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  • Free AI NSFW Character AI Chat
  • Play with over 1000+ ai virtual characters 
  • Explore the world of AI Roleplay

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  • Engage in unfiltered adult conversations without content restrictions.
  • Interact with hundreds of anime, realistic, and celebrity AI characters.
  • Characters can generate and share images during chats.
  • Characters can generate and share images during chats.
  • Creators can monetize by selling access to their AI characters.
  • Prioritizes user privacy for sensitive NSFW interactions.
  • Handling sensitive data raises potential privacy risks if not properly secured.
  • Like any technology, could be misused for harmful or illegal purposes.
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Best Suitable IndustryAdult Entertainment
Starting Price$4.99
Pricing ModelCredits
Free Trial/Free PlanFree Trial
Special DiscountUpto 50 % OFF
AI SextingYes
Chatbots Gender OptionsFemale
NSFW Image GenerationYes
Voice Chat/ MessagingYes
Chat Content Image RequestYes
Tool SpecialityUnfiltered NSFW
Chat ModeSFW and NSFW
Video Sending OptionNo
Custom PromptsNo
Character CustomizationNo
Call InteractionNo
Group NSFW InteractionNo
Emoji SupportYes

What is Privee AI?

Privee AI is a distinctive AI platform that specializes in NSFW chats, providing users with a unique space to explore their fantasies through conversations with a wide array of characters. This platform serves as an engaging alternative to other character-based AI chat services, focusing on privacy and unrestricted interactions. Users can create and immerse themselves in various roleplay scenarios, from crafting an AI girlfriend to pushing the boundaries with AI sexting.

Privee AI emphasizes a judgment-free environment, allowing for genuine, unfiltered NSFW AI interactions. With recent updates, users can now build AI-powered clones of themselves, offering a new dimension of personalization and engagement.

How does Privee AI Work?

Privee AI operates by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technologies to create realistic and immersive chat interactionsbetween users and a wide array of both fictional and real-life inspired characters. At its core, the platform utilizes natural language processing (NLP),generative adversarial networks (GANs), and machine learning algorithms to understand and respond to user inputs dynamically, allowing for fluid and lifelike conversations. Characters within Privee AI range from anime to realistic personas, each designed to cater to a variety of user preferences and fantasies.

Additionally, the platform incorporates image generation capabilities, allowing users to generate and share visuals during chats, further enhancing the immersive experience. Privee AI's technology enables users to interact with diverse characters, explore various scenarios, and engage in unrestricted NSFW conversations, all while prioritizing privacy and security through advanced encryption and anonymization protocols.

Key Features

  • Unrestricted Chatting: Privee AI offers an environment where users can engage in NSFW conversations without any content restrictions. This feature allows for a wide range of discussions and role-play scenarios, catering to users who seek a platform where they can express themselves freely. The absence of limitations on the topics of conversation ensures that users can explore their desires and fantasies in a private and secure space, making Privee AI a unique destination for adult-themed AI interactions.
  • Diverse Character Selection: With hundreds of characters to choose from, Privee AI provides a rich and varied selection that caters to a multitude of user preferences. The platform allows for deep customization and personalization, enabling users to create and interact with AI characters that align with their interests and desires. This diversity in character selection ensures that every chat experience can be unique and tailored to the individual user, enhancing overall engagement and enjoyment.
  • Image Generation: Beyond text-based chats, Privee AI incorporates image generation capabilities, allowing characters to generate and share images within the chat. This feature adds a visual dimension to the conversation, making interactions more dynamic and realistic. Users can request and receive pictures from AI characters, further blurring the lines between virtual and real-world experiences and enriching the overall chat experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to navigate for all users. This simplicity in design ensures that engaging with AI characters is straightforward, without the need for complicated setup processes or additional software. Privee AI's focus on a seamless user experience means that users can dive straight into chatting with a minimal learning curve, allowing for immediate enjoyment of the platform's features.

How to Use Privee AI

To use Privee AI, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account: Go to the Privee AI official website and click on the “Sign Up” button. You will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Alternatively, you may have the option to sign up with Google or another social media account. waitlist
  1. Verify Your Email: After registration, check your email for a verification message from Privee AI. Click the verification link to activate your account.
  2. Log In: Once your email is verified, return to the Privee AI website and log in using your credentials.
  3. Set Up Your Profile: After logging in, you may be asked to complete your profile. This could include selecting your interests or setting preferences for the types of AI characters you want to interact with.
  4. Explore Characters: Browse through the available AI characters and select one to start chatting with. You can choose from various character types, including anime or realistic ones.
Explore Privee AI Characters
  1. Start Chatting: Engage in conversations with your chosen AI character. You can have unrestricted and unfiltered chats, allowing for a personalized and immersive experience.
  2. Customize Experience: Use the platform's features to customize your AI characters or create new ones to enhance your chatting experience.
  3. Enjoy the Platform: Dive into the Privee AI experience, exploring the various features and engaging with the AI characters in your preferred way.

