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What is ResolveAI?

ResolveAI is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline and strengthen the process of decision-making and problem-solving. It anchorages advanced technology to facilitate the resolution of various issues, disputes, and conflicts, no matter whether they are related to business operations, project management, or any other areas. The idea behind building this platform is to make definitive decisions with determination, aiming to provide satisfactory solutions to challenges faced by the users.


ResolveAI Key Features at Glance

  • AI Chatbot Training: ResolveAI allows training the AI chatbots using their own business documents to ensure that the chatbots work as per the business module. This means it creates a chatbot that understands your business's specific language, products, and services, making it more effective and interactive with the customers.
  • Customization: Customize various aspects of your chatbot to fit your brand. This includes the avatar, text, welcome message, and persona of your chatbot. This level of customization ensures that your chatbot aligns with your brand's identity and tone of voice.
  • Integration (Coming Soon): ResolveAI is planning to launch this feature soon as with integration it will be easy to integrate chatbots into different platforms. It will allow you to add the chatbot widget to your website, allowing customers to interact directly. Additionally, it will allow you to connect chatbots with popular social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, expanding the reach of your customer service.
  • Notifications: ResolveAI keeps you updated with notifications about new conversations and live agent requests. This ensures that you're always aware of what's happening with your chatbot and can intervene when necessary.

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Who should use ResolveAI?

Resolve AI is designed to feed any business or individuals who are looking to influence artificial intelligence in training chatbots with business documents. Providing extensive tools and models, it simplifies the process of creating, training and implementing chatbots to support various functions including customer support, product inquiries, and many more. Resolve AI's platform is suitable for those who seek an effortless way to build and train AI chatbots, offering various advanced features to serve specific business needs.

ResolveAI Use Cases

  • Elevated Customer Service: Implement ResolveAI's conversational AI chatbots to enhance customer service. Train the chatbot using your own business documents to provide accurate and personalized responses to customer queries. Customize the chatbot with your branding, avatar, and welcome message to create a seamless and engaging customer support experience.
  • Efficient Self-Service: Empower customers to find solutions quickly with ResolveAI's chatbots integrated into your website. Users can interact with the chatbot to get answers to common questions, access product information, and resolve issues on their own. This reduces the need for manual intervention and boosts customer satisfaction.
  • Omnichannel Support: Connect ResolveAI's chatbot with multiple messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram (coming soon). This allows businesses to meet customers where they are and provide consistent support across various channels, ensuring a seamless omnichannel experience.
  • Agent Assistance and Notifications: Always stay in the loop with ResolveAI's real-time notifications. The chatbot can notify your support team about new conversations and live agent requests, enabling them to step in and provide human assistance when needed. This hybrid approach ensures that customers receive prompt and personalized support.
  • Agency Solutions and White Labeling: For agencies and businesses serving multiple clients, the Agency and White Label plans of ResolveAI offer powerful solutions. With the ability to handle 20 chatbots and 6000 active chats per month, agencies can manage customer support for various clients efficiently. The White Label plan enables custom deployment, branding, priority support, and your own API keys, giving you full control over the chatbot experience.

ResolveAI Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Visit Website

Visit the official ResolveAI website and click on “SignUp”.

ResolveAI homepage

Step 2: Signup or Sign In

If you are new to ResolveAI, Click on “Sign Up” and get yourself registered. If you are already a member, click on “Log In” and get access to the dashboard.

Sign up for ResolveAI

Step 3: Setup Support Channel

After successful login, set up your support channels by integrating email, live chat, or social media platforms by clicking on the option available on the sidebar.

Step 4: Train the AI Model

In the dashboard, go to the “AI Model” and “Training” section. Start training your AI model by providing it with representative queries and responses.

Step 5: Test the AI Model

Once done with the training, go to the “Testing” or “Try it out” section and start testing the AI model by inputting sample queries and accessing the responses.

Step 6: Integrate Customer Support

Once testing is done, go to the “Integration” section or the “API section” available on the dashboard and start integrating ResolveAI with Customer Support System using the instructions given.

Step 7: Monitor

It’s important to monitor and improve ResolveAI’s performance on a regular basis to make necessary improvements to the website as and when needed.

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ResolveAI Pricing Plans

ResolveAI Pricing
ResolveAI Pricing Plans

ResolveAI has different pricing plans created especially to meet the requirements of users from different niches. And thus, here is a brief description of pricing plans available with ResolveAI.

Free Plan: The free plan is available for free and it provides the users with one chatbot, 5 documents, 10 active chats/ mo, and 250 message credits/ mo, along with integration to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Hobby Plan: This plan is available at $24/ mo offering 1 chatbot, 20 documents, and 500 active chats/ mo, and it also has the added benefit of brand removal.

Starter Plan:  This plan is priced at $44/ mo, providing its users with 1 chatbot, unlimited documentation, 1000 active chats/ mo, and the ability to remove branding.

As per our evaluation of pricing plans, we would recommend you to go for the starter pack as it is easy on the pockets and provides most of the features to help you get started with the ResolveAI Chatbots and provide the best customer service to your valuable clients

Plus Plan: You can access the Plus plan at $89/ mo as it offers 4 chatbots, unlimited documentation, 3000 active chats/ mo, and the removal of branding.

Agency Plan: This plan is priced at $299/ mo, providing users with 20 chatbots, unlimited documentation, 6000 active chats/ mo, and the ability to remove branding.

