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ReStage AI

  • Discover over 20 unique design styles with ReStage AI
  • Visualize your dream home with stunning photorealistic renders
  • Upgrade your property listings with ReStage AI
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Transform your space with ReStage AI, the AI-powered virtual staging tool that creates stunning photorealistic renders in seconds. Explore over 20 unique design styles to visualize your dream home or showcase properties to potential buyers. Elevate your interior design game with ReStage AI’s fast and easy-to-use platform.

ReStage AI


  • ReStage AI is a virtual staging tool that allows users to render original virtual staging photos in a matter of seconds.
  • Users can upload their own photos and discover over 20 unique design styles to transform their space, including minimalist, modern fusion, contemporary elegance, and more.
  • ReStage AI enables users to upload their photos, choose a design style, and enjoy stunning renders in just seconds.
  • Real estate agents can use ReStage AI to showcase different design options to potential buyers, and interior designers can utilize the tool to present various design concepts.
  • The ReStage AI website features a gallery of the latest generation of virtual staging examples from the community, showcasing various styles and