
  • API access
  • Extracts data from any kinds of documents
  • Create different types of widgets
  • Offers limited features in the free plan

InteraxAI Details

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  • Create no-code widget with ease!
  • $20/month
  • Create Unlimited AI widgets
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