• Supports all common media formats
  • Extract elements of a song, like vocals & various instruments
  • Split your audio into different stems
50% OFF!
  • Offers high-quality and accurate stem splitting to isolate vocals, instruments, and various musical elements from songs.
  • Leverages advanced AI and state-of-the-art deep learning models to achieve exceptional precision.
  • Fast processing time and easy user interface for uploading and downloading extracted stems.
  • Supports common media formats like MP3, WAV, AVI, and MP4 for input and output.
  • Provides flexible pricing plans to suit different budgets and usage needs.
  • Some users reported security issues like accounts getting hacked.
  • Quality of separation varies depending on the song, not 100% perfect separation.


Best Suitable Industry: Musicians and Producers
Pricing Model: One-time fee
Free Trial: Yes
Free Plan: No
Starting Price: $18
Special Discount: 50% OFF on the Pro Pack Plan, Plus Pack Plan, and Master Plan.

What is LALAL.AI?


LALAL.AI is a next-generation platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence to separate and extract different elements of a song, such as vocals and various instruments. This tool is designed for musicians, producers, DJs, remixers, and anyone who works with audio and video. It supports various audio and video formats and allows users to upload files that can be split into different stems, including vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, and various instruments.

LALAL.AI is an innovative audio separation platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and neural network technology to split songs into different musical elements, known as stems. Users simply upload an audio or video file, and LALAL.AI's algorithms analyze the file to identify and isolate the vocals, instrumental backing track, as well as specific instruments like drums, bass, guitar, piano, and more. The service supports all common media formats and provides split stems without any loss of audio quality.

LALAL.AI's source separation engine is based on its proprietary deep learning model called Phoenix, which takes a novel approach to decomposing songs and achieves exceptional precision. Phoenix outperforms other solutions on the market in terms of both accuracy and audio quality.

LALAL.AI Key Features

  • AI-Powered Stem Splitting: LALAL.AI's Phoenix algorithm is a game-changer in music separation technology, offering users the ability to split songs into individual stems such as vocals, drums, and instruments with high precision.
  • Support for Various Formats: The platform accepts a broad spectrum of audio and video formats, including MP3, WAV, and MP4, facilitating a seamless experience for users without the hassle of file conversion.
  • Voice Cleaning Service: LALAL.AI enhances vocal tracks by reducing background noise and improving clarity, which is particularly useful for voice recordings and professional audio production.
  • Batch Processing: For efficiency in handling large volumes of audio, LALAL.AI allows the simultaneous processing of multiple files, streamlining the workflow for users with bulk requirements.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: With desktop and mobile applications, LALAL.AI ensures that users can access its services from various devices, enhancing convenience and flexibility.
  • Fast Processing Queue: Users who need quick results can take advantage of LALAL.AI's fast processing feature, which expedites the delivery of split stems and cleaned tracks.
  • Upcoming VST Plugin: LALAL.AI is set to expand its utility with a VST plugin, allowing for direct integration into digital audio workstations for a more integrated audio editing experience.

Here is a Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use LALAL.AI

  • Visit the LALAL.AI Website: Open your web browser and go to the official LALAL.AI website.
  • Log In or Register: Click on the ‘Log In‘ button located in the upper right corner of the page. A pop-up window will appear where you can either log in to an existing account or register for a new one using your email, Google, or Facebook.
Register for Lalal.AI
  • Email Verification: If you choose to sign up with an email, LALAL.AI will send you an email containing a temporary authorization link. Click on this link to activate your account. Note that this link is only valid for 24 hours from the time the email is sent. If you miss this window, you will need to submit your email address again on the LALAL.AI site to receive a new link.
Email Verification
  • Upload a File: Once you are logged in, you can start using the service by clicking on ‘Select Files‘ to upload the audio or video file you wish to process. LALAL.AI supports a variety of formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC.
Upload a file
  • File Processing: After uploading your file, LALAL.AI's AI will analyze it and provide you with stem previews. As a new user, you will need to sign up to process the entire file and download the full stems.
  • Choose a Package: Below the stem previews, you can select from different packages such as Starter, Lite, or Plus. Click on ‘Process the Entire File‘ after making your selection.
  • Download Stems: After processing, you can download the separated stems by clicking the download icon. The files will be available in the same format and quality as the uploaded song, and download links will also be sent to your email.

LALAL.AI Subscription Plans

LALAL.AI Subscription Plans

Individual Plan

  • Lite Pack Plan: Priced at a $18 one-time fee, the Lite Pack allows users to process audio and video files up to 90 minutes long. The maximum upload size limit is 2GB per file.
  • Plus Pack Plan: Available for a $25 one-time fee, the Plus Pack provides 330 minutes of stem processing time along with fast processing queue access.
  • Pro Pack Plan: The Pro Pack Plan is available for a $35 one-time fee. This pack offers extended benefits, including the ability to process audio and video files up to 550 minutes in duration.

Business Plan 

  • Master Plan: Priced at a $50 one-time fee, the Master Plan offers 750 minutes for audio/video processing. It also has a maximum upload size limit of 2GB per file. 
  • Premium Plan: Priced at a $200 one-time fee, the Premium Plan offers 3,000 minutes for audio/video processing. Additionally, the maximum upload size limit for any file is 2GB.
  • Enterprise Plan: Priced at a $300 one-time fee,  the plan offers 5,000 minutes for audio/video processing.

Top Alternatives of LALAL.AI

1. Ultimate Vocal Remover (UVR)

Ultimate Vocal Remover (UVR)

UVR is a highly praised tool that separates a song into drums, vocals, bass, and instruments. Its unique feature is the ability to set up “ensembles” that use a different AI model for each stem, providing a more tailored extraction process.

Pricing:  Ultimate Vocal Remover is free to use.

2. Melody ML

Melody ML

Melody ML is an acapella maker that allows the effortless extraction of distinct audio tracks. It presents two choices for users: the separation of four audio tracks (vocals, drums, instruments, and bass) or the isolation of vocals and instruments. A unique feature of Melody ML is that it allows users to directly send the extracted acapella to their email.

Pricing: The first two songs are free in Melody ML then, each additional song costs $0.50.

3. EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover

EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is a comprehensive solution for vocal removal and separation. It offers a faster and easier alternative to other tools. A unique feature of EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is its customizable options to remove vocals from audio.

Pricing: EaseUS Online Vocal Remover is free to use.

What file formats does LALAL.AI support?

LALAL.AI supports a variety of audio and video formats, including MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC.

Can I use LALAL.AI to remove vocals from a song?

Yes, LALAL.AI can be used to remove vocals from a song, providing a high-quality instrumental track. This can be useful for creating karaoke tracks or for other music production purposes.

Can I use LALAL.AI to extract vocals from a video?

Yes, LALAL.AI can be used to extract vocals from a video. The service supports AVI, MP4, and MKV video formats.

Can I use LALAL.AI on my mobile device?

Yes, LALAL.AI is a web-based service and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, including mobile devices.

Is LALAL.AI safe to use?

Yes, LALAL.AI uses secure protocols to ensure the privacy and safety of your data. It does not store your files after processing.

Can I process multiple files at once with LALAL.AI?

Yes, LALAL.AI supports batch processing, allowing you to upload and process multiple files at once.

  • Designed for Musicians, Producers, DJs & Remixers
  • $18 one-time fee
  • A game-changer in music separation technology
50% OFF!
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