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Paymefy is an AI-driven debt collection tool that streamlines your debt recovery process, saving time and reducing costs. With smart notifications, one-click payment solutions, and seamless CRM integration, Paymefy empowers businesses to recover more money faster while maintaining a strong customer relationship. Experience the future of debt collection with Paymefy’s innovative features and customizable approach.


Key Features of Paymefy

  • Paymefy's one-click payment solution facilitates debt collection and decreases the recovery time by up to 2 months, achieving better results in a shorter period.
  • The tool creates smart notification sequences to reach customers through different online channels until they make the payment, eliminating the need for phone calls and postal letters.
  • Automating the debt collection process enables businesses to reduce their operating costs by thousands of euros.
  • Paymefy extracts unpaid invoices directly from your CRM and customizes notifications with your visual identity, communicating with customers just as you would.
  • The platform integrates with ERPs and CRMs for efficient debt collection and offers an API for seamless integration with existing systems.

Some Use Cases of Paymefy

  • Debt Recovery: Automate debt collection with customizable payment links and partial payments.
  • CRM Integration: Integrate with ERPs and CRMs for efficient debt recovery.
  • Time Reduction: Decrease recovery time by up to 2 months with a one-click payment solution.

Paymefy Alternatives

  • CSS IMPACT: A cloud-based debt collection and accounts receivable management platform that offers automation, analytics, and reporting features.
  • InterProse ACE: A web-based debt recovery software that provides automation, compliance management, and integration with third-party systems.
  • Upflow: A platform that helps businesses optimize their accounts receivable processes by automating reminders, tracking invoices, and providing analytics.

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  • Cut operating costs and boost efficiency with Paymefy
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Optimize debt collection today! Request demo now!
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