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Unlock Your Website’s True Potential with LinkWhisper : The Ultimate Internal Linking Tool for SEO Mastery! Streamline your content strategy by effortlessly adding intelligent internal links while you write. Boost rankings, fix broken links, and enhance user engagement. Experience smart suggestions, quick setup, and continuous improvements with LinkWhisper – The Future of Internal Linking is Now


Link Whisper is an AI-driven internal linking tool. The plugin automates the process of creating internal links within your website's content. This tool is beneficial for improving SEO and user experience. Link Whisper gives suggestions for relevant internal links as you write or edit a post, simplifying the process of creating a robust internal linking structure without the need for manual effort.

  • Improving SEO: Link Whisper helps users by automating internal linking and improves a website's SEO making it easier for search engines to crawl and index their content.
  • Managing content-heavy websites: It helps websites with bulk content to identify and create internal links in bulk more efficiently by ensuring that websites have improved rankings.
  • Streamlining work for SEO professionals: SEO professionals can use Link Whisper to quickly and efficiently improve their clients' internal link strategy and external link suggestions resulting in boosting website's performance and adding value to SEO rankings.

Automatic Link Suggestions

Automatic Link Suggestions

This feature is a game-changer for those looking to improve their auto-linking functionality. It gives internal link suggestions as soon as you write or edit any article within the WordPress editor using artificial intelligence.

It smoothly analyzes the content and gives suggestions for relevant internal links based on existing articles. The number of suggestions depends on the volume and relevance of your site's content, but it's not uncommon to receive dozens of potential internal links.

To implement these suggestions, simply check the boxes next to the desired links and hit save – just like that, your internal linking is done.

Internal Link Audit

Internal Link Audit

With the internal link audit feature users can optimize their website's internal linking structure. The plugin provides a detailed inbound internal link report of your website's internal links, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and track your progress.

You can easily find orphaned content, broken links, and pages that need more internal links. The dashboard gives a clear picture of useful data such as the number of internal links on your WordPress website. Making it simple to find and fix issues even if you don't have any experience with SEO or WordPress knowledge. 

Broken Link Detection

Broken Link Detection

This feature is an essential tool for bloggers and WordPress users who want to maintain a smooth user experience and a healthy SEO profile. The plugin automatically scans your site for broken links and provides an in-depth report allowing you to quickly edit or remove them.

It saves a lot of time and ensures that your website's user experience remains smooth and uninterrupted. It provides a broken link report helping in fixing these links and contributes to better SEO performance as search engines tend to penalize sites with numerous broken links.

Assigning Keywords

It is a valuable feature helping in optimizing internal linking strategy. Link Whisper assigns relevant keywords to your articles and offers more accurate internet linking suggestions. 

It checks the potential suggestion text to see if any current posts Target keywords are there in the text and if these keywords occur in anchor text suggestions, the plugin starts to show the suggestion. This helps to streamline the internal linking process and helps in creating a more robust internal linking structure adding benefits to your website's SEO and user experience.

Integration with Google Search Console

Integration with Google Search Console

Link Whisper's Integration with Google Search Console feature gives valuable data on your content's organic traffic, average position, and keywords. It helps in integrating Link Whisper with Google Search Console. You can get detailed reports on your content performance helping you make informed decisions about internal link strategy and overall SEO efforts. By using Integration with Google Search Console you can save time and optimize websites for better search engine rankings and user experience.

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  • It's quite easy to set up the plugin.
  • It will save a lot of time
  • It boosts your website's SEO as well as user experience.
  • It reduces the bounce rate of your website
  • It can be expensive for some users
PlansPrice per Year Features
1 Site License$77All Features for 1 Site, Get Smart Internal Links, Full Internal Links Reporting, Billed Annually Until Cancelled
3 Site License$117All Features for 3 Sites, Get Smart Internal Links, Full Internal Links Reporting, Billed Annually Until Cancelled
10 Site License$167All Features for 10 Sites, Get Smart Internal Links, Full Internal Links Reporting, Billed Annually Until Cancelled


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How fast can links be added?

It depends on various factors including the number of links you want to add and the level of edits you require. However, on average, users can expect to add links to their content within a few minutes.

Does Link Whisper have an impact on site speed?

No, Link Whisper does not slow down your site. This powerful internal linking plugin is designed to optimize your website's internal linking process without adding any extra code or elements to your pages.

Do the links vanish when the plugin is removed?

All the links created with Link Whisper will remain on the website. This means that you won't lose any of the external or internal links, anchor text suggestions, or any other link-related optimizations made using Link Whisper.
By keeping these links, your website can continue to benefit from improved search engine rankings, better internal link structure, and enhanced user experience, even if you decide to stop using the plugin. This is particularly helpful for those who may need to temporarily uninstall the plugin or switch to a different one.

Link Whisper was founded by Spencer Haws, an experienced blogger and entrepreneur who has been building online businesses since 2011. He is also the founder of Niche Pursuits, a platform where he shares SEO tips, digital marketing strategies, and his journey building websites.

Spencer created Link Whisper to address the need for a faster and easier way to build effective internal links for WordPress users and bloggers. Since its launch in 2019, Link Whisper has become an integral part of the blogging workflow for thousands of users, helping them improve their website's SEO and user experience.

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