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What is Krisp?

Krisp is an AI-driven audio processing tool that lets users perform real-time noise and voice suppression technology. It uses machine learning algorithms and the tool offers a variety of applications including teleconferencing, remote work, podcasting, and video production. It is ideal for Windows and MacOS users and promotes compatibility with over 800 voices and video call applications.

In this thorough Krisp review, we are going to discuss some important points including its key features, uses, pricing, and more. Stay tuned and read the review till the end to get in-depth information on every aspect that a user should check before using any audio processing tool.

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  • Trusted by global brands and organizations worldwide.
  • Features include AI Voice Clarity, Background Voice Cancellation, Echo Cancellation, Accent Localization, and AI Meeting Assistant.
  • Krisp's AI Meeting Assistant offers free unlimited transcriptions, automatic summarization, and a bot-free experience.
  • Works with various meeting apps and ensures your voice privacy through on-device processing.
  • Award-winning and top-rated AI noise cancellation solution for effective communication.

Krisp Key Features

Krisp is preferred by numerous users because of its advanced features. Some of the features proffered are as follows –

  • Background Noise Cancellation: Krisp uses AI algorithms that help to eliminate all the background noises from the microphone and the speakers to ensure users get clear and distraction-free calls.
  • Echo Cancellation: The tool controls any acoustic room echo issues faced by the users ensuring that only clear audio is coming during the calls.
  • Background Voice Cancellation: Krisp helps you to remove the background voices of other people talking in the same room as it distracts the receiver. The tool ensures that voice quality is maintained during the entire call.
  • Widget and Super Mute: This feature helps users to control any unwanted audios that irritate its users while the Super Mute feature lets you mute the microphone across different apps that use to take calls.
  • Low Power Usage: This mode helps to minimize the load in your system’s CPU and reduce the energy consumption while being on the calls and maintaining the quality of voices.

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Who should use Krisp?

Krisp is created to fulfill the needs of many users who are looking forward to getting clear, noise-free audio during calls, meetings, and recordings. It is helpful for remote professionals, call center agents, podcasters, teams in an open office, and for those on video conferencing or VoIP applications undergoing important discussions. Krisp is best when it comes to effectiveness as it ensures uninterrupted, high-quality communications in any setting making it a necessity for both professional as well as use by individuals.

Krisp Use Cases

  • Online Meetings Enhancement: Improve the quality of online meetings by using Krisp's Voice Clarity AI and Background Voice Cancellation to eliminate distracting background noises and ensure crystal-clear communication.
  • AI Meeting Assistant: Utilize Krisp's AI Meeting Assistant for automatic transcriptions and summarizations, providing efficient note-taking and enhancing meeting productivity.
  • Remote Team Communication: Teams working from home or remotely can benefit from Krisp's noise cancellation, creating a distraction-free environment for seamless communication.
  • Contact Centers: Contact centers can integrate Krisp's technology to improve customer service quality and agent-customer interactions by eliminating background noise during calls.
  • Enterprise Communication: Large organizations can implement Krisp across their communication platforms to ensure privacy, secure encrypted connections, and enhance communication efficiency for both internal and external interactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Krisp

Step 1: Sign Up and Log In

Visit the official website of Krisp and click on “Sign In” if you are already a user and log in using the credentials. If you are a new user consider clicking on the “Sign Up” button and start adding the required details to get registered including name, email id, and password. You can also log in or sign up using your Google or Microsoft ID.

Krisp Sign up

Step 2: Installation and Integration

Once you have registered you can download the Krisp app for your Windows or macOS system from the official website. Click on “Install” and launch the app. Krisp guides you to integrate with communications apps like Zoom and Skype.

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Step 3: Navigating the Interface

Once you have installed the app you can on/off the noise cancellation feature through your microphone or speakers. For a more detailed view of changes applicable to Krisp, you can explore settings.

Step 4: Using Noise Cancellation

Open the Krisp app when you are on a call and choose your microphone or speaker from the options available. Switch on the microphone noise cancellation to eliminate the background noise. You can also do the same for speakers and enjoy better sound quality.

Step 5: Keeping Up to Date

It is important to regularly check on the updates available for the website by checking notifications in the app or by visiting the official website. Krisp regularly sends updates regarding new features to improve user experience.

Pro Tip: In order to enhance the user experience it is recommended to use good-quality microphones. When you are in a crowded area always prefer to use headphones.

Krisp Pricing Plans

PlansPrice per MonthAnnual PriceFeatures
(For Individuals)
$0$060 Minutes/day of Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation
Unlimited Transcriptions
2 Meeting Notes/day
(For Professionals and Small Teams)
$8/seat$96All free features plus
Unlimited Noise, Background Voice, and Echo Cancellation
Unlimited Meeting Notes
HD Noise Cancellation
Centralized user management
Centralized billing
(For Enterprises and Call Centers)
Custom Price AvailableCustom Price AvailableAll Pro features plus
Analytics Dashboard
Premium support
Centralized settings management
Device-based authentication
Custom MSA support
Assisted security reviews

Save up to 33% on Yearly Billings.

