• Fast relevant results.
  • Explore trending topics.
  • Chat with the AI assistant.

AI powered search

  • Uses generative AI to provide more relevant and tailored search results.
  • Offers an ad-free search experience for a clutter-free and focused user journey.
  • Prioritizes user privacy by keeping searches anonymous.
  • Chat feature allows deep diving, brainstorming, and discussing topics with up-to-date information and links to sources.
  • Some users report that responses can be repetitive at times.
  • The user interface needs further enhancements to match the quality of competitors.

What is Komo?


Komo is an advanced search engine that leverages artificial intelligence and generative AI technologies to provide users with a fast, private, and ad-free search experience. It offers three main features: Chat, which allows users to deep dive, brainstorm, or discuss topics with up-to-date information and links to sources; Explore, which enables users to see what the community is talking about; and Search, which provides quick answers or links to resources. Komo utilizes natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graph technologies to understand user queries and deliver accurate, personalized results.

Key Features of Komo

  1. AI-Powered Search: Komo uses advanced AI algorithms to provide fast, accurate, and personalized search results. It analyzes information from various online sources to deliver comprehensive answers to user queries.
  2. Interactive Chat Feature: Komo offers an interactive chat function that allows users to engage in discussions and explore ideas. The AI chatbot provides informative answers and suggestions to user questions.
  3. Explore Function: The Explore feature enables users to discover current conversations and topics being discussed within the community. It scans social media platforms to provide insights into what people are talking about.
  4. Structured and Comprehensive Results: Komo presents search results in a clear, structured manner, making it easy for users to grasp key insights. It provides succinct yet comprehensive answers, addressing user queries effectively.
  5. Privacy and Ad-Free Experience: Komo prioritizes user privacy and offers an ad-free search experience. It does not sell or share personal information with third parties.
  6. Personalized Search Journey: Komo aims to provide a delightful and personalized search experience, helping users discover new information and explore topics of interest. It caters to the unique needs of each user.
  7. Content Generation Capabilities: Komo can be used to generate various types of content, such as poems, stories, code, essays, and more. This feature assists users in creative tasks and content creation.

Pricing Plans of Komo

Basic Plan$8/month–  Unlimited searches- Access to all features- Community support
Premium Plan$15/month– Unlimited searches- Access to all features- Priority support- Early access to new features
Team PlanCustom pricing– Everything in the Pro plan- Collaboration and sharing features- Dedicated account manager- Custom integrations and API access

Alternatives of Komo

1. Compo AI

Compo AI

Compo AI is an alternative that offers features for designing, managing, developing, building, and sharing. It provides a comprehensive solution for various tasks and projects.

2. BRAiN Assistant

Brain Assistant

BRAiN Assistant offers real-time internet searching, a personalized knowledge base, and tailored search results. It supports multiple languages and prioritizes privacy and data security.

GoSearch AI Enterprise Search

GoSearch AI Enterprise Search provides unified search across internal information, generative AI-powered recommendations, and multimodal search. It integrates with the enterprise ChatGPT assistant and offers 100+ data connectors.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Komo is a powerful search engine that leverages generative AI to provide users with a fast, private, and ad-free search experience. With features like Chat, Explore, and Search, Komo AI offers a comprehensive and engaging way to find information, brainstorm ideas, and participate in community discussions. Overall, this Komo review highlights the potential of AI-powered search engines to revolutionize the way we access and interact with information online.

Komo Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Ad-free experience.
  • $8/month.
  • Satisfy curiosity.

AI powered search

Platform Security
Risk-Free & Money-Back
Services & Features
Customer Service
7.0 Overall Rating

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