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My AskAI is a powerful AI-powered Q&A tool that allows you to create your own personalized knowledge base. It is easy to use and can be embedded on your website or shared via API. Ideal for businesses, schools, and organizations that want to provide their users with fast, accurate, and relevant answers to their questions.

My AskAI

Key Features of My AskAI?

  • Lightning-Fast Setup: MyAskAI offers a quick and seamless setup process. Users can add their relevant documents, content, or data within minutes, enabling them to swiftly create their AI-powered knowledge base.
  • Instant, Factual Answers: With MyAskAI, users can immediately ask questions and receive accurate answers directly from their content and documents. This feature eliminates the need for time-consuming searches and ensures prompt access to information.
  • Launch Anywhere: MyAskAI provides the flexibility to launch the AI-powered assistant anywhere, whether on a website or messaging app. It can be easily integrated into existing workflows, such as Slack, allowing customers and teams to access it effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Security: MyAskAI prioritizes data security by storing all information with bank-grade encryption (AES-256) within an isolated container. This ensures that users' data remains protected and confidential at all times.
  • Multilingual Support: MyAskAI supports content and questions in 95 different languages. Users can add content and ask questions in their preferred language, even if it differs from the language of the content. This feature enhances accessibility and inclusivity.

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My AskAI Use Cases

  • Internal Knowledge Base Assistant Description: Companies can use My AskAI to create an internal knowledge base assistant to help employees quickly find answers to their questions about company processes, documentation, and culture. This use case can enhance productivity and save time by providing fast and accurate answers from the company's vast knowledge base. Example: Netflix can create an AI ‘Culture & Values' Assistant using My AskAI to assist its employees in asking about company processes, documentation, and culture.
  • Customer Support Assistant Description: Businesses can leverage My AskAI to develop a customer support assistant that enables customers to ask questions about products and services. This use case improves customer satisfaction by providing accurate answers in a timely manner, eliminating the need for a 24/7 support team. Example: Adidas can create an AI ‘Customer' Assistant using My AskAI to assist customers in asking questions about their products and services.
  • Educational Resource Assistant Description: Educational institutions or online learning platforms can utilize My AskAI to create an educational resource assistant. This assistant can provide students with instant answers to their questions, helping them navigate through vast amounts of course material and enhancing their learning experience. Example: An online learning platform can create an AI assistant using My AskAI to provide students with quick and accurate answers to their questions related to course content.
  • Research and Development Assistant Description: Research and development teams can employ My AskAI to build an assistant that helps them find relevant information quickly. This use case saves researchers valuable time by providing instant answers from a variety of sources, including research papers, scientific articles, and internal documentation. Example: A pharmaceutical company's research and development team can create an AI assistant using My AskAI to assist researchers in finding information related to drug development, scientific studies, and patents.
  • Content Aggregation and Curation Description: My AskAI can be used to aggregate and curate content from various sources, providing users with a centralized platform for accessing information. This use case is beneficial for content creators, journalists, or researchers who need to gather and organize information from different documents and websites. Example: A media company can utilize My AskAI to aggregate news articles, blog posts, and interviews, creating an AI assistant that helps journalists quickly find relevant information for their articles.

My AskAI Pricing Plans

My AskAI Pricing Plans

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My AskAI Alternatives

  • Dante AI: The AI-powered chatbot builder that helps you create personalized, human-like chatbots without any coding.
  • Sapling: The AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write clear, concise, and error-free copy.
  • Bard: The AI-powered language model that helps you create anything you can imagine.
  • Lets you put new sources and work with them
  • API access
  • Offers personalization
  • Answers offered are really short

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