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What is PPSPY?

PPSPY is well-known to be a product research dropshipping tool that is used to quickly analyze any products that come under the winning category of Shopify dropshipping. It’s a platform + Chrome extension designed specifically to reveal insights from Shopify stores and discover products and channels for store placement ads. It also lets you export unlimited product listings into the CSV format, track activity to get reports on real-time sales, search for any app that is installed in stores and find the most competing stores and products available.

  • Provides detailed analysis of competitors' stores and best-selling products
  • Live sales tracking and reporting
  • Allows you to reveal the secret apps
  • Free download of products and product images with no limit
  • Support multiple apps for Shopify reviews
  • Limited to Shopify stores only, not compatible with other e-commerce platforms.

Key Features of PPSPY

  • Sales Tracking and Reports: PPSPY provides in-depth insights into competitor’s performance by carefully tracking their sales and generating sales reports regularly.
  • Shopify Inspection: PPSPY lets you perform store analysis by letting you check all the store information and products that are categorized under a specific product type, vendor, or tag.
  • Shopify Store Analysis: It’s easy to perform product analysis for rival stores by using the PPSPY. It lets you run in-depth store analyses and get reports on the best-selling products.
  • Live Sales Tracking: Track all your live sales and check for the apps installed. You can also download the product reviews to get an idea of how a product is performing.
  • Chrome Extension: The PPSPY Chrome extension helps you get access to key features like Shop Analysis, Products listed on each store, Live Sales, and Reviews.
  • User-Friendly Interface: This Shopify tracking tool provides its users with an easy-to-navigate interface and makes it simple for the users to access all the tools efficiently.

PPSPY Product Demo

Who should use PPSPY?

PPSPY is one of the best platforms that can be utilized by ECommerce businesses and dropshipping stores by providing a more competitive environment. The platforms work to provide information about the rival stores and give insights into the best-selling products. It is indeed a one-stop solution for those who are looking for a reliable supplier for selling out their most trending products.

PPSPY Use Cases

  • Competitor Analysis and Product Research: PPSPY allows users to conduct competitor analysis and product research for their dropshipping business. By using AI-powered algorithms, users can discover top-selling products, track competitors' sales performance, and gain insights into the most profitable niches. This use case helps businesses make informed decisions and stay competitive in the market.
  • Store Market Research: PPSPY provides extensive store market research capabilities. Users can filter stores based on revenue, search volume, keywords, and other attributes. They can gain insights into traffic sources, advertising platforms, and store distribution by region or language. This use case helps businesses identify successful stores, understand market trends, and optimize their own store strategies.
  • Shopify Theme Design Ideas: PPSPY offers inspiration and ideas for Shopify theme designs. Users can study the theme designs of successful stores, analyze monthly traffic, and explore websites in different languages. This use case assists businesses in creating visually appealing and engaging Shopify stores, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Traffic Research: PPSPY enables users to analyze store traffic and identify sources of high traffic growth. Users can discover stores that utilize SEO, social media, email marketing, paid display ads, and more. This use case helps businesses understand effective traffic generation strategies and implement them to drive more visitors to their Shopify stores.
  • Sales Tracking and Performance Monitoring: PPSPY offers sales tracking and comprehensive performance monitoring features. Users can track their own store's sales and order data, as well as monitor their competitors' performance. This use case allows businesses to evaluate their progress, set goals, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their dropshipping operations.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use PPSPY?

Step 1: Install PPSPY Browser Extension

Visit the official website of PPSPY and click on “Install PPSPY”. You can also install it directly from the Chrome Web Store and search for “PPSPY”.

PPSPY Homepage

Step 2: Log In or Register

Once the Chrome extension is installed. Click on the “Log In” button and add credentials if you already have an account with PPSPY. If you are a new user then click on Sign up and add the required details including the name, email id, and password, and hit on the “Sign Up” button.

Sign up for PPSPY

Step 3: Browse Shopify Stores

Check out the Shopify stores using analysis tools. The PPSPY chrome extension starts gathering data automatically about the stores including the best-selling products, store performances, and installed applications.

Step 4: Analyze Store Data

The Chrome extensions let you check the insights about the Shopify stores that you are visiting. You can view information about the best-selling products, store performance, and anything that is missing.

Step 5: Product Research

Click on “Product Research” and check out the best-selling products. You can also discover more winning products for your store.

