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What is Parsio?

Parsio automates data extraction tasks with an AI-powered tool made for document and email parsing. It enables you to extract structured data from various document formats, including PDFs, emails, CSV files, Excel, and Word Files effortlessly, saving you time and resources. With powerful AI and machine learning capabilities, Parsio can easily extract data from scanned PDFs and images, making it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.


Key Features at Glance

  • Automate Your Business without Coding: Parsio enables businesses to automate their processes without the need for complex coding. This means that even non-technical users can harness the power of automation to save time and effort.
  • Import: Its import functionality is designed to save many user’s time. With just a few clicks, users can import data from various sources, including emails, PDFs, attachments, web pages, and a lot more. The multichannel import capability allows users to forward emails, use API integration, manual uploads, or automation platforms like Zapier, Make, and Pabbly Connect, making a pool of data collection
  • Unlimited Mailboxes: To accommodate different types of emails, Parsio allows users to create an unlimited number of mailboxes and templates for parsing. This ensures that businesses can effectively handle data extraction from various email sources.
  • Reliable & Secure: Parsio prioritizes data security, and all user data is hosted securely in the EU. Users have the option to delete their data permanently at any time, providing them with full control over their information.
  • Data Extraction: Parsio employs advanced technologies like Machine Learning and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) to extract data efficiently from different types of documents. The AI-powered OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature enables automatic data extraction from scanned PDFs, images, and even handwritten text.
  • Template-Based Extraction: Creating parsing templates without any coding knowledge is possible with Parsio. Users can define no-code parsing templates for extracting data from emails, PDFs, and files with a fixed layout. Additionally, Parsio's AI engine can automatically collect contact information from email signatures.
  • Tables and Repetitive Data Extraction: Parsio excels in extracting tables and repetitive data from various documents, including invoices and order confirmation emails. This feature eliminates the manual effort involved in parsing such data, leading to increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • Download and API Access: Users can download the parsed data in various formats, including XLSX, CSV, and JSON, making it easy to share and use the data externally. Additionally, Parsio provides access to the parsed data via API, enabling seamless integration with custom applications and workflows.

Parsio Product Demo

Who should use Parsio?

Parsio is a flexible platform chosen by various startups, marketing agencies, real estate agencies, freelancers, big companies, and many more. It serves the wider section of developers, data scientists, and professionals seeking to incorporate natural language processing (NLP) into their applications. With an intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation, Parsio is accessible to both experts and newcomers in this field. Its broad user base across different industries demonstrates its adaptability and user-friendly nature, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to use the power of NLP.

Parsio Use Cases

  • Export Emails to Sheets: Automatically extract data from incoming emails and export it to Google Sheets in real-time, enabling efficient data management and analysis.
  • Export PDF to Sheets: Seamlessly parse data from PDF files and transfer it to Google Sheets, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate data handling.
  • How to Parse Airbnb Emails: Parse and extract valuable information from Airbnb emails, such as reservation details and guest information, to streamline your Airbnb management processes.
  • Export Leads From Incoming Emails: Automatically capture lead data from incoming emails and integrate it with your CRM or sales tools, empowering you to quickly follow up and convert leads into customers.
  • Upload Attachments to Cloud Storage: Extract data from email attachments, including PDF, Excel, and CSV files, and automatically upload them to cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, simplifying document management and organization.

How to use Parsio? A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit Website

Visit the official Parsio website and click on the “Sign Up” button.

Parsio Homepage

Fill in the required details, including your email address and a secure password. After completing the registration, you'll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in this email to verify your account and get started.

Sign up for Parsio

Step 2: Creating a Mailbox

Once your account is set up, the next step is to create a mailbox. This is where you'll send the emails or documents you want to parse. Navigate to the “Mailboxes” section and click on “Create Mailbox”. You can name your mailbox based on its purpose for easy identification.

Create mailbox with Parsio

Step 3: Sending Your First Email

After creating your mailbox, you can start sending emails to it. These emails should contain the data you want to extract. You can directly upload the document you want to parse by clicking on the “Upload” button.

Send email with Parsio

Step 4: Creating a Template

To extract data from your emails or documents, you need to create a template. This template will specify the data to be extracted. Navigate to the “Templates” section and click on “Create Template”. Highlight the data you want to extract in the template. Parsio will use this template to process all similar incoming emails and attachments.

Step 5: Parsing Your Data

Parsio offers two parser types for processing your data – the AI-powered parser and the template-based parser. The AI-powered parser is recommended for most cases as it can handle both text-based and scanned PDFs/ images. It uses pre-built AI models to automatically extract data from your documents.

Step 6: Exporting Your Data

Once your data is parsed, you can “Export” it in various formats such as CSV, Excel, or JSON. You can also export it to a Google Spreadsheet or send it to a server using a webhook. Parsio also supports integration with other apps through platforms like Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, n8n, etc.

Parsio Pricing Plans

Parsio Pricing Plans

There are different pricing plans available with Parsio especially designed to suit your requirements. Here are the details of each pricing plan available with Parsio –

Sandbox Plan: It's a “Free” plan designed for users who wish to explore the service. It allows for the parsing of 30 emails, PDFs, or documents each month, and includes OCR, AI, and GPT-powered parsers, 30 days of data retention, and unlimited mailboxes and integrations.

Starter Plan: This is a perfect plan available for the use of individuals and small businesses. Priced at $41/month, it provides 1,000 parsed emails, PDFs, or documents, and 90 days of data retention, including all the features of the Sandbox Plan. This plan is designed keeping in mind the user’s need for high-volume data extraction needs at a cost of next to nothing.

