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  • Avoid IP bans with proxy rotations
  • Automate scraping by scheduling
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MrScraper is a powerful visual web scraping tool that eliminates coding complexity. With features like real browser interactions, proxy rotation, and integrated scheduling, it simplifies data extraction from websites. Whether for market insights or competitive analysis, MrScraper offers a user-friendly solution to effortlessly gather, parse, and integrate data, making web scraping accessible to all.

  • No coding required
  • Real browsers with JavaScript rendering
  • Automatic proxy rotation and captcha solutions
  • Works with pagination and big documents
  • Built-in scheduler and data parser
  • Requires a MrScraper account and an OpenAI token

Key Features of MrScaper

  • No-Code Builder: MrScraper offers an intuitive, no-code approach to building web scrapers. You don't need coding skills to get started. Instead, you can use a simple form to specify the data you want to retrieve and how it should be stored. This user-friendly interface eliminates the need for complex coding and speeds up the scraper creation process.
  • Real Browsers for Human-Like Scraping: To avoid getting blocked by websites, MrScraper utilizes real browser instances for web scraping. This approach mimics human behavior and interaction with the website, resulting in a lower block ratio. This ensures that your scraping activities remain undisturbed and reliable.
  • High-Quality Proxies with Rotation: Dealing with proxies and avoiding IP bans is a common challenge in web scraping. MrScraper tackles this by automatically managing and rotating high-quality, fast proxies for every request. This proxy rotation mechanism ensures that your scraping activities remain anonymous and helps prevent being detected or blocked.
  • Flexible Scheduler: MrScraper comes with a flexible scheduling feature that allows you to automate your scraping tasks. You can set up different schedules to perform scrapings at specific times, including recurring scrapings. This ensures that your scraper collects data even when you're not actively monitoring it.
  • Integrated Data Parser: Data retrieved from websites isn't always in the desired format. With MrScraper, you can easily parse and format the collected data according to your requirements. This integrated data parser enables you to process the scraped information and present it in a structured and usable manner.

MrScaper Use Cases

  • Market Research: Businesses can use MrScraper to gather competitive intelligence by scraping data from competitors' websites, pricing pages, and product listings. The no-code builder simplifies the process, while real browsers and proxy rotation ensure data accuracy. The integrated data parser allows for clean and structured data, making it easier to analyze and gain insights.
  • Real Estate Listings: Real estate agencies can utilize MrScraper to extract property listings, prices, and details from various real estate websites. With the flexible scheduler, they can automate daily updates and receive parsed data ready for integration into their own platforms. This streamlines property management and reduces manual data entry.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Media agencies can employ MrScraper to monitor social media platforms for trends, mentions, and user engagement. By scraping relevant hashtags, posts, and comments, they can gain valuable insights into audience sentiment. The integrated data parser helps categorize and structure social media data for further analysis.
  • Job Market Analysis: Job boards can benefit from MrScraper to extract job postings, company details, and salary information. The real browser approach ensures job listings are accurately captured without being blocked. The API integration enables seamless data transfer to their own job search platforms, providing users with up-to-date and relevant information.
  • E-commerce Price Tracking: Online retailers can leverage MrScraper to track the prices of competitor products. By scraping prices and product details, they can adjust their own pricing strategy in real-time. The flexible scheduler allows for regular price updates, and the integrated data parser ensures the collected data is easy to analyze and utilize.

MrScraper Pricing Plans

MrScraper Pricing

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MrScraper Alternatives

  • Adapt: Adapt is a sales acceleration platform that helps you find, connect, and engage with your target audience.
  • UpLead: UpLead is a B2B prospecting platform that provides accurate and verified contact information for your sales team.
  • Lusha: Lusha is a B2B sales intelligence platform that helps you find, verify, and enrich contact information for your prospects.

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Try MrScraper for free!
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