Krisp offers 7-day free trials for the Pro plans.

After carefully analyzing each plan and the features available, we would recommend you to go for the “Pro” plan as it does not strain your pocket and contains the most features providing you better user experience. Although, the choice is completely based on your requirements. Choose a plan that suits you best.

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Krisp Alternatives


Krisp is well known to be an AI-based background audio remover tool that works in real time while on a call. It is able to work with the most popular apps like Skype, Google Meet, and Zoom. Some of the features offered by Krisp include – Bi-directional noise removal, messaging, video conferences, and call apps.

Noise Destroyer

Noise destroyer is another tool that uses AI algorithms to remove background noises from audio and video calls. It is designed in a way that it removes or eliminates unwanted background noises such as dog barking, or noise from loud traffics. Some of the features of noise destroyers are the use of a highly trained neural network for noise removal and the removal of background noises from audio and video files. Noise can be used by purchasing the “Pro” plan as it can be availed for as low as $7.99 on a monthly basis.

Noise Destroyer logo

Noise Destroyer

Noise Destroyer is an AI-powered tool that removes background noise from audio and video files.


Utterly is a noise cancellation app used for calls. It uses artificial intelligence to remove background noises from calls and audio streams. Can be used efficiently with Mac and offers static noise coverage. Features of Utterly include – noise removal from online meetings and audios, offers easy setup with various communication applications.

Pricing: Utterly has 3 different plans and users can choose a plan based on their requirements. The plans include a “free” plan, an “Elevate” plan for $5/ month, and the “Elevate for Teams” plan starts at $4/ person/ month.

Utterly logo


Utterly is a real-time noise removal app that removes background noise from your calls and audio streams is a voice meeting notes and real-time transcription tool that utilizes the power of AI to write automated meeting notes by listening to the recorded audio, automated slide capture, and meeting summaries. It does not only focus on noise cancellation and thus, it can be a useful tool for transcribing calls and meetings with improved clarity.

Pricing: There are 4 different plans offered by including the “Basic” plan at no cost, the “Pro” plan for $10/ user/ month, the “Business” plan starts at $20/ user/ month, and the “Enterprise” plan to fulfill your specific needs and thus, you can choose the plan by contacting the sales team. logo is a speech-to-text AI assistant that transcribes meetings, interviews, lectures, and other voice conversations in real time.

Krisp, Noise Destroyer, and Utterly does offer noise cancellation feature and thus you can choose any of the tools to improve the quality of your calls as well as recordings. on the other hand is a tool that can be chosen for transcription purposes. The choice among all the tools depends entirely on your requirements and your budget. And thus, make a choice based on your necessities only.

Krisp Affiliate Program

Krisp offers an affiliate program for their users so they can earn by referring it to their community, friends, and family. They follow a commission structure so you earn $1 on referring for pro purchases and free sign-up, 20% commission on referring for the team plan purchases, and $3 as influencer sign-ups.

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Krisp Customer Review

Krisp is widely used and is loved by its customers due to the advanced features provided by the tool. The tool is available at a decent price making it a great option for even small businesses and individuals to make full use of it for both personal as well as professional usages. If you want to see what clients have to say about Krisp, then you can check out the reviews posted by its users on the official website of Trustpilot.

Krisp Customer Reviews

Krisp Customer Support

In case you need any assistance, Krisp is providing its users with 24*7 customer support service via live chat, and email for quicker response. You can also use the self-help method by using the Krisp Help Center for faster solutions.

Final Verdict

Krisp stands out as the ultimate audio processing tool for a variety of users due to its exceptional features and applications. With the use of AI-driven technology Krisp effectively eliminates background noise, echoes, and unwanted voices, ensuring crystal-clear and distraction-free communication. This tool is made to fulfill the varying needs of its users ranging from remote professionals and freelancers looking for enhanced call quality to call centers aiming for improved customer interactions.

Krisp's user-friendly interface along with its compatibility with over 800 voice and video call applications makes it a go-to tool for different scenarios from online meetings to podcasting and video production. Krisp has indeed proven itself to be the top-notch choice for its users who need to enhance their audio clarity and improve communication experiences.

We hope this research-backed Krisp Review has left you thinking to try the tool and check if you gain quality audio calls without getting irritated with the background noises or not. You must give it a try as Krisp offers a 7-day free trial so that you can make a decision whether or not to use this tool for your calls and other needs.

  • AI-based noise cancellation
  • HD Voice, for the best voice quality
  • Room echo removal
  • Acoustic echo removal
  • Remove unwanted noise from both ends of a conference call
  • High CPU Usage

Krisp Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Remove noise from the background
  • $8/month/user
  • Get unlimited noise cancellation
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