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PlayHT is an innovative platform that brings text to life through realistic and engaging AI-generated voices. With its user-friendly interface, users can convert written content into high-quality audio in just a few clicks, enhancing accessibility and captivating audiences with professional narration. Whether for e-learning, podcasts, or multimedia presentations, PlayHT adds a new dimension to content consumption.


Play.Ht Overview is an online AI-powered text-to-speech (TTS) platform that offers a range of realistic voices for generating high-quality audio from text. It provides a user-friendly interface for converting text into natural-sounding speech using synthetic voices. Users can choose from a library of 829 AI-generated voices available in 142+ languages and accents, allowing them to create audio content that suits their specific needs. supports various use cases, including creating clear and professional voices for marketing, explainer, product, and YouTube videos; incorporating narrative voices for e-learning materials; integrating human-like voices into devices and applications through an API; providing professional voice interactions for IVR and telephony systems; and embedding SEO-friendly audio widgets on websites for accessibility and engagement. The platform offers customization options such as speech styles, voice inflections, pronunciations, and the ability to preview audio before conversion. also allows users to securely store and manage audio files, collaborate with team members, export files in MP3 and WAV formats, and obtain commercial and broadcast rights for the generated speech files. It offers additional features like an online text editor for text-to-audio conversion, multi-voice capabilities for creating conversation-like voiceovers, and the ability to define custom pronunciations. is recognized by leading tech communities, has been featured on reputable sources like Harvard University and Product Hunt, and has received positive reviews from users.

How to Use A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit Website

Visit the official website of

PlayHT homepage

Step 2: Sign Up/ Login to

Log in to your account or create one if you don't have an account already.

PlayHT login

Step 3: Click “Create Audio”

After logging in, click on the “Create Audio” button to start the text-to-speech synthesis process.

Create audio with PlayHT

Step 4: Choose Your AI Voice Type offers two options for AI voices: Standard & Realistic Voices and Ultra-Realistic Voices. Choose the option that suits your project requirements.

Step 5: Type Your Text

On the text-input screen, customize your preferences by adding a title to your project, establishing a consistent file-naming system, and selecting your preferred AI voice from various options based on gender, age, type, use cases, and supported voice styles. Additionally, set the audio file type to MP3 or WAV, choose the sampling rate (8 kHz, 16 kHz, 24 kHz, or 48 kHz), and adjust the speech rate anywhere between 20% to 200%.

Step 6: Generate Previews

Click “Generate audio previews” to prepare your audio files for export.

Step 7: Export Your Project

Export your TTS output as a single audio file or download each paragraph's audio separately. Save the resulting audio files on your computer for use in presentations, narrations, or other projects.

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Play.Ht Product Demo Use Cases

  • Video Production: can be used to provide clear, consistent, and professional voices for various types of videos, including marketing videos, explainer videos, product videos, and YouTube videos. The AI-generated voices offer natural-sounding speech that enhances the overall quality of the videos.
  • E-learning: In the field of e-learning, can be utilized to create narrative voices that are capable of pronouncing terminologies and acronyms accurately. This ensures that training materials and educational content are delivered with clarity and professionalism, enhancing the learning experience for users.
  • API Integration: With PlayHT's API, developers can integrate human-like voices into their devices and applications. This allows for the inclusion of interactive and engaging voice interactions in various software and hardware products, adding a natural and realistic touch to user experiences.
  • IVR Systems:'sprofessional voice generation capabilities are well-suited for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and telephony systems. By using , businesses can provide their customers with high-quality voice interactions during phone calls, enhancing the overall customer service experience.
  • Audio Articles: To improve accessibility and user engagement, enables the embedding of SEO-friendly audio widgets on websites. This allows users to listen to audio versions of articles, blog posts, and other written content, catering to those who prefer audio content consumption or have visual impairments. Pricing Plans

PlanMonthly PricingYearly Pricing (Billed Annually)Words per YearFeatures
Personal$14.25$171120,000Access to all voices and languages, commercial use, API access, faster generations
Professional$29.25$351600,000All Personal features, plus priority support, custom pronunciations, and voice styles
Growth$74.25$8912,400,000All Professional features, plus team collaboration, custom branding, and advanced analytics
Business$149.25$1,791UnlimitedAll Growth features, plus dedicated account manager, custom onboarding, and SLA

What sets apart. What are its key features and benefits? stands out as a leading AI voice generator and realistic text-to-speech (TTS) tool with a range of unique features and benefits. Powered by AI, it offers a growing library of 829 natural-sounding AI-generated voices across 142 languages and accents, allowing users to create lifelike TTS audio in MP3 and WAV formats.
The platform offers speech styles, voice inflections, and custom pronunciations to fine-tune the voice tone and pronunciation. Additionally, PlayHT provides a preview mode for single paragraphs or full text before conversion and securely stores audio files in the cloud, allowing for collaboration with teams.

Which products are available on's platform? provides there customers with a wide range of AI voice generator products, including ultra-realistic AI voices with human-like emotion, 800+ premium AI voices in 130+ languages, voice cloning, text-to-voice editor, custom pronunciations, audio widgets for websites, AI podcasts creation, team access for collaboration, and separate online AI voice generators for female and male voices.
PlayHT products
These products cater to various needs, from audiobooks to E-learning and videos, providing quality and customizable voiceover solutions.
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How many languages are available for AI voice generation with

With over 829 natural-sounding AI voices, users can easily create high-quality audio content in 142 languages and accents, making it an ideal tool for diverse global applications. online Text to Speech editor allows users to input, paste, or import text and instantly convert it into audio, offering features like speech styles, voice cloning, custom pronunciations, and more without compromising originality and voice engagement.

Can I try for free?

Yes, PlayHT's AI text-to-speech technology provides a free trial.
The free version provides users with access to preview all available voices and allows the conversion to the speech of a few words into audio.
This means you can test and explore the various voices to find the perfect fit for your brand before committing to a plan.'s commitment to affordability is also evident in its straightforward and hassle-free pricing structure, giving users the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime as per their needs.
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Can integrate with other platforms? is planning to launch its new feature. In this, they will come up with thousands of new integrations with their Zapier integration, making it a versatile and powerful tool for users.

This integration will enhance the functionality and accessibility of , enabling users to streamline their workflows and utilize the platform's features in conjunction with other tools efficiently. With such extensive integration options on the horizon, aims to provide a comprehensive solution for diverse audio needs.

Does have an active Affiliate Program?

Yes, PlayHT does have an active Affiliate Program. By joining Affiliate Program, individuals have the opportunity to earn a substantial 30% commission on a monthly basis for every customer they refer to the platform.

This means that affiliates can enjoy a recurring stream of income by promoting services to their audience.

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Does offer refunds or upgrades?

Yes, PlayHT has a straightforward and customer-friendly pricing system. Customers have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscription anytime without any hassle.

However, when it comes to refunds, there are specific conditions to be met. Refund requests must be made within 24 hours of purchase, and the word usage for text-to-speech generation should be below 1000 words and do not qualify for a refund. Subscription plans that have utilized more than 1,000 words are not eligible for refunds. Alternatives

  • Murf AI: The AI-powered text-to-speech tool that helps you create high-quality videos
  • Descript: The AI-powered video editor lets you edit your videos without ever leaving the browser.
  • Fliki: The AI-powered video maker that helps you create stunning videos with just your voice.
9.3Expert Score Review: The AI Text-to-Speech Solution for Marketers uses advanced AI and machine learning technology to generate realistic, natural-sounding voices with human-like intonation in 142 languages and accents. The platform offers a wide selection of voices and styles, making it easy to find the perfect voice for your content. 
Additionally,'s ultra-realistic AI voices can express emotions and even laughter, providing a more engaging and immersive listening experience. With its user-friendly interface, extensive language support, and high-quality audio output, is a powerful tool for transforming text into lifelike speech.
Voice Quality
Ultra Realistic AI Voices
Language Support
Pricing Affordability
Ease to Use
Customer Support
  • High-quality, realistic AI-generated voices.
  • AI Voice Cloning
  • Support for 142 languages and accents.
  • API access for integration with other tools and platforms.
  • Limited voice options for non-English languages.
  • No free plan available. Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Generate audio in 142 languages
  • $5.4/month
  • Integrate human voices in your apps
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