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  • Easily transforms text descriptions into detailed visuals, including anime and realistic portraits.
  • Offers extensive image customization through text commands.
  • Includes unique features like face swapping and AI-powered chatbots.
  • Useful for a wide range of users, from graphic designers to educators.
  • Requires careful consideration of ethical implications when generating images.
  • The output quality is highly dependent on the user's input clarity.

Penly AI Facts

Best Suitable Industry: Art, Entertainment, E-commerce, Marketing
Pricing Model: Credits
Free Trial: 1 Credits
Free Plan: No
Starting Price: Free

What is Penly AI?


Penly AI is an innovative artificial intelligence platform that specializes in converting text descriptions into custom anime and realistic art. It leverages advanced AI technology, particularly its Dream Weaver technology, to bring users' creative visions to life with precision and artistic flair. Penly AI is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from designers and artists to enthusiasts who wish to create unique visual content.

Penly AI offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of generating personalized anime characters or lifelike images based on textual input. Its AI assistant is designed to amplify imagination and unlock artistic potential. With capabilities to swiftly generate aesthetically stunning images tailored to users' preferences, Penly AI offers a playground for creative expression.

How does Penly AI work?

Penly AI leverages advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, specifically its Dream Weaver engine, to transform text descriptions into vivid visuals like anime art and realistic images. Users simply enter a text prompt into Penly AI's intuitive interface detailing their desired character or scene. 

The text-powered creation engine then analyzes these words and generates a custom image, bringing the description to life. Additional features allow further customization, like swapping faces in photos or videos or having conversations with AI-powered chatbots. Outpainting expands images by integrating new elements based on text prompts. 

Penly AI aims to make boundless creativity accessible by swiftly producing stunning, tailored visuals from text. Its expanding feature set, including facial swapping and virtual chatbots, offers more ways to unlock artistic potential. The user-friendly design simplifies the creative process down to just writing text prompts and letting the AI generator craft unique images and conversations.

Penly AI Features

  • Custom Anime and Real Girl Art Generator: Penly AI allows users to create personalized anime characters and real girl art. It provides a playground of creative possibilities for users to explore and let their imaginations run wild.
  • AI Girlfriend Chat: Penly AI offers a feature where users can chat with an AI girlfriend. This provides a unique and interactive experience for users.
  • AI Image Generation: Penly AI can generate AI images tailored to users' preferences. This feature allows users to create unique and personalized images.
  • Replace Object: This feature allows users to switch out objects within their images for creative alterations. This can be used to make significant changes to an image without needing advanced editing skills.
  • Merge Face: Penly AI has a feature that allows users to combine facial features from different images. This can be used to create unique and personalized faces.
  • Remove Text: Penly AI can remove text from images. This is useful for cleaning up images and removing unwanted distractions.
  • Text-Powered Creation Engine: Penly AI's Dream Weaver technology can craft stunning visuals from simple text descriptions in just moments. This allows users to bring their envisioned characters to life with artistic precision.
  • Face Swap: Penly AI offers a face swap feature, which allows users to swap faces on photos. This feature can be used for creative projects, advertising campaigns, or to preview different makeup looks.
  • Virtual Chatbots: Penly AI provides virtual chatbots that can mimic natural speech patterns and provide human-like text responses. This feature enhances the virtual assistant experience and makes interactions more realistic and engaging.
  • Priority Queue, Lifetime Save, Unlock Multitask, No Watermark: Penly AI offers a subscription service with features like priority queue for faster processing, lifetime save for permanent storage of creations, unlock multitask for handling multiple tasks simultaneously, and no watermark for clean, professional-looking images.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Penly AI?

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Penly AI:

  • Visit the Penly AI Website: Navigate to the Penly AI website in your web browser.
Penly AI
  • Sign Up: Click on the “Try it Now” button to create a new account.
Signup for Penly AI
  • Login: Once your account is created, log in to your Penly AI account.
  • Enter a Text Description: If you're using the image generation feature, enter a text description of the image you want to create. The AI will analyze your description and generate an image based on it.
Enter a Text Description
  • Customize Your Image: Use the additional features to customize your image. You can edit the image, add or remove elements, swap faces, and more.
Customize Your Image
  • Save Your Image: Once you're satisfied with your image, save it to your device or Penly AI account.

Use Cases of Penly AI

  • Media and Entertainment: Penly AI could be used by graphic designers, animators, and other creative professionals to quickly generate custom anime art, illustrations, or graphic elements for projects. The AI art generator and editing capabilities allow for rapid ideation and content creation.
  • E-Commerce: E-commerce companies could leverage Penly AI to create product images, model portraits, or lifestyle photos to enhance online listings and advertisements. The AI face swap feature also enables previewing products with different models.
  • Education: Teachers and professors could use Penly AI to swiftly create custom visual aids, diagrams, or anime-style characters to engage students and reinforce lessons. The conversational chatbots could also respond to common student questions.
  • Marketing: Marketers and advertisers could use Penly AI to generate visual content for ad campaigns, presentations, posters, etc. The AI art reflects brand aesthetics while saving graphics budgets.
  • Gaming: Game developers could employ Penly AI to rapidly ideate and iterate characters, scenes, and other game art. Quickly generating assets accelerates development.

