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Unlock flawless web and mobile experiences with LambdaTest’s AI-powered testing cloud. Seamlessly test on diverse devices, browsers, and OSes for exceptional user satisfaction. Trusted by 2M+ users worldwide, LambdaTest ensures your digital success.


Key Features of LambdaTest

  • Next-Generation Testing Cloud Platform: LambdaTest offers a cutting-edge testing cloud platform powered by AI. This platform ensures exceptional user experiences by facilitating comprehensive testing across various devices and browsers.
  • Cross Browser Testing: With LambdaTest, users can perform cross browser testing on a wide range of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Yandex. This feature helps identify and fix compatibility issues across different browser environments.
  • Real Device Cloud: LambdaTest provides a real device cloud for reliable mobile app testing. Developers can test their native and hybrid mobile apps on a variety of real devices as well as virtual emulators and simulators. This eliminates the need for maintaining in-house device labs.
  • Selenium Automation: LambdaTest supports online Selenium test automation for desktop, Android, and iOS mobile browsers. Users can run their Selenium test scripts on LambdaTest's Selenium Grid, allowing for faster development, testing, and delivery of web applications.
  • Integrations and Collaboration: LambdaTest offers seamless integration with various third-party tools, including project management platforms like Asana, Slack, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more. This integration streamlines bug tracking and task management. Additionally, LambdaTest integrates with CI/CD pipelines, promoting collaboration and efficient workflows

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LambdaTest Use Cases

  • Cross Browser Testing for Web Applications: Developers can use LambdaTest to test their web applications across a wide range of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more. This ensures that their applications display and function correctly on different browser environments, providing a consistent user experience.
  • Mobile App Testing on Real Devices and Emulators: LambdaTest's real device cloud and virtual emulators allow developers to thoroughly test their mobile applications on various Android and iOS devices. This helps identify and resolve issues related to different screen sizes, resolutions, and operating systems.
  • Selenium Test Automation: QA teams can leverage LambdaTest's Selenium Grid to automate their test scripts for desktop, Android, and iOS browsers. This enables efficient and repeatable testing processes, speeding up test execution and reducing manual effort.
  • Visual Regression Testing with Visual Regression Cloud: LambdaTest's Visual Regression Cloud assists in detecting visual discrepancies between different versions of a web application. This is particularly useful when updates or changes are made to a website, ensuring the design consistency across various browsers and devices.
  • Integration with Project Management Tools and CI/CD Pipelines: LambdaTest's integrations with tools like Bitbucket, Asana, Slack, Jenkins, and more, streamline bug tracking, task management, and collaboration among development and QA teams. This enhances efficiency by enabling seamless communication and automation within the development workflow.

LambdaTest Pricing Plans

PlansMonthly PriceAnnual PriceFeaturesOffers/Discounts
Free$0$0– Live Real Time testing
– 200+ Desktop Browsers
– 10 Screenshot Tests per month
– 10 Responsive Test Per Month
– 3 Sessions of Native App testing on Emulators/Simulators
Live$9$84– Unlimited Live Real Time testing
– 3000+ Desktop Browsers
– Unlimited Screenshot Tests per month
– Unlimited Responsive Test Per Month
– Emulators/Simulators for web and app testing
– Geolocation Testing
– Web and mobile debugging tools
– Integrate with JIRA, Asana, Slack
Save 20% on Annual Plan
Real Device$35$300Everything in Live Plan and
– Real Mobile devices
– Test native, Hybrid and web apps
– App Uploads
– Natural Gestures and interactions
-Network Throttling
– Detailed device and app/crash logs
– Network Logs
– GPS based geolocation testing
– Smart UI Inspector
– Camera Image Injection
– Biometrics authentication Support
– Multiple Locale Support
– Integrate with Appstore, PlayStore, AppCenter and Test Flight

Save 20% on Annual Plan
EnterpriseContact SupportEverything in Real Devices Plan, and:
– Premium Support Options
– Advanced access controls
– Single Sign-on
– IP Whitelisting
– Advanced Data retention rules
– Dedicated device cloud
– Advanced Local Testing
– Usage Analytics
– Early access to beta features
– Unlimited Users
– Enterprise Grade security
– Customer Success and onboarding
– Private Slack Channel
– Pin/Passcode support for real device
– Apple Pay Testing
– AI-powered test intelligence/ Test analytics
Save 20% on Annual Plan

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LambdaTest Alternatives

  • BrowserStack: BrowserStack is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to test their websites and mobile applications across a range of real browsers and devices.
  • Sauce Labs: Sauce Labs is a cloud-based platform that helps developers deliver high-quality web and mobile apps by providing a comprehensive testing environment.
  • Perfecto: Perfecto is a cloud-based platform for web and mobile app testing that offers a comprehensive set of features to help developers deliver high-quality apps.
  • Easy to migrate to
  • Easy to use
  • Can test on variety of platforms at once.
  • great tool to set and track automated tests and metrics are really useful
  • Has a bit of lag

LambdaTest Details

AI Technology
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  • Test your app on various platforms
  • $7/month
  • Analyze your app's performance for best results
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