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Create one cluster a month for free is an AI-powered content generation tool that automates end-to-end content creation, from keyword research to final articles, to boost SEO. Using advanced natural language generation, it produces high-quality, human-like content in over 100 languages that resonates with readers.’s key features include automated keyword clustering, controlled tone and perspective, and interlinking to create content clusters that search engines love.

Machined AI

Key Features of Machined.AI

  • uses AI to automatically create high-quality, SEO-optimized content clusters on any topic you choose.
  • It identifies the best keywords and writes all the articles for you, following your specified perspective and tone. ✍️
  • You can control the perspective (e.g. first person, third person) and tone of voice (e.g. professional, conversational).
  • It supports over 100 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.
  • Your privacy is protected – data is only used to provide the service and is deleted after 30 days.
  • Integrates with WordPress to auto-publish the articles it writes.
  • Uses the OpenAI API so you need your own API key to cover AI costs.
  • automates the process of keyword research, clustering, and content writing, making it easier for users to create effective content clusters that rank high on search engines.
  • uses advanced AI models to produce human-like articles, allowing users to control the perspective and tone to align with their target audience.
  • The platform is designed to be fast and scalable, with parallel processing and background processing, enabling users to generate hundreds or even thousands of articles simultaneously.
  • The free plan allows users to create only one cluster with six articles every month, and it does not include WordPress connections or manual mode.

Machined AI possible use cases.

  • Automated content cluster generation: can create effective clusters that rank high in search results by analyzing the latest keyword data.
  • Automated keyword research: conducts keyword research for each cluster based on advanced analytics of the latest keyword data.
  • Data-driven content creation: can help you create content based on the latest keyword data and trends, ensuring that your content is relevant and engaging.
  • High-volume content creation: can generate a large number of informational articles on any topic, structured and written in a way that search engines love. Pricing offers an Unlimited Plan that provides access to their platform for creating unlimited clusters and articles at a cost of $49 per month + OpenAI API Usage.

 This plan allows users to define their topic and audience, and have AI build their content cluster and write all the content. It's important to note that does not charge for tokens, words, or articles, but rather for access to their software

Machined AI Alternatives

  • Frase: Offers content creation, optimization, and analysis features. It also generates content briefs and provides questions that people have been asking on the internet for specific keywords.
  • Scalenut: An AI-driven content creation platform that focuses on SEO optimization and analytics features.
  • Jasper: An AI-powered writing assistant that helps with content creation, editing, and optimization.

Machined.AI Details

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  • Automated keyword research and clustering.
  • $49 per month
  • Unlimited clusters and articles.
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