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Transform your presentations with Kroma: Unleash the power of our vast content library and expertly crafted presentation templates. Elevate your pitch, proposal, or idea effortlessly – no design skills needed. Instantly access a million-plus creative assets and data visualizations to make your message stand out and win over audiences

  • Offers an option for Offline Presenting
  • Offers Offline Editing options
  • Variety of templates.
  • Vast Content library
  • Does not offer option for adding videos

Key Features of Kroma

  • Expertly Designed Slide Presentation Templates: Kroma offers a range of professionally designed slide presentation templates created by experts. These templates are tailored for investor pitches, idea presentations, data sharing, and B2B proposals. With Kroma, users can access high-quality templates that are visually appealing and designed to help them present their ideas effectively.
  • Effortless Data Visualization: Kroma simplifies the process of creating eye-catching charts and graphs. Users can easily transform their data into visually engaging visualizations without the need for graphic design skills. This feature enables users to enhance their presentations with compelling data representations that capture the attention of their audience.
  • GRAB & GO Content: Kroma provides a convenient “GRAB & GO” feature that includes a variety of creative assets such as images, videos, slides, and infographic templates. This feature eliminates the need to start presentations from scratch, saving users time and effort. The extensive library of creative assets allows users to enhance their presentations with relevant visuals and content.
  • Tailored Content Flow: Kroma's multi-slide decks are designed with a content flow that ensures a seamless and coherent presentation. Whether users are pitching to investors, sharing ideas with their team, or presenting to clients, Kroma's templates guide them through the storytelling process, helping them convey their message effectively.
  • Comprehensive Presentation Tools: Kroma goes beyond just templates by providing comprehensive presentation tools. These tools include not only data visualizations and creative assets but also GRAB & GO content like HR policies and other resources. By offering a holistic package of tools, Kroma allows users to focus on presenting their ideas while leaving the intricate template details to the platform.

Kroma Use Cases

  • Investor Pitch: Entrepreneurs and startup founders can use Kroma to create compelling investor pitch presentations. They can leverage expertly designed slide templates tailored for pitching to investors, ensuring that their ideas are presented effectively and professionally. With Kroma's data visualization tools, they can showcase key metrics and financial data to make a persuasive case for investment.
  • Idea Presentation: Individuals and teams looking to present new concepts or ideas can use Kroma to create engaging presentations. By using Kroma's creative assets, including images, videos, and infographic templates, users can visually enhance their presentations and ensure their ideas are communicated clearly and persuasively.
  • Data Sharing: Professionals dealing with data-heavy content, such as market research, survey results, or performance metrics, can benefit from Kroma's data visualization capabilities. Users can easily convert complex data into visually appealing charts and graphs, making it easier for audiences to understand and interpret the information.
  • B2B Proposal: Businesses aiming to win over potential B2B clients can utilize Kroma to craft impressive proposals. The platform's slide presentation templates, combined with data visualizations, enable businesses to demonstrate their services, benefits, and value proposition clearly. Kroma's design expertise ensures that proposals leave a strong impact.
  • Internal Communication: Teams within organizations can use Kroma for internal communication and collaboration. Whether it's sharing project updates, presenting new strategies, or discussing company policies, Kroma's multi-slide decks with content flow help structure information logically. The GRAB & GO content feature also provides readily available assets for internal presentations.

Kroma Pricing Plans

Kroma Pricing Plans

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Kroma Alternatives

  • Mentimeter: Mentimeter is an interactive presentation software that allows you to engage your audience with live polls, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Google Slides: Google Slides is a cloud-based presentation software that allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on presentations with others.
  • Piktochart: Piktochart is an online graphic design tool that allows you to create infographics, presentations, and other visuals without any design experience.

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