All plans come with customer support and are powered by ResolveAI's real-time language processing tools to provide personalized responses and accurate insights.

Note: In case you change your mind, or do not find the plan useful. You can simply email customer support service providers within 30 days. And you will get your full refund without any delay.

What are ResolveAI Agents?

ResolveAI Agents represents an important advancement in the field of intelligent interactions, now available for a closed beta. These agents are specially designed to communicate with any API endpoint, including platforms like Zapier, The New York Times, Zendesk, and many more. They can perform a range of tasks including retrieving weather forecasts, finding news articles, and sending emails. Beyond these capabilities, the new AI Agents also offer some additional features like querying and summarizing knowledge base documents, listing all documents, and providing full control over prompts and temperature slider adjustments. The ResolveAI Agents also support live chats and human notifications, making them a versatile tool for businesses.

Learn More about ResolveAI Agents Here!

ResolveAI New Updates

ResolveAI has recently launched an exciting new update to enhance user experience and productivity. The update includes various features and numerous fixes to help improve the performance of the platform.

Integration of the ResolveAI Agents with Slack allows users to fetch all the information with ease, making team collaboration smoother.

The CSAT Score and Client Feedback in the dashboard provide valuable insights about user satisfaction, enabling users to refine their Agent’s knowledge for improved performance.

Enhanced handling of uploaded documents also ensures a user-friendly experience when dealing with larger files.

With these numerous fixes and improvements, Resolve AI continues to prioritize customer feedback to promote high-quality AI-powered solutions for businesses.

How does ResolveAI Handle Social Logins?

ResolveAI handles your social logins with a high level of security and efficiency. It uses advanced encryption methods to protect your data and ensures that your login process is effortless. The platform is designed in such a way that it can easily recognize and authenticate your social media accounts instantly, saving you time and providing a user-friendly experience. This is a part of ResolveAI’s commitment to delivering high-quality, secure, and convenient services for users.

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ResolveAI vs Freshchat

ResolveAI Alternatives

Freshchat by Freshworks, is a messaging software designed especially for sales and customer engagement, whereas, ResolveAI, a chatbot solution by ChatGPT allows businesses to train chatbots using their own documentation, ensuring tailored response.

Freshchat includes a shared team inbox, robust integrations, and automation with bots, whereas, ResolveAI includes customization, live customer support, and performance analysis, and integrates with Facebook Messenger.

Pricing: Freshchat offers multiple pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. The “Free” plan supports up to 100 agents with basic features. The “Growth” plan, priced at $15/agent/month billed annually, expands with additional features like WhatsApp Business integration. The “Pro” plan, priced at $39/agent/month billed annually, includes advanced automation and team performance reports. For enterprise-grade support, the “Enterprise” plan, priced at $69/agent/month billed annually, offers higher bot sessions and more.

ResolveAI vs Birdeye

Birdeye is an all-in-one customer experience and online reputation management platform helping businesses to collect and manage reviews, by monitoring and tracking online reputation and customer feedback, whereas, ResolveAI lets business train chatbots with their own documents, ensuring custom responses for each business.

Birdeye includes review monitoring, generation, marketing, and regular customer surveys, whereas, ResolveAI allows chatbot customization, live customer support, and performance analysis.

Birdeye offers a unified inbox where all the customer’s interactions can easily be managed from one single place, whereas, ResolveAI helps in integrating with platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Pricing: You have to contact for getting information about the customized pricing of Birdeye, you need to register on their official website by providing a few details including Company name, number of locations, name, email, etc. After submitting the details, you will be able to see “Starter”, “Growth”, and “Dominate”, customized pricing plans that will suit your business requirements.

Birdeye Pricing Plan

ResolveAI vs Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM with an easy setup for sales management, whereas, ResolveAI is a conversational chatbot for customer service allowing easy chatbot creation and customization.

Pipedrive helps manage leads, track communications, automate tasks, and offers insights from more than 350+ integration platforms including – Zoom, Slack, Gmail, Zapier, Hubspot, and many more, whereas, ResolveAI helps train AI chatbots with their own business documents, and integrates with most websites and messaging apps.

Pricing: ResolveAI pricing model also has a free plan starting from $0 and going up to $299/ month, whereas, Pipedrive pricing plans start from $9.90 and go up to $59.90 per user per month, with an option available for a free trial.

ResolveAI Affiliate Program

The ResolveAI affiliate program is designed to empower individuals and businesses to promote and Sell products through ResolveAI’s advanced AI solutions while earning commissions. The program allows affiliates to influence ResolveAI’s brand and its innovative products to expand their business streams. One can be benefitted from the affiliate program by simply registering to their official affiliate website and referring ResolveAI to their family and friends. You get up to 30% recurring commission on every new customer onboarding to the platform using your referral link.

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ResolveAI Customer Support

ResolveAI offers customer support, providing users with efficient assistance, and prompt responses. It provides answers to all customer inquiries or needs of any help by reaching out through their email [email protected] or through the live chat option available on their official website leaving delightful customer experiences by responding to all the queries in a minimal time frame.

  • Highly Scalable, can handle large volumes of customer requests
  • Easy to use
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Create Videos from Text
  • Rich stock media library
  • It can be expensive for some businesses

ResolveAI Details

AI Technology
AI Features
  • Create a Chatbot for your business
  • $24/month
  • Connect ResolveAI to multiple platforms


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