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Live Reacting is a browser-based live streaming studio that enhances your live videos with interactive elements and graphics to boost engagement and views. With features like pre-recorded video scheduling, countdowns, trivia games, and polls, Live Reacting offers a versatile solution for content creators, digital agencies, and brands. Customize your live streams and broadcast to multiple destinations simultaneously for maximum reach and impact.

Live Reacting

Live Reacting Key Features

  • Live Reacting allows you to schedule pre-recorded videos and publish them as if they are live, which is helpful for those who are nervous about hosting a live stream in real-time.
  • You can limit special offers or build anticipation for an event with a live countdown.
  • Live Reacting offers a real-time interactive trivia game that can be integrated into a live video.
  • You can add polls to your live stream to connect with your audience, collect information, and interact with them in real-time.
  • Customize your broadcast to align with your brand identity by adding logos, images, music, videos, and texts.

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Live Reacting Pricing Plans

  • Small Plan: $19.99 per month, includes 6 credits per month.
  • Medium Plan: $39.99 per month, includes 15 credits per month.
  • Large Plan: $99.99 per month, includes 50 credits per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: $249.99 per month, includes 130 credits per month.

Live Reacting Alternatives

  • OneStream: A powerful financial reporting and consolidation platform for streamlining financial processes.
  • Crowdcast: An interactive live video platform for hosting webinars, Q&As, and online events, fostering community engagement.

Bottom Line

Live Reacting is a versatile live streaming studio that offers a range of interactive features to boost engagement and views. With its flexible pricing plans and various use cases, it is a valuable tool for content creators, digital agencies, and brands looking to enhance their live streams and attract more viewers.

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Live Reacting Review: Boost Your Live Streams with Interactive Features!
Live Reacting is an innovative live streaming studio that operates directly in your browser, allowing you to enhance your live videos with interactive elements and graphics to increase engagement and views. This versatile tool offers a range of features, such as scheduling pre-recorded videos, adding countdowns, integrating trivia games, and incorporating polls into your live streams. 
Audience size and retention
Engagement rate
Video completion rate
Play rate
  • Interactive features.
  • Customization
  • Multistreaming
  • Limited free trial

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