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What is Klart AI?

Klart AI powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT offers a tool called AI Mail Assistant for Gmail. It’s a great tool to help you with emails by quickly answering them, fixing grammatical errors, summarizing large emails, translating into different languages, and understanding the emotions of the text. The main aim of Klart is to help you save time, bridge language barriers, and provide a medium for professional communication.

Klart AI

Key Features of Klart AI

  • Generate Smart Email Responses: Klart AI encourages the power of GPT-4, the most advanced AI available, to generate email responses instantly and in the most accurate manner. The AI Mail Assistant is capable of handling tasks and thus saving  you a lot of time. It is indeed a smart solution for busy professionals who are looking to maintain timely communication without any stress.
  • Improve and Enhance Emails: With Klart AI's email enhancement feature, you can ensure that your emails are well-groomed with professional images using grammar and wording enhancement. It checks the drafts and offers improvement suggestions for any errors. It is like having a personal editor ensuring that your emails are always up to the mark and leaves a positive impression on the recipients.
  • Quick Email Summaries: Klart AI helps grasp lengthy emails instantly with its “Summarize” feature. It extracts all the key points, enabling you to understand all the necessary information added to the email quickly.
  • Instant Access to ChatGPT Expertise: It offers real-time support and you can get answers to all your queries by posting questions to ChatGPT directly within your Gmail. Experience the power of GPT-4 with Klart AI as it provides accurate data for enhanced productivity.
  • Seamless Translation in 13 Languages: It provides the built-in translation feature ensuring effortless translations using the AI Mail Assitant as it translates both incoming and outgoing emails, ensuring you make smooth communication with clients from across the world. It supports 13 languages and translates the language quickly so that clients and colleagues get instant responses.
  • Comprehensive Text Analysis & Detection: The AI-powered tool helps simple emotional tone detection, providing a deep understanding of the variation in your emails. This tool detects the tone of sarcasm, harassment, discrimination, and other sensitive topics within the emails. And thus helps in maintaining clear, respectful, and secure workplace interactions, making it a valuable asset for modern businesses.

Klart AI Product Demo

Klart AI Use Cases

  • Instant Knowledge Retrieval: Employees can use Klart AI to quickly access information from various databases like Confluence, Notion, JIRA, etc. Instead of spending time searching for data, they can simply ask Klart AI for the relevant information, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Klart AI fosters collaboration among team members by facilitating smooth communication and knowledge sharing. Users can easily share information and updates through the AI assistant, ensuring everyone is on the same page and promoting a cohesive work environment.
  • Personalized AI Support: With Klart AI's AI-powered assistance, employees receive personalized responses to their queries. The advanced AI technology understands individual needs and delivers relevant information, making it a valuable resource for each team member.
  • Building a Knowledge Base: Klart AI's reporting feature helps categorize and identify employee needs, creating a tailored knowledge base. This knowledge base becomes a valuable repository of information, providing quick access to relevant data for improved productivity across the organization.
  • Enhancing Customer Support: Klart AI can improve customer support services. Customer support teams can leverage the AI-powered assistant to find quick solutions to customer queries, ensuring a more efficient and satisfactory customer experience.

How does Klart AI work? A Detailed Guide

Step 1: Install the Add-on

Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and click “install” to add the AI Mail Assistant to your Gmail. Click “Allow” to authorize the add-on. In case the access is blocked by your organization, contact the IT team to unblock it.

Klart AI add-on

Step 2: Find the Tool on Gmail

Open the cards menu from the bottom right of the Gmail screen by clicking the “<” button. Click on the AI Mail Assistant icon. You must open an email to use the add-on.

Step 3: Create an Account

Click “Start Free Trial” on the first screen, choose a plan, and click “Get Started”. Sign up with Google, and if you choose a Premium Plan, add your card details and proceed to payment.

Create account on Klart AI

Step 4: Start Using the Tool

Access the tool by opening an email and clicking the AI Mail Assistant icon. Choose the feature you want to use, such as Generate Response, Translate, Summarize Email, Improve Draft, or Ask a Question to ChatGPT.

Klart AI Features

Step 5: Generate a Response

Click “Generate Response”, enter specific text if needed, click “Generate”, and the AI will create a response. Click “Insert Draft” to add it to your email reply.

Step 6: Translate Emails

Click the “Translate” button, select the desired language, and click on “Translate Mail” or “Translate Draft” to translate an email or draft instantly.

Step 7: Summarize and Improve Emails

Click “Summarize Email” for a bullet-point summary of the conversation. To improve a draft, write your email, click “Improve Draft,” and the system will correct errors and provide a polished draft.

Step 8: Ask a Question to ChatGPT

Click “Ask a question to ChatGPT”, enter your question, and the AI system will provide an accurate answer or generate the content you need within seconds.

Klart AI Pricing Plans

Klart AI pricing

Klart AI has various pricing plans designed to fulfill the needs and budgets of different users.

Free Trial: This plan, provides one week trial, provides its users with automated answer generation, translation for 12 languages, summarization, grammar and wording enhancements, and the ability to ask any question to ChatGPT from Gmail. For those seeking more.