Penly AI Subscription Plans

Penly AI offers 3 Subscription Plans:

  • 250 Credits: Priced at $9.99, this plan offers 250 credits for users to spend on various features of Penly AI.
  • 1000 Credits: This plan is suitable for users who require more credits for their creative projects users receive 1000 credits at $39.99. (33%0FF)
  • 3000 Credits: The most extensive plan costs $109.99 and provides 3000 credits. This plan is designed for heavy users who need a large number of credits for their creative endeavors. (45%OFF).

Get 70%OFF on First Subscription

Get 70%OFF on Penly AI

Each plan includes features like priority queue, lifetime save, unlock multitask, no watermark, multi-creations generate, comics, models, upscale, and unlimited chat. The subscription is auto-renewable, and users can cancel at any time.

Users get 1 Free Credit to generate an image by text, 2 Free Credits on Face Swap, and limited chat to any of the AI virtual chatbots.

Who should use Penly AI? 

Penly AI is a versatile tool that can be used by a wide range of individuals and professionals. Graphic designers and artists can use it to quickly generate custom anime art or illustrations for their projects. Content creators and marketers can leverage it to create visual content for ad campaigns or presentations. Educators can use it to create custom visual aids or diagrams to engage students. 

E-commerce businesses can use it to create product images or lifestyle photos. Game developers can use it to rapidly ideate and iterate game art. Individual users interested in creating custom anime characters or realistic images for personal use can also benefit from Penly AI.

The Impact of Penly AI on E-commerce Businesses

Here are some key ways that Penly AI could impact e-commerce businesses:

  • Personalization: Penly AI's text-to-image and customization capabilities allow e-commerce companies to easily create tailored product images, model portraits, and lifestyle photos that align with their brand aesthetic. This helps enhance and personalize online listings and ads.
  • Customer Service: Features like Penly AI's AI-powered chatbots could be leveraged by e-commerce companies to provide 24/7 automated customer support. This improves the shopping experience and satisfaction.
  • Fraud Detection: While not explicitly mentioned for Penly AI, AI tools are being broadly used by retailers for fraud detection by analyzing patterns in data. This allows for identifying and preventing fraudulent transactions.
  • Inventory and Supply Chain: AI can help forecast demand more accurately, enabling better inventory planning and supply chain management to reduce overstocking and stockouts. This leads to cost savings and better customer service.
  • Pricing Optimization: Analyzing consumer behavior data, Penly AI could help e-commerce companies dynamically adjust pricing to maximize revenue. The AI identifies and leverages trends to optimize monetization.

Top Alternatives of Penly AI

1. Artbreeder


Artbreeder is a unique platform that allows users to blend images to create new ones. It's a powerful tool for artists, designers, and creatives who want to explore new visual possibilities. Artbreeder includes the ability to blend multiple images, extensive customization options, and a collaborative platform where users can share and explore creations from others.

2. DeepDream Generator

DeepDream Generator

DeepDream Generator is an AI tool that allows users to create dream-like images from their photos. It's perfect for those who want to add a surreal touch to their images. It includes the ability to adjust the intensity of the dream effect, the option to create animations, and a community platform for sharing and exploring creations.

3. Soulgen AI

Use SoulGen AI

Soulgen AI is an innovative text-to-image generator that creates stunning anime and realistic girl art using advanced artificial intelligence. Soulgen AI includes custom anime character creation from text prompts, AI image editing capabilities, outpainting to expand images, and a focus on security and ethical use. Overall, Soulgen AI aims to unlock limitless creative potential.

Does Penly AI require an account?

Yes, users need to create an account to access Penly AI's services.

Can I try Penly AI for free?

Penly AI offers a 1 credit-free trial with limited features, allowing users to test the platform.

What image styles can Penly AI generate?

Penly AI can generate a variety of image styles, including anime art, realistic portraits, and custom landscapes.

How good is the image quality generated by Penly AI?

The quality of images generated by Penly AI is generally high, though it can depend on the text description provided by the user.

Is there a Penly AI mobile app?

No, Penly AI doesn't have its own Mobile app.

Can I use Penly AI for commercial purposes?

Yes, Penly AI can be used for commercial purposes.

Can Penly AI generate images in different styles?

Yes, Penly AI can generate a variety of image styles, including anime art, realistic portraits, and custom landscapes.

Can Penly AI generate images based on a reference photo?

Yes, Penly AI can generate images that resemble a person in a reference photo.

Can I use Penly AI to generate images of landscapes?

Yes, Penly AI can generate images of landscapes based on text descriptions.

Is Penly AI safe to use?

Yes, Penly AI is safe to use it takes user privacy seriously and collects, processes, and uses personal information only after obtaining user consent. 

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