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What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is an advanced and user-friendly photo editing software developed by Skylum. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide effortless and precise enhancements for portraits, landscapes, wildlife, and travel photos. The software can be used as a standalone application or as a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, offering a seamless editing experience for photographers of all levels. With its cutting-edge features, Luminar Neo aims to simplify the editing process and help photographers achieve stunning results with ease.

  • Flexible workflow
  • Powerful AI engine
  • Reasonably priced
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Some functions need improvement
Luminar Neo

Key Features at Glance

  • Enhance AI: Powered by artificial intelligence, Enhance AI automatically analyzes and enhances your images, improving color, tone, and details with just one click. It intelligently brings out the best in your photos, saving you time and effort in post-processing.
  • Relight AI: With Relight AI, you can adjust the lighting in your photos after they are taken. This revolutionary feature allows you to modify the direction and intensity of light sources, giving you complete control over the mood and ambiance of your images.
  • Erase: The AI-powered Erase tool in Luminar Neo enables you to seamlessly remove unwanted objects, distractions, or blemishes from your photos. It automatically blends the surrounding pixels to ensure a clean and natural-looking result.
  • AI Masking: Luminar Neo's AI Masking feature makes complex selections and masks a breeze. It uses artificial intelligence to accurately identify and isolate objects, making it easier to apply targeted edits to specific areas of your image.
  • Layers: This feature allows for non-destructive editing by enabling you to work with multiple layers. You can apply adjustments, effects, and filters to individual layers, providing maximum flexibility and creativity in your editing process.
  • Portrait Background: With Luminar Neo, you can effortlessly change or replace the background of your portrait photos. The AI-powered background removal ensures precise and realistic cut-outs, letting you add creative or professional backgrounds to enhance your portraits.
  • Sky AI: Sky AI empowers you to transform the sky in your photos into stunning and eye-catching vistas. You can replace dull skies with more vibrant and dramatic ones, instantly elevating the overall mood and atmosphere of your images.
  • Structure AI: This feature enhances the fine details and textures in your images, resulting in sharper and more captivating photos. It intelligently analyzes and enhances the structure of your images, making them stand out with added clarity and definition.
  • Skin AI: Luminar Neo's Skin AI feature offers advanced and natural-looking skin retouching capabilities. It allows you to smooth and improve skin tones while preserving essential details, giving your portraits a polished and professional appearance.
  • Supercontrast: Supercontrast in Luminar Neo enhances the dynamic range of your photos, boosting the contrast for a more striking visual impact. This feature adds depth and dimension to your images, making them more compelling and expressive.
  • Composition AI: Composition AI assists you in analyzing your photos and suggests possible improvements in composition. It uses AI algorithms to help you achieve more balanced and aesthetically pleasing compositions, enhancing the overall impact of your images.

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Who should use Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo photo editing software caters to a wide range of users, making it suitable for various photography enthusiasts and professionals. Beginners can benefit from its user-friendly interface and one-click presets, enabling them to enhance their photos without extensive editing knowledge. Experienced photographers can take advantage of its powerful AI-powered tools and filters to achieve professional-level editing results quickly. Whether you're into landscape, portrait, family, wedding, or real estate photography, Luminar Neo offers the necessary tools and features to elevate your images.

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Luminar Neo Use Cases

  • Landscape Photography: Luminar Neo provides powerful tools and filters to enhance and bring out the best in landscape photos. Its AI-enhanced features help in improving the colors, contrast, and overall appearance of scenic shots.
  • Portrait Photography: With Luminar Neo, portrait photographers can take advantage of various portrait-specific editing tools to retouch and enhance portraits. Features like AI Skin Enhancer and AI Portrait Enhancer help in achieving professional-looking portrait retouching.
  • Family Photography: Luminar Neo offers features that cater to family photographers, enabling them to enhance and preserve precious family moments. Its user-friendly interface and AI-powered tools make it easy to edit and enhance family photos.
  • Wedding Photography: Luminar Neo is a valuable tool for wedding photographers to edit and enhance wedding photos. The software's advanced filters and AI-powered tools can help in achieving a polished and stunning look for wedding pictures
  • Newborn Photography: Newborn photographers can benefit from Luminar Neo's editing capabilities to retouch and enhance newborn photos. The software's AI-enhanced features assist in achieving soft and beautiful results.
  • Photo Editing for Beginners: Luminar Neo is designed to be user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Its intuitive interface and one-click presets enable users to quickly enhance their photos without extensive editing knowledge.
  • AI Photo Editor: Luminar Neo integrates advanced AI technology, allowing it to analyze and improve photos automatically. It can detect various elements in an image and apply appropriate enhancements to achieve better results effortlessly.
  • Real Estate: Luminar Neo can be used for real estate photo editing to showcase properties attractively. Its powerful tools and filters can enhance property images, making them more appealing to potential buyers.

How to use Luminar Neo? A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Account Setup

Go to the Luminar Neo official website and click on the ” Log In” section on the homepage. to create a new account.

Luminar Neo homepage

Click on “Create an account” or you can sign up using your Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, or Apple ID.

Sign in for Luminar Neo

Enter the required details and create an account.

Step 2: Navigating the Interface

After logging in, you will be directed to the Luminar Neo interface. Familiarize yourself with the main components, including the toolbar, editing panel, and image preview. The interface is divided into two primary areas: Catalog and Edit, each with its respective access controls.

Step 3: Importing Photos

To start editing, click on the “+ New Image” or “Import” button to import your photos into Luminar Neo. Choose the desired photos from your computer or connected storage device. Once imported, your photos will appear in the image library for easy access.

Step 4: Basic Photo Editing

Use the Basic Editing tools such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and white balance to adjust the overall look of your image. Luminar Neo's AI Accent AI filter can automatically enhance your photo with smart adjustments.