Premium Plan, priced at €3.99/ month, offers the same features as available with a free trial with the additional benefit of saving hours of work every month.

Premium Yearly Plan (Best Value), priced at €35/ yr, offers the same benefits as the Premium plan but at a lower monthly equivalent cost of €2.9. For prompt generation enthusiasts.

As per our evaluation of pricing plans, we recommend the Premium Yearly Plan as saves you money and keeps you away from the stress of paying every month. Just buy the yearly plan and enjoy uninterrupted services throughout the year

Klart Prompts Pro Plan is available at €3.99/ month, providing unlimited access to various prompt generators and access to blog posts.

Enterprise Plan is designed for companies looking to streamline email communication, offering unlimited access to all features and 24/7 support. To check on the pricing for the Enterprise Plan, you will need to contact the Support team and they will send you a Custom Quote based on your requirements from the specific plan.

Note – Klart AI uses Stripe and PayPal as their mode of excepting payment. It is best as these platforms offer cancellation. In case you change your mind, simply cancel the subscription and you will get your refund.

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Klart AI Alternatives

Klart AI Vs Cody

Cody drives efficiency in business processes by acting as a Virtual Assitant, whereas, Klart AI focuses more on enhancing email communication.

Cody is a smart AI assistant which can be trained as per your business, team, processes, and clients requirements, on the other hand, Klart AI is designed to simplify email communication by encouraging the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4. It also offers Gmail Add-ons that help in generating quick and accurate email responses, translating messages, and summarizing emails by enhancing grammar and wording.

Pricing: Cody offers various created to meet the needs of different users. You can choose the plan based on your requirement, whether you want a plan for personal use, team collaboration, or client provision. The “Free Plan” can be accessed through a personal account with limited features. The “Basic Plan” starts at $29/ month and includes 2500 credits, GPT 3.5 16k Support, and essentials for up to 3 users. The “Premium Plan”, starts at $99/ month, expands the offering to 10,000 credits, GPT 4 support, and accommodates 15 users. For more advanced solutions, check out the “Advanced Plan” starting at $249/ month providing 25000 credits, support GPT 4, and works well for up to 50 users in a single plan.

Klart AI Vs Merlin AI

Klart AI focuses more on enhancing email communication. It offers Gmail Add-on that helps generate super quick email responses that are error-free, helps summarize emails, and a lot more. It is designed to overcome the language barrier and encourage smooth workflow, on the contrary, Merlin AI amplifies ChatGPT on your browsers, offering faster Gmail replies, quick blog summaries, and much more. It also helps enhance social media engagement and provides unlimited access to GPT-4 for various applications.

Pricing: Merlin AI has different pricing plans created to fulfill user’s needs. The “Starter Plan” starts at $19/ month or $14.25/ month when billed annually. The “Boost Plan” starts at $39/ month or $29.25/ month when billed annually. and the “Elite Plan” starting at $119/ month or $89.25/ month when billed annually. It provides 12 months plan at the price of 9 months when you take the pro plan’s annual subscription. It also has a “Free Plan” so you can try the tool before you buy any plan.

Klart AI Vs Ellie

Klart AI works on detailed text analysis and detection whereas, Ellie learns from your writing style and crafts replies as written by you.

Klart AI helps enhance grammar and wording and projects a polished and professional image. It works well on extracting the key points from lengthy emails and summarizing them real quick, whereas, Ellie has the ability to take context from any email thread to craft a smart reply and learn from the information provided by you, it can reply in any language to match the email received. Ellie also allows users to provide more context in order to create a perfect reply for their emails.

Pricing: Ellie provides its users with different pricing suiting their needs. The plan includes – “Casual” starting at $16/ month or $160/ yr. “Pro Plan” starts at $29/ month or $290/ yr, and the “Team Plan”. For the pricing of the Team plan, you can contact the Ellie team and they will send you a customized plan based on your needs.

Klart AI Affiliate Program

Klart AI is promoting a way for individuals and businesses to earn profit by registering to their Affiliate Program and referring their products. Joining the program is extremely easy and is available free of cost. All you need to do is to get yourself registered and start referring the products to your family and friends who may need this service. You will earn a commission of up to 12% for every successful joining through your referral link. The working of Klart AI’s Affiliate Program is pretty simple, all you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps –

“Join” by going to the official website of Klart AI. Click on “Join Now” and fill in the necessary details including Name, Email, Password, etc. After filling in all the details, click on “Create Account”. “Advertise” by choosing the product of your interest to advertise to customers. Use your connections wisely if you are a person with a large network, bloggers, or social media influencers. You can use the link provided by the Klart AI platform for specific products, and start referring to your connections.

Note: “Earn” on every successful referral, you will get up to 12% product commission.

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Klart AI’s Customer Support

Klart AI Customer Support is providing prompt and efficient assistance to its users. You can send your queries in the form of a question, and the support team of Klart AI will provide the solution soon. The amazing and user-friendly customer support service works well to ensure customer satisfaction and promote advanced support for any queries a user has regarding the use of Klart AI’s services.

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  • Offers GPT-4 AI assistance
  • Offers a Free Plan
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Offers unlimited queries
  • The Free plan offers very limited features

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