Growth Plan: This plan is available at $124/month as the ideal choice. It offers 5,000 parsed emails, PDFs, or documents, and 90 days of data retention, including all the features of the Starter Plan. This plan is designed to support the needs of growing businesses to extract bulk data all at once.

As per our evaluation after trying each and every plan, we personally recommend the growth plan. As it provides most features at a decent price. Do not forget to check out this plan and make your data extraction easier

Business Plan: The business plan starts at $249/month providing 12,000 parsed emails, PDFs, or documents, 180 days of data retention, and dedicated support, including all the features of the Growth Plan. It's designed to provide an extensive solution for businesses with large data extraction needs.

Note: All plans include OCR, AI, and GPT-powered parsers, unlimited mailboxes, and integrations. Unused credits expire at the end of each billing period, and discounts are available for annual payments. Also, all unused credits will expire at the end of each billing period.

Get 30 free credits each month. Try Parsio now!

Does Parsio offer integration with other platforms?

Parsio Integration offers an extensive solution for businesses to help them connect and automate their workflows with thousands of tools. This platform is specifically designed to save time and effort by smoothly integrating with popular applications such as Google Sheets, Slack, Airtable, Notion, Dropbox, Trello, Xero, and HubSpot. Parsio's integration platforms extend to over 6000 applications, including Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, KonnectzIT, and Integrately, enabling businesses to automate tasks and manage data more efficiently. Moreover, Parsio's extensive list of integrations allows businesses to connect with tools they are already using, such as ActiveCampaign, Asana, ClickUp, Freshdesk, Gmail, Google Calendar, and many more.

Start Integrating Parsio with Popular Platforms!

Best alternatives to Parsio

There are many other tools like Parsio that can help with pulling out the data and making tasks automated. Some of these tools are Zapier, Integromat, and Pabbly Connect, their unique features offer capabilities, providing businesses with a range of options to enhance productivity. Let us take a look at the comparison showing which tool is best to increase workflow.

Parsio Vs Zapier

Parsio and Zapier are both powerful tools for data extraction and automation. Parsio's unique selling point (USP) is its ability to automate data extraction from emails and attachments, supporting various file formats like PDF, HTML, XML Files, XLSX, etc, whereas Zapier stands out with its massive integration capabilities. It can connect with over 4000+ apps, making it a versatile tool for automating workflows across different platforms.

Parsio highlights the data to be extracted and automatically processes all emails and attachments. Zapier also supports various file formats and can automate data extraction, syncing it with Google spreadsheets, and send all data via webhooks.

Pricing: Zapier pricing starts from $19.99/ mo for Starter Plan, $49/ mo for the Professional, $69/ mo for the Team, and $99/ mo for the Company Plan.

Parsio Vs Make (earlier known as Integromat)

When comparing Parsio with Make, both offer robust platforms for data extraction and automation and excel in automating data extraction from emails and attachments. On the other hand, Integromat's USP is its ability to create complex integration with multiple steps and conditions, offering more flexibility than any other tool. It supports many file formats and can automatically process incoming emails and attachments.

Pricing: Make pricing starts from $10.59/ mo for its Core Plan, $18.82/ mo for Pro Plan, and $34.12/ mo for its Teams Plan.

Parsio Vs Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect is an affordable alternative to Parsio, offering a range of automation tools. It can automate data extraction from emails and attachments, similar to Parsio, and supports various file formats. Pabbly Connect's unique selling point is its affordability and the range of automation tools it offers. It can integrate with a large number of apps. But in comparison, Parsio does offer a more focused approach to email and attachment data attraction.

Pricing: Pabbly Connect pricing starts from $19/ mo for Standard, $39/ mo for Pro, and $79/ mo for Ultimate plan.

In comparison to all the tools, Parsio does offer better features and its user-friendly interface makes it a better tool to do all the data extraction and document parsing easily.

Parsio Affiliate Program

The Parsio Affiliate Program offers fruitful opportunities for individuals and businesses to earn a passive income. By joining the program, affiliates can create unique links to promote Parsio and earn a 25% recurring commission for a lifetime. The program is open to anyone, with affiliates from various industries such as marketing consultants, agencies, bloggers, thought leaders, and freelancers. Each affiliate can earn a commission in 1 year for referring 10 users as per the following plans –

  • Starter Plan with 1000 Credits – $1470
  • Growth Plan with 5000 Credits can earn up to $4470
  • Business Plan with 12000 can earn up to $8970

All the commissions are paid on a monthly basis under specific terms and conditions. All the commissions are transferred to the account via Wise transfer, and there is no minimum payout threshold.

Parsio Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate!

Customer Reviews on Parsio

Parsio Customer Review

Check Out What Customers Have to Say About Parsio!

Parsio Customer Support Service

Parsio's customer service is committed to providing effortless solutions to its users. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, Parsio encourages you to reach out to their customer service team without hesitation. They offer support via live chat, ensuring real-time assistance for any issues or queries you might have. Additionally, you can email them at [email protected] for more detailed inquiries. Their team of experts is always ready to help you navigate through their tools and services, making your experience with Parsio as smooth as possible.

  • Automate accounts payable with real-time data capture and sync to QuickBooks.
  • Extract data from emails and documents with natural language processing and pre-built models.
  • Automate data entry and manage increased workloads without hiring additional staff.
  • Does not support many languages

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