Use Cases

  • Virtual Companionship: Privee AI serves as a platform for individuals seeking virtual companionship, allowing them to engage in meaningful interactions with AI characters. Users can create a sense of connection through personalized conversations with a diverse range of characters, from everyday personas to celebrities and anime figures. This use case caters to those looking for social interaction, emotional support, or simply a space to express themselves freely in a private and secure environment.
  • Creative Outlet for Roleplay: Privee AI offers a creative outlet for users to indulge in various role-play scenarios. With the ability to interact with a wide variety of virtual characters, users can explore different backgrounds, cultures, and storylines. This platform is ideal for those who wish to enhance their storytelling skills, investigate new roleplay ideas, or develop immersive chat experiences with a romantic or adventurous theme, all within a confidential setting.
  • NSFW Storytelling and Exploration: The platform is designed for users to engage in NSFW storytelling chats, providing an unfiltered and exciting roleplay experience. Privee AI's commitment to privacy ensures that all conversations remain confidential, allowing users to unleash their fantasies and explore their desires without judgment. This use case is perfect for adults seeking to explore their sexuality in a safe and controlled digital space.

Privee AI Pricing

Privee AI Pricing Plans

Privee AI offers a simple and user-friendly pricing model that caters to a variety of user needs:

Privee AI PlansPricing
Rookie Plan$4.99 (One Time)
Top Player Plan$13.99 (OneTime)
Goat Plan$24.99 (One Time)
MVP Plan$49.99 (One Time)
Legend Plan$99.99 (One Time)
Grand Master Plan$199.99 (One Time)

Who should Use Privee AI?

Privee AI is best suited for adults who are looking for a platform to engage in NSFW conversations with AI-generated characters. It caters to individuals seeking virtual companionship or a private space to explore their fantasies without judgment. The platform is also ideal for those interested in role-playing with a diverse range of characters, from realistic to fantastical.

Additionally, Privee AI serves as a creative outlet for writers and storytellers who want to experiment with interactive storytelling and character development in a controlled environment. Its emphasis on privacy and security makes it a reliable choice for users who prioritize confidentiality in their online interactions.

Top Alternatives

1. Dittin AI

Dittin AI

Dittin AI is a versatile platform that caters to users interested in creating and interacting with virtual companions. It stands out by offering a blend of social and entertainment features, enabling users to craft AI characters that can serve as friends, confidants, or even virtual partners. Dittin AI's strength lies in its ability to provide a deeply personalized experience, allowing users to specify character traits, interests, and interaction styles. This platform is ideal for those seeking companionship or wishing to explore the boundaries of AI-driven relationships in a safe and controlled environment.

Pricing: Dittin AI offers a free trial and paid subscription plans starting from $7.99 per month.

2. GirlfriendGPT


GirlfriendGPT offers a unique twist on virtual companionship, focusing on creating AI     girlfriends that provide emotional support, engaging conversation, and companionship. Utilizing state-of-the-art language models, GirlfriendGPT crafts realistic and responsive AI characters that can adapt to user preferences and interaction styles. This platform is particularly appealing to those seeking a virtual partner for emotional engagement or simply curious about the potential of AI in simulating complex human-like interactions. GirlfriendGPT aims to fill the gap for users desiring connection and interaction without the complexities of real-world relationships.

Pricing: GirlfriendGPT offers a free trial and paid Subscription plans starting from $15 per month.

3. CrushOn.AI

Crushon Al

CrushOn.AI offers a blend of engaging conversations and character creation, allowing users to design their virtual companions with detailed personalities, appearances, and backstories. It stands out for providing spiritual comfort and entertainment, making every interaction tailored and immersive. Advanced natural language processing ensures realistic and contextually relevant conversations.

Pricing: CrushOn.AI offers a free plan and paid Subscription plans starting from $5.99 per month to $49.99 per month.

Is Privee AI free to use?

Privee AI offers a free trial, followed by a pay-as-you-go system for continued use.

Can I create an AI girlfriend on Privee AI?

Yes, Privee AI allows users to create and interact with an AI girlfriend.

Are there any content restrictions on Privee AI?

Privee AI allows for unrestricted and unfiltered NSFW chats with AI characters.

What kind of characters can I chat with on Privee AI?

Privee AI offers a variety of characters, including anime and realistic ones.

Can I get pictures in chat on Privee AI?

Yes, Privee AI supports picture generation and exchange within chats.

How does Privee AI ensure user privacy?

Privee AI prioritizes user privacy and does not filter or restrict chat content.

What platforms is Privee AI compatible with?

Privee AI is a web-based platform accessible through compatible web browsers.

Can I use Privee AI for roleplay scenarios?

Yes, Privee AI is designed for engaging in various roleplay scenarios.

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  • The Sexiest AI companion ever!

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