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Poised AI

  • Unleash your inner storyteller with Poised AI's comprehensive analysis.
  • Nail your next interview with Poised AI's AI-driven insights.
  • Inspire your team by enhancing empathy and energy with Poised AI.
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Poised AI is an AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity during online meetings. With real-time feedback, personalized assessments, and compatibility with popular platforms like Zoom and Slack, Poised AI is the ultimate tool for improving your communication skills. Experience a private and secure way to elevate your speaking abilities and make a lasting impression in the digital-first workplace.

Poised AI

Key Features of Poised AI

  • Poised AI provides live suggestions and feedback during online meetings, helping users improve their communication skills on the spot.
  • Poised AI works with popular communication platforms such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
  • The tool covers various aspects of communication, including energy, hedging words, talk-time, pace, confidence, clarity, storytelling, and empathy.
  • Poised AI offers personalized assessments and tracks trends over time, allowing users to monitor their progress and improvement.
  • Poised AI is designed to be private and secure, ensuring that users have control over their data and recordings.

Use Cases of Poised AI

  • Interview Prep: Analyze and improve your interviewing performance with AI-driven insights.
  • Executive Leadership: Enhance your communication skills to inspire and lead teams more effectively.
  • Customer Calls: Boost your confidence and clarity during customer calls with real-time suggestions.

Poised AI Pricing Plans

Poised AI pricing

Alternatives of Poised AI

  • Speaking.io: Brutally honest public speaking advice to help users improve their presentation skills.
  • Ummo: An AI-powered tool that provides at-scale training for presentation skills, offering secure, structured, and targeted feedback on corporate solutions and sales scenarios.
  • Speeko: A mobile app that brings interactive verbal communication training to your workforce using artificial intelligence and automated voice analytics.

Poised AI Details

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  • Elevate your communication skills with Poised AI's real-time feedback.
  • $13/month
  • Speak with clarity and confidence using Poised AI's personalized coaching.
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