Product Research on PPSPY

Step 6: Export Product Listings

You can export the product listings by downloading the CSV format that is compatible with Shopify and start using the information for increasing your business smoothly.

PPSPY Pricing Plans

PPSPY does offer various pricing plans made for fulfilling different user’s needs. The detailed pricing plan is mentioned below.

PPSPY Subscription plansPriceFeatures
(For Beginners in Dropshipping)
$19.9/monthSale Tracking: 10 stores
Live Sales(extension): 100 daily
Reviews(extension): 100 daily
Shopify Analysis: 1000 credits
(For Businesses looking to Scale)
$39.9/monthSale Tracking: 20 stores
Live Sales(extension): 200 daily
Reviews(extension): 200 daily
Shopify Analysis: 5000 credits
(For Pro Dropshippers)
$99/monthSale Tracking: 100 stores
Live Sales(extension): 1000 daily
Reviews(extension): 1000 daily
Shopify Analysis: 50000 credits
(For Large Corporate Teams)
$299/monthSale Tracking: 350 stores
Live Sales(extension): 10000 daily
Reviews(extension): 10000 daily
Shopify Analysis: 500000 credits

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PPSPY Free Trial: Get Started for Free to try its basic plan. No CC needed

Refunds: Unfortunately, PPSPY does not offer any refunds as they are confident about their product. So, we would recommend you take a free trial before you choose any plan.

After careful analysis, we would recommend you to go for the “Unlimited Plan” as it will provide you with the most features at a decent price. As compared to all the plans “unlimited plan” offers comparatively more features and if you are not looking to spend more on the Enterprise plan then this plan is a great option without stressing your pockets.

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PPSPY Alternatives

Unispy: Unispy is well known to be a Shopify store analytics tool that works well in helping users track sales and new arrivals to any Shopify store. Its unique features include best-selling product discovery, live sales tracking, powerful product scraper, spy, and many more

UniSpy Pricing: The pricing of Unispy has three different plans and users can choose the one that fits their needs. The plans include “Free”, and “Yearly License” costs $119/ year, and the “Monthly License” can be availed at the cost of $19/ month.

Unispy logo


Unispy is a Shopify inspector that helps you debug your store and find potential issues.

Shine Commerce: Shine Commerce is a tool that provides real-time sales data and insights on over 300,000 Shopify stores. Some of the features include accurate sales data on Shopify brands, real-time data on any Shopify store sales, top sellers, product launches, traffic, and a lot more.

Shine Commerce Pricing: Shine Commerce provides its users with four different plans created to fit different user’s needs. The “Starter” plan costs $99/ month, the “Growth” plan costs $199/ month, the “Pro” plan starts at $499/ month, and the “Enterprise” plan offers a custom price hence you can get a quote by contacting the sales team of Shine Commerce.

Shine Commerce logo

Shine Commerce

Shine Commerce is a Chrome extension that provides insights into e-commerce stores, such as sales, products, and traffic.

Shopify Analyzer: Shopify analyzer is another Chrome extension that helps users to track the number of followers, products, new posts, and ads for Shopify stores. Its features include checking the number of followers of Shopify stores on each social media platform, tracking the latest dropshipping products and its price in the Shopify stores, viewing the latest ads and posts created by Shopify on Facebook, etc. This Chrome extension is available for free.

Shopify Analyzer logo

Shopify Analyser

Shopify Analyzer is a Chrome extension that helps you analyze your Shopify store performance and identify areas for improvement.

Unispy, Shine Commerce, and Shopify Analyzer are some of the spying tools that can be used as an alternative to PPSPY offering various features and functionalities that let users gain insights about the competitor’s stores and take the right decision for the benefit of their businesses. The choice between these tools completely depends on the use and budget. Choose the one that suits you best.

PPSPY Affiliate Program

PPSPY does offer an affiliate program with which users can earn a recurring commission of up to 30% on each new paying customer joining using your unique referral link. Here’s a detailed analysis of how you earn by sending referrals. The payment of all the commissions is done using a secure channel and thus, your payment will be made using PayPal. In case, you are from an area where PayPal is not supported then you will be paid using another payment method including Payoneer.

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PPSPY Support

PPSPY only offers email and ticket-based support for now. You can contact their team at [email protected].

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No doubt, PPSPY is the finest and most powerful Dropshipping spy tool to Track Winning Products for Shopify dropshipping using AI. It can really help you find Best-selling Products, identify trends, and spy on your competitors to increase your success rate by more than 50%.
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PPSPY Details

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