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MarketingBlocks is an AI-powered marketing assistant that helps businesses create high-converting marketing assets in minutes.It uses artificial intelligence to generate landing pages, promo videos, ads, marketing copy, graphics, emails, voiceovers, blog posts, art, and more.
It’s easy to use, even for people with no marketing experience.


MarketingBlocks Key Features

  • AI-Powered Marketing Asset Creation: MarketingBlocks utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create a wide range of marketing assets, including copy, design, videos, graphics, banners, and more. The AI-generated content is comparable to the work of expert marketers.
  • Easy Three-Step Process: Users can create marketing assets in just three simple steps. They need to enter their business or product name and description, select the type of content they want the AI to create, and receive 100% original and ready-to-use marketing assets.
  • Landing Page and Website Builder: The AI-powered page builder allows users to create full landing pages and websites based on a keyword or URL. The AI handles layout, copywriting, and relevant media selection, enabling users to edit the pages using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • AI Video Creator: MarketingBlocks offers an AI video creator that can produce professional promo videos by simply inputting a keyword. The AI writes the video script, searches for suitable media, and generates engaging videos to attract and convert customers.
  • AI Banner Designer: Users can leverage AI to create high-converting banners and ads tailored to their business. The AI handles the design process, combining original content with eye-catching graphics to drive traffic, leads, and sales.
  • AI Spokesperson Videos: With MarketingBlocks, users can transform text scripts into polished spokesperson videos featuring real humans or avatars. The AI allows users to select or generate an avatar, input the script, and create compelling videos without the need for a camera or studio.
  • AI Brand Kit: MarketingBlocks' AI can develop various brand identity elements, including professional logos, business cards, mission and vision statements, slogans, taglines, and value propositions, all in under 60 seconds.
  • AI Writer: The AI writer in MarketingBlocks is capable of generating full blog posts, books, business plans, VSL (Video Sales Letter) scripts, courses, and more within minutes. Users can easily find the content angle that suits them best.
  • AI Voiceovers and Voice Cloning: Users can benefit from AI-generated voiceover scripts and human-like voiceovers with different emotions. The AI offers a wide selection of high-quality male and female voices suitable for various content types.
  • AI Transcriber & Voice Changer: MarketingBlocks provides an AI transcriber that can convert audio into text quickly. Users can also use the AI to edit, rewrite, or summarize transcribed content. Additionally, the AI can generate important bullet points from transcriptions.
  • Text to Art: The AI-powered Text to Art feature enables users to turn any text into compelling images and artworks in seconds, helping them create eye-catching visuals for their business.
  • AI Content Briefs: MarketingBlocks' AI assists users in outlining and writing search engine optimized articles that attract free traffic. The AI can curate SEO-optimized briefs based on top search results and related forum questions.
  • Image Eraser: This feature allows users to remove unwanted objects, defects, watermarks, text, or people from images using AI. Users can upload any image and let the AI clean it with a single click using a brush tool.
  • AI Chat and Custom ChatBots: MarketingBlocks offers an all-in-one AI marketing assistant called ChatBlocks. Users can create custom chatbots trained with their own business data, allowing for instant answers, customer service, knowledge management, and more.
  • Real-Time Web Connection: MarketingBlocks' AI tools are up-to-date and can connect to the web and Google, providing users with relevant and accurate information.
  • Extensive Prompt Templates: The AI offers over 100 prompt templates for users to create various types of marketing assets. Users can also customize their own prompts for more personalized outputs.

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MarketingBlocks Use Cases

  • Rapid Marketing Asset Creation: Marketing teams, entrepreneurs, and agencies can use MarketingBlocks to quickly create a wide range of marketing assets without the need for extensive manual work. Whether it's generating landing pages, videos, banners, or copy, MarketingBlocks' AI-powered tools can produce high-quality assets in minutes.
  • Streamlined Content Production: Content creators, bloggers, and authors can benefit from MarketingBlocks' AI Writer feature to generate blog posts, books, business plans, VSL scripts, and more. The AI can help brainstorm ideas, rewrite content, and streamline the content creation process.
  • Effortless Video Marketing: Businesses looking to enhance their video marketing efforts can leverage MarketingBlocks' AI Video Creator and AI Spokesvideo features. The AI can write video scripts and create engaging spokesperson videos, allowing users to produce professional promotional videos without the need for complex video editing skills.
  • Brand Identity Development: Startups and businesses in need of brand identity elements can rely on MarketingBlocks' AI Brand Kit. The AI can create professional logos, business cards, mission statements, slogans, and more, helping businesses establish a consistent and compelling brand image.
  • Interactive AI-Powered Chatbots: Companies seeking to improve customer service and engagement can employ MarketingBlocks' AI Chat and Custom Chatbot features. The AI-powered chatbots can answer customer queries, provide information, and even generate AI arts, making them valuable virtual assistants for marketing needs.

MarketingBlocks Pricing Plans

MarketingBlocks Pricing Plans

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MarketingBlocks Alternatives

  • Intercom: Intercom is a customer messaging platform that enables personalized, real-time communication between businesses and their customers.
  • Dixa: Dixa is a conversational customer service platform that helps brands build stronger bonds with customers in real-time across multiple channels.
  • Kore.AI: is a conversational AI platform that helps businesses automate customer and employee interactions.
  • User Friendly
  • Offers variety of features
  • High Quality Results
  • Offers video tutorials for new users
  • No tech/design skills needed to use
  • Some upsell may cost you higher

MarketingBlocks Details

AI Technology
  • Create marketing material in minutes
  • $37/month
  • Create custom chatbots
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