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  • Keep the speaker centered in your short videos.
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Opus Clip is an AI-powered video repurposing tool that effortlessly turns long videos into high-quality, engaging short clips for social media platforms. With features like AI Curation, Auto Reframe, and multilingual support, Opus Clip helps creators and businesses increase their social media reach and captivate their audience. Unleash the full potential of your content with Opus Clip and watch your engagement soar.

Opus Clip

Opus Clip Key Features

  • Opus Clip's AI Curation feature identifies the most compelling hooks in your video, extracts relevant highlights, and seamlessly rearranges them into cohesive short videos.
  • The tool intelligently identifies and maintains the focus on the speaker, ensuring they remain centered and in focus throughout the short video.
  • Opus Clip enhances the curated clips by adding cool animated emojis and highlighting keywords in captions.
  • Opus Clip supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, and Spanish, catering to a broader audience.
  • Opus Clip is ideal for repurposing long talking videos into shorts for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels.

Opus Clip Use Cases

  • Podcast Shorts: Transform lengthy podcast episodes into engaging short clips for social media promotion.
  • Educational Snippets: Create captivating short videos from long educational content to attract and engage learners.
  • Product Reviews: Turn in-depth product review videos into concise, attention-grabbing clips for potential customers.

Opus Clip Pricing Plans

PlanMonthly PricingAnnual PricingFeatures
Free Trial120 minutes video upload, up to 30 downloadable clips
200 minutes$19$228200 upload minutes
400 minutes$38$456400 upload minutes
600 minutes$57$684600 upload minutes
800 minutes$76$912800 upload minutes
1000 minutes$95$11401000 upload minutes

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Opus Clip Alternatives

  • Vidyo.ai: Vidyo.ai is an AI-based video editing tool that converts long videos into short clips effortlessly. It offers AI-generated automatic subtitles and a proprietary scene change detection feature called CutMagic.
  • Pictory: Pictory is another AI-driven video editing platform that helps users create short, engaging videos from longer content. It offers features like automatic subtitles, scene change detection, and video summarization.
  • 2short.ai: 2short.ai is an AI-powered video editing tool that focuses on creating short, captivating videos from longer content. It provides features like automatic subtitles, scene change detection, and video summarization.

Opus Clip Details

AI Features
  • Turn long videos into captivating shorts
  • $19/month
  • Find captivating hooks in your content with Opus Clip.
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