• Different marketing for different people with tailored marketing campaigns
  • Engage your audience effectively across multiple channels
  • Leverage customized predictive customer models to understand your customers 
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Optimove is a Customer-Led Marketing Platform that empowers businesses to create personalized, data-driven campaigns that drive customer loyalty and engagement. Harness the power of AI-based analytics, predictive customer modeling, and multichannel decisioning to boost campaign efficiency and increase customer lifetime value. Start with the customer and win their loyalty for life with Optimove.


Optimove Key Features

  • Optimove's CDP collects and integrates data from various sources, including first-party raw data, on-site/in-app user activity, third-party data, and campaign response history, providing a comprehensive view of customer behavior.
  • Optimove creates customized predictive customer models for each client, reflecting their unique business DNA and customer data, enabling more effective relationship marketing.
  • Optimove supports campaign delivery across various channels, including email, SMS, mobile push notifications, and more, allowing marketers to reach their customers effectively.
  • Optimove uses AI-based analytics to help marketers gain deeper insights into customer behavior and deliver the right message at the right time to each individual customer.
  • Optimove enables marketers to create and execute personalized customer-led marketing campaigns, celebrating the uniqueness of each customer and driving loyalty.
  • Optimove allows marketers to create automated, personalized campaigns and segment their customers effectively, leading to better customer engagement and retention
  • Optimove's predictive customer modeling helps businesses understand their customers better and tailor marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Optimove supports campaign delivery across various channels, such as email, SMS, and mobile push notifications, allowing marketers to reach their customers effectively
  • Could more user-friendly and streamlined.

Optimove Use Cases

  • Customer Retention: Increase customer lifetime value by 33% with personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign Efficiency: Improve campaign efficiency by 88% using AI-based analytics and multichannel decision-making.
  • Real-Time Engagement: Deliver highly segmented, behavior-triggered customer interactions at the most effective moments.

Optimove Pricing Plans

Optimove offers customized pricing plans tailored to the specific needs of each client. The pricing is based on the number of monthly active users and includes core features such as the customer database, segmentation and predictive models, campaign management and execution, analytics applications, and AI-driven self-optimization and insights/recommendations.

Potential users can contact their sales team for more information on the prices and features available in each plan

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Optimove Alternatives

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A comprehensive marketing platform that offers email, mobile, social, advertising, and web personalization tools to engage customers across various channels.
  • Adobe Campaign: A marketing automation solution that enables businesses to create, coordinate, and deliver personalized campaigns across online and offline channels.
  • Braze: A customer engagement platform that helps brands create personalized messaging experiences across email, mobile, and web channels.

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  • Start with the customer and win their loyalty for life with Optimove
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  • Harness AI-based analytics to optimize your marketing campaigns
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