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Quick Facts and Specs

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What is Landing AI? 

Landing AI

Landing AI is a leading artificial intelligence company that provides advanced computer vision solutions to businesses across various industries. Founded by AI expert Andrew Ng, Landing AI's mission is to democratize AI and make it accessible to all. The company's flagship product, LandingLens, is an end-to-end AI platform that streamlines the process of building, training, and deploying computer vision models. 

Landing AI leverages advanced technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, and domain-specific large vision models (LVMs) to deliver highly accurate and efficient computer vision solutions tailored to each industry's unique needs.

Key Features of Landing AI

  • Efficient Data Labeling and Management: Landing AI offers intuitive labeling tools to annotate images and videos, ensuring data quality. Landing AI includes features like automated label checking and collaborative labeling for efficiency.
  • Automated Model Training: Landing AI automates the model training process, allowing quick optimization with just a few clicks. Landing AI's training and evaluation tools enable rapid development of deployment-ready models.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Landing AI supports cloud, edge, and on-premise deployment for seamless integration. Landing AI's cloud-based platform allows for easy scaling up or down based on needs.
  • Visual Prompting Capability: Landing AI introduced the world's first Visual Prompting in LandingLens. Landing AI's Visual Prompting merges ChatGPT-like text prompting with computer vision for intuitive model building.
  • Validation-Ready for Regulated Industries: Landing AI offers a validation-ready version of LandingLens for FDA-regulated industries.
    Landing AI streamlines the validation process from months to weeks, improving reliability.

Pricing Plans

Cost$0/month$39/month (Monthly $33/month(Annually)$105/month (Monthly$88/month(Annually)Custom pricing
OveragesNot supported$0.01/credit$0.01/creditCustom
Classes per project102550Unlimited
Images per project1,00010,00025,000Unlimited
Model downloads0135+
Commercial model usageNoNoNoYes
Access to Large Vision ModelsNoNoNoYes
Customer success managerNoNoNoYes

Landing AI Product Demo


1. Clarifai


Clarifai is a comprehensive computer vision platform that offers pre-trained and customizable AI models. It supports various use cases, including visual search, object detection, and content moderation.

2. Roboflow


Roboflow is an end-to-end computer vision platform that simplifies the process of collecting, labeling, and training datasets. It offers a user-friendly interface and supports multiple deployment options.

3. Supervisely


Supervisely is a data platform for computer vision that provides annotation tools, dataset management, and model training capabilities. It offers a collaborative environment for teams to work on computer vision projects.

Tool NameLanding AIClarifaiRoboflowSupervisely
Automated Data Labeling
Model Training
Flexible Deployment
Visual Prompting
Domain-Specific Models
Collaboration Tools
  • Accessible computer vision without complex programming.
  • Data-centric AI ensures quality and faster results.
  • Flexible deployment options enable scalability, and collaboration.
  • Domain-specific LVMs improve accuracy for use cases.
  • It may not support all computer vision applications.
  • Potential compatibility issues with existing systems.

Final Verdict

My opinion on the tool? Landing AI empowers enterprises to rapidly deploy AI projects, moving from proof-of-concept to production with ease. With LandingLens, businesses can efficiently annotate data, enhance model performance with single-click training, and enjoy flexible deployment across cloud and edge computing environments. 

The Visual Prompting feature simplifies building AI systems, making it user-friendly for various industries. Landing AI's commitment to a data-centric approach ensures that companies can leverage their unique image libraries, optimizing operations and driving efficiency. This AI platform is a valuable asset for industries looking to extract actionable insights from visual data and maintain a competitive edge in today's tech-driven market.

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