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Landing AI offers solutions for quality control, visual inspection, and AI-powered automation, enabling organizations to enhance efficiency and drive innovation. Unlock the full potential of AI with Landing AI’s cutting-edge technology and industry-specific expertise.

Landing AI


Summary: Visual Prompting is a new technology that enables building computer vision systems in minutes using natural prompting interactions. It's an intuitive, fast, flexible, and scalable method of developing AI models for different industries, overcoming the time-consuming conventional AI workflow. The solution involves uploading images, labelling objects, training the model, evaluating its performance, and deploying it, all accomplished via the LandingLens platform.

  • Visual Prompting offers a swift way to build computer vision systems via natural prompting interactions. The method sidesteps the traditional AI workflow, reducing the time needed from days or months to mere minutes or seconds.
  • Companies like Ford, ThermoFisher, QuantumScape, NXP, Nvidia, Fluke, Intel, Foxconn, AMD, and Ligand are either associated with or potentially using Visual Prompting.
  • LandingLens is an intuitive platform for creating custom computer vision projects quickly, delivering accurate results even with small datasets thanks to its data-centric AI approach.
  • The platform offers flexibility in deployment, with options for both cloud and edge device integrations, making it easy to adapt to existing environments.
  • LandingLens can easily scale from a single production line to global operations, demonstrating its capability for unlimited scalability.
  • The technology can be applied to a broad range of industries, including pharma, medical, infrastructure, food, agriculture, electronics, and aerial sectors.
  • The process involves uploading and labeling images, training the AI model, evaluating its performance, and then deploying the model to either the cloud or edge devices. Users can monitor and update the model as needed.

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Landing AI Pricing Plans

Landing AI Pricing Plans

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  • Easy to use
  • Can create nice looking landing pages
  • Perfect tool fo small businesses
  • Offers limited customization

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