• Analyze contracts with ease.
  • Spot red flags quickly.
  • Ask across multiple documents.
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MapDeduce is an AI-powered tool that analyzes complex documents and enables users to gain insights through summarization, question answering, and red flag detection. It supports documents in any language and can process PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, and text files with robust security.


Key Features of Mapdeduce

  • Summarize documents in any language.
  • Ask questions based on document type (e.g. purchase agreements, market research reports).
  • Spot potential red flag terms in a contract.
  • Ask questions across multiple documents.
  • Industry-grade file encryption and storage.

Mapdeduce Use Cases

  • Contract Analysis: Analyze contracts and identify critical clauses.
  • Market Research: Process market research reports and extract insights.
  • Document Summarization: Summarize documents for efficient review.

Mapdeduce Pricing Plans

  • Basic: This is a free plan
  • Pro: This plan comes for $10 per month on annual billing.
  • Enterprise: This is a custom plan.

Mapdeduce Alternatives

  • RapidMiner: A data science platform that provides an integrated environment for data preparation, machine learning, deep learning, text mining, and predictive analytics.
  • ContextClue: An AI tool that helps in analyzing and summarizing different types of content.
  • Rossum: An AI-powered, cloud-based invoice data capture service that speeds up invoice processing with high accuracy.

Mapdeduce Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Secure, encrypted file storage.
  • $10/month
  • Understand any language documents.
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