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Pinegraph is an intuitive online platform for creating AI-generated artwork. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, anyone can easily sketch ideas and watch them transform into stunning visual creations. Harnessing advanced generative AI technology like Latent Diffusion and Dall-E, Pinegraph opens new creative possibilities for designing concept characters, social media posts, logos, and more.


Key Features of Pinegraph

  • Drag and drop shapes to easily fill with color and create art.
  • Create diverse art styles including anime, abstract art, and more.
  • Design concept characters, game art, and other creative projects.
  • Features like ‘Magic Sketchpad' for intuitive art creation.
  • Use techniques like Latent Diffusion and Dall-E for unique effects.

Use Cases of Pinegraph

  • Social Media Graphics: Easily create graphics for social media posts using templates and AI art generation.
  • Concept Art: Design original concept characters, environments, and assets for games or films.
  • Personal Projects: Make custom art gifts, wedding invitations, logo designs, and more.

Pinegraph Pricing Plans

Pinegraph offers a pro version to its users for approximately $9.74 per month.

Pinegraph Alternatives

  • Artbreeder: A collaborative community platform for creating hybrid images with AI.
  • NightCafe: An intuitive AI art generator with options to remix and customize images.
  • StarryAI: User-friendly AI art creation with a focus on anime, manga, and comics.

Pinegraph Details

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  • No artistic skill is required.
  • $9.74/month
  • Art is made easy and fun.
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