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Unlock Global Impact with Rask AI! Effortlessly translate videos into 130+ languages, infuse authenticity with VoiceClone, and seamlessly manage multispeakers. Revolutionize content creation, break language barriers, and captivate audiences worldwide. Try Rask AI for free and transform your videos into a truly immersive experience.

Rask AI

What is Rask AI?

Rask AI uses Artificial Intelligence technology to streamline the process of localizing and video translation for content creators, sales and marketing teams, and businesses. This innovative tool offers a one-stop-shop solution for video localization, enabling users to efficiently translate their videos. Rask AI efficiently delivers human-like voiceovers by eliminating the need to hire professional voice actors.

Who Should Use Rask AI?

Rask AI is the ultimate solution for content creators, businesses, and educational institutions seeking to overcome language barriers and create multilingual content. Its advanced AI technology, simple dubbing, and fantastic localization tools make it an indispensable and powerful resource for those who strive to connect with a broader group of audience and achieve global success.

Rask AI – Key Features at a Glance

Transcribe YouTube Videos with AI

Transcribe YouTube Videos with AI

Rask AI's automated speech-to-text, translation service, and voiceover feature is a game-changer for content creators looking to expand their reach across different languages and cultures.

It allows rewriting for a more polished output. The platform's “Text-to-Voice” and “Voice Cloning” technologies enable users to add natural-sounding voiceovers without hiring a professional voice actor making it an ideal choice for content creators.

Video Translator

Video Translator

Rask AI's Video Translator feature is a powerful tool that enables content creators to effortlessly localize their high-quality videos for a global audience. It creates professional-sounding voiceovers without the need to hire voice actors. By breaking down language barriers, Rask AI's Video Translator empowers creators to reach diverse audiences and expand their content's impact worldwide.

Transcribe Video to Text and Subtitles

Transcribe Video to Text and Subtitles

Rask AI's Video to Text and Subtitle feature is a powerful solution for video creators who want to create videos more accessible and engaging. With a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and customization, this tool harnesses advanced AI technology to transcribe video content into text and generate subtitles in a simple and user-friendly manner.

It also supports multiple file formats and integration with platforms such as Google Drive and Google Docs. It ensures a smooth workflow for users.

Audio Translator

Audio Translator

Rask AI's audio translator provides accurate voice recognition and playback speed. It can mimic the original voice ensuring a more natural listening experience.

This tool is perfect for bridging language barriers with precision and ease allowing users to effortlessly translate audio content for a different type of audience.

It utilizes advanced AI technology and provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for content creators, linguists, and anyone looking to communicate effectively across multiple languages.

Text-to-Speech Online Generator

Text-to-Speech Online Generator

Rask AI's Text-to-Speech Online Generator is a revolutionary tool that transforms the way users interact with digital content.

Its advanced AI provides accurate voice recognition and playback enabling content creators to convert text files into high-fidelity speech with ease. it also offers unmatched versatility allowing users to adjust speaking rates and add pauses for a more natural-sounding delivery making it perfect for training videos, YouTube videos, and explainer videos.

Convert Audio to Text

Convert Audio to Text

It's a powerful and versatile tool that simplifies the transcription process for users dealing with audio and multilingual video files. Its AI-driven service breaks down language barriers and caters to the needs of businesses and individuals in a globalized world.

The tool not only handles audio files but also video files allowing users to create subtitles or text files from audio recordings with just a few clicks.

It integrates with multiple platforms like Google Docs further streamlining the workflow, and making it an invaluable resource for those working with international clients or audiences.

Rask AI Possible Use Cases

  • Employee & Customer Training: Rask AI simplifies the localization of training materials, allowing businesses to educate and engage employees and customers worldwide.
  • Marketing: It helps adapt marketing content to different languages and cultural contexts, ensuring better engagement and response.
  • YouTube Multi-Language Audio: It helps creators translate and dubbing of video content in over 60 languages, expanding their reach on platforms like YouTube.
  • Content Creation & Distribution: It comes with an efficient video dubbing tool that allows creators to translate and localize their video blogs, podcasts, and other content, reaching new audiences worldwide.
  • Explainers & Education Videos: It facilitates the creation of explainer video creations in multiple languages, empowering educators to connect with diverse learners.
  • Sales Videos: It also enables businesses to create localized sales videos, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Can create voice overs in various languages
  • Offers a wide selection of languages
  • Offers a Free Trial
  • Offers options to clone voice in different languages
  • Very limited free trial

Rask AI Pricing Plans

PlansPrice per Month Features
Basic $59Automated AI voiceover:25 minutes of dubbing process, add extra voiceover minutes for $1/min, translate your video & audio into 130+ languages, automated speech-to-text transcription, automated machine translation, voice Cloning for 28 languages
Pro$139 Automated AI voiceover:100 minutes of dubbing, add extra voiceover minutes for $1/min, translate your video & audio into 130+ languages, automated speech-to-text transcription, automated machine translation, voice Cloning for 28 languages, AI-rewriter to control fast speech, early access to Lip Sync feature soon, SRT Upload feature
Business $559 Automated AI voiceover:500 minutes of dubbing, add extra voiceover minutes for $1/min, translate your video & audio into 130+ languages, automated speech-to-text transcription, automated machine translation, voice Cloning for 28 languages, AI-rewriter to control fast speech, early access to Lip Sync feature soon, SRT Upload feature
EnterpriseCustomAll Business Featuresare includedCustom price for minutes, API accessCustom features, Personal Customer Manager

Rask AI Alternatives


Unbabel is an AI-powered translation platform that helps businesses communicate with customers in their native languages.


PlansPrice per WordMinimum Annual Commitment

Translate me

Translate Me is a free translation app that supports over 100 languages and offers text, voice, and camera translation.

Pricing: It is available on Google Chrome and is available for free.

Language Weaver

Language Weaver is a cloud-based machine translation platform that delivers high-quality translations at scale.

Pricing: For pricing details, you need to contact the sales team and you will receive an email with the custom pricing details.

Rask AI Details

AI Features
  • Clone your own voice in 28 languages!
  • Use multiple voices in one video
  • Get video translation in 130+ languages
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