• Optimize your Ad's performance with AI
  • Boost your ROI
  • Optimize Ads Budgets with ease
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Unleash the Power of AI & ML for Ad Performance Beyond Human Limits. Maximize ROI with autonomous ad management, accurate tracking, and AI-infused creative production.



  • Madgicx: Ad Performance Beyond Human Limits
  • AI & ML power for maximum ad spend return
  • World-class tracking & attribution solution for accurate data
  • Autonomous ad management with AI predicting best moves
  • AI-infused creative production for converting ads
  • Customizable performance dashboard for easy visualization
  • Try for free and drive kickass ROAS!

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Madgicx Use Cases

  • Ad Performance Optimization: E-commerce brands can leverage Madgicx's AI & ML capabilities to optimize their ad budgets and ensure maximum return on ad spend, eliminating wasteful spending.
  • Accurate Tracking & Attribution: Madgicx provides a world-class tracking solution that restores confidence in Facebook ad attribution reporting, ensuring accurate data for successful advertising decisions.
  • Autonomous Ad Management: With Madgicx's AI-powered ad management, marketers can go beyond human limits, allowing the machine to predict the best moves and optimize ad budgets across different funnel stages and channels.
  • Creative Production Infused with AI: Maximize ad ROI by constantly producing converting ads using Madgicx's AI-infused creative production. Analyze creatives, get designs within 24 hours, utilize AI for ad copy, and optimize performance.
  • Customizable Performance Dashboard: E-commerce marketers can easily create their dream performance dashboards or choose from industry-leading templates to visualize key metrics and make data-driven decisions effectively.

Madgicx Pricing Plans

Madgicx Pricing Plans

Try Madgicx for free for 7 days

Madgicx Alternatives

  • AdRoll: AdRoll is an advertising platform that helps businesses reach their target audience with personalized ads across multiple channels.
  • is a SaaS platform that helps businesses automate and optimize their social media advertising campaigns.
  • Triple Whale: Triple Whale is an AI-powered data platform that helps e-commerce brands make better decisions.
  • AI-backed omnichannel marketing platform
  • AI-powered creative intelligence
  • Budget optimization
  • Ad-spend based pricing that fits every advertiser
  • Data-driven targeting
  • White labelling is expensive

Madgicx Details

AI Features
  • Track your Ads performance
  • $383/month
  • Optimize your Ads performance
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Try Madgicx free for 7 days

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