• Combine the power of AI in your coding workflow
  • Transform your prototype code into production-ready code with just one click
  • Instruct the AI to modify your code with MutableAI
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Discover MutableAI, the AI-accelerated software development tool that revolutionizes coding with AI Autocomplete, one-click transformation to production-quality code, and automated test generation. Save time, improve code quality, and enhance your development experience with this innovative and powerful tool.



  • MutableAI is an AI-accelerated software development tool that helps developers create high-quality code quickly and easily.
  • The tool features AI Autocomplete, which minimizes time spent on boilerplate code and searching Stack Overflow with specialized neural networks.
  • MutableAI can refactor, document, and add types to transform prototype code into production-quality code with one click.
  • Developers can give instructions to the AI directly to modify their code through prompt-driven development.
  • MutableAI also offers test generation, automatically creating unit tests with AI and meta-programming.

Some Use Cases of MutableAI

  • Speed up coding by reducing time spent on boilerplate code and Stack Overflow references with AI Autocomplete.
  • Improve code quality and streamline development with one-click transformation of prototype code into production-ready code.
  • Automatically generate unit tests for your code, saving time and effort on manual test writing.

Mutable Pricing Plans

Name of the PlanPrice (per month)Features of the Plan
Individual0Manual Suggestions
Basic$10Manual suggestions
Automatic suggestions
Codebase Pro$25Automatic suggestions
Multifile code gen
AI based Code Search
EnterpriseContent SalesAll features
Enterprise support & training
Fine Tuning
On Prem Functionality

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Mutable Alternatives

  • Tabnine: An AI-driven code completion tool that supports multiple programming languages and integrates with various code editors.
  • IBM Watson Code Assistant: An AI-powered code generation tool that helps developers write, debug, and optimize code.
  • Replit: A collaborative online code editor and runtime environment that supports multiple programming languages.

MutableAI Details

Use Cases
AI Features
  • Say goodbye to manual test writing
  • $10/month
  • Experience seamless integration with popular code editors
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