Step 5: Advanced Editing with AI Tools

Enhance and improve the appearance of the sky in your landscape photos with AI Sky Enhancer. Enhance details with AI Structure and Use AI Portrait Enhancer for better portraits.

Step 6: Filters and Presets

Explore the variety of creative filters and presets available in Luminar Neo to give your images unique looks and styles. Also, you can try different combinations to find the perfect aesthetic for your photos. Save your custom presets for future use.

Step 7: Exporting and Saving

Once you're satisfied with your edits, click on the “Export” or “Save” button to save your edited photo. Choose the desired file format and quality for your exported image.

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Luminar Neo Pricing Plans

Luminar Neo Pricing Plans

Luminar Neo offers three distinct pricing plans to accommodate users with varying needs. These plans are further explained below with the prices and features.

  • Explore Plan (Yearly): The Explore Plan is available as a yearly subscription at $9.95 per month. This plan is designed to provide users with essential tools to begin their creative journey in photo editing and post-processing. With the Explore Plan, users gain access to a range of powerful and user-friendly features such as Luminar Neo Photo Editor, 10 magnificent Skies, Access to all upgrades, software updates, License (1 computer), 5% Marketplace discounts, Insiders community access, 30 days money back guarantee and 24/7 technical support.
  • Pro Plan (Yearly): Priced at $9. per month or ₹6999 annually, this plan provides access to all features of Explore plan along with Pro Extensions, Licenses for 2 computers, and 10% Marketplace discounts. With the Pro Plan, users can enjoy an extensive array of features that enable them to edit and enhance their photos with precision and creativity.
  • Lifetime Plan: Additionally, Luminar Neo offers a Lifetime Plan, allowing users to own the product indefinitely, priced at $179 as a one-time purchase. Moreover, users can opt for the Extensions Pack at $299 as a standalone one-time purchase, enhancing their capabilities further. With these added extensions, users can further customize and refine their editing process, ensuring they have access to a comprehensive set of editing tools to achieve their desired outcomes.

Based on our personal experience, we highly recommend the Pro Plan for Luminar Neo. With the Pro Plan, you gain access to all Pro Extensions, making it a comprehensive and powerful editing solution.

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Luminar Neo Alternatives

If you're in search of alternatives to Luminar Neo, there are several popular options worth considering, such as ACDSee, Paintshop Pro, and Affinity Photo. These tools offer diverse pricing plans and a wide array of features to cater to different editing needs. Let's take a quick look at the comparison below:

Luminar Neo Vs ACDSee

Luminar, developed by Skylum, is renowned for its AI-powered editing tools and a wide range of creative filters that enable users to achieve stunning results effortlessly. On the other hand, ACDSee, a well-established software by ACD Systems, excels in its organizing and managing capabilities, offering a seamless workflow for photographers to efficiently sort, categorize, and search through their vast image libraries. While Luminar focuses on creative editing and enhancing images with advanced AI technologies, ACDSee caters to photographers seeking a robust organizational system for their photo collections.

Pricing: ACDSee offers a range of pricing plans to suit different users' needs. Their software options include ACDSee ULTIMATE PACK 2023 which costs $139 USD and ACDSee 365 subscription plan which includes HOME PLAN & PERSONAL PLAN. It also offers a 30-day Free Trial.

Luminar Neo Vs Paintshop Pro

Luminar stands out for its innovative AI-powered tools and creative filters, providing users with intuitive and quick ways to enhance their images. On the other hand, Paintshop Pro, developed by Corel, excels in providing a comprehensive set of editing tools suitable for both beginners and advanced users, along with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the editing process. While Luminar focuses on creative editing and leveraging AI technology, Paintshop Pro emphasizes versatility and accessibility for a broad range of users.

Pricing: Paintshop Pro offers different products For individuals, For business & education, and along with various other products. Each of these products comes with its own unique set of features and functionalities, and the pricing varies accordingly to accommodate the specific needs and requirements of different users. Check out the plans at

Luminar Neo Vs Affinity Photo

Luminar is renowned for its impressive AI-powered editing tools and a vast collection of creative filters, enabling users to achieve stunning and artistic results effortlessly. On the other hand, Affinity Photo, developed by Serif, is highly regarded for its professional-grade editing capabilities, making it a preferred choice among photographers, designers, and artists. It offers advanced editing features and supports non-destructive editing, making it suitable for intricate and detailed editing projects. While Luminar focuses on creative editing with AI technology, Affinity Photo is known for its robust set of tools tailored to meet the demands of professional-level editing tasks.

Pricing: Affinity Photo provides a variety of budget-friendly purchasing choices without requiring a subscription for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. For detailed information on pricing and available volume discounts, you can explore the relevant sections.

Luminar Neo Affiliate Program

The Luminar Neo Affiliate Program presents an exciting opportunity for affiliates to collaborate with Skylum and promote their innovative photo editing software, Luminar Neo. As part of the program, affiliates can earn attractive commissions by referring customers to purchase Luminar Neo through their unique affiliate links. Skylum, a reputable software company known for its cutting-edge imaging solutions, provides affiliates with comprehensive marketing materials and support to ensure a successful partnership.

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Customer Reviews

Luminar Neo is the newest addition to the family of Luminar apps created by The Skylum Software Team.

Skylum Reviews

Does Luminar Neo provide customer support service?

Yes, Luminar Neo offers customer support service to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. Users can access customer support through Skylum's official support website. The support portal provides various resources, including FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and community forums, allowing users to find solutions and connect with other Luminar Neo users for assistance. Skylum aims to ensure a smooth user experience by offering reliable and helpful customer support.

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