• Use the power of AI to Invest wisely
  • Test your strategy before investing
  • Get insights into your investment strategy
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Your AI-powered investing copilot. Access high-grade, real-time data and harness the power of AI for precise and personalized insights. Streamline your investing journey with advanced tools, automations, and visualizations. Make informed decisions and take control of your investments.

  • Can create strategies without coding
  • Provides data for all stocks and the top 20 cryptocurrencies for free
  • Offers Grading System for strategy
  • Has some bugs

Key Features of Pluto

  • Pluto's AI assistant: Meet Plato, your intelligent assistant, who provides insights and analysis tailored to your unique perspectives on market trends and opportunities.
  • Data Universe: Dive into an expansive collection of real-time data for informed investment decisions.
  • Smart Automation: Set rules for your investment strategy and let AI-driven automation handle your investing activities.
  • Visual Exploration: Uncover deep insights through AI-powered data visualizations with the Canvas feature.
  • Integrated Investing: Seamlessly transition from market research to trade execution with the Pluto Portfolio, powered by Alpaca.
  • Future Insights: Schedule regular analysis and updates on your investments for better decision-making.
  • Community: Join a supportive community of investors and learn from others' experiences.
  • Resources: Access a wealth of high-grade, real-time data including price movements, market patterns, social sentiment, fundamentals, and earnings calls.

Pluto Use Cases

Here's how different professionals can make use of Pluto

  • Busy Professionals: Manage your investments efficiently with Pluto's AI-powered automation. Set rules for your investment strategy and let Pluto handle the rest, freeing up your time and removing emotional bias.
  • New Investors: If you're new to trading, Pluto offers a clean and simple layout to help you navigate the world of investing. The platform provides valuable insights, supports you with a great team, and offers different communication channels to assist you in your investment journey.
  • Developers: As a developer, you'll love using Pluto's platform to experiment with AI automation. It offers an easy and fun way to automate and test trades with your own algorithms, providing a powerful toolset to support your trading strategies.
  • Financial Students and Educators: Pluto's focus on portfolios and automation makes it an ideal teaching aid for portfolio courses. With the ability to backtest user-designed portfolios and run them in real-time, students can gain practical experience and insights into the investment industry.
  • Experienced Traders: For experienced traders, Pluto provides access to an expansive collection of real-time data, allowing you to explore market movements, social sentiment, fundamentals, and more. With powerful tools, customizable dashboards, and integrated investing capabilities, Pluto empowers you to streamline your investment process and make informed decisions.

Pluto Pricing Plans

Pluto Pricing Plans

Use Pluto Free Forever and get Unlimited backtesting and strategies!

Pluto Alternatives

  • Alpha: Alpha by Public is a private investing platform that connects accredited investors with hedge funds and other alternative investment managers.
  • AI-signals: AI Signals is an AI-powered trading tool that provides real-time buy and sell signals for all types of assets across various timeframes.
  • PortfolioPilot: PortfolioPilot is an AI-powered investment coach that helps self-directed investors improve their portfolios.

Pluto Details

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  • Invest wisely with the help of AI
  • $24/month
  • Automate investments for easy investing
Try Pluto

Use Pluto for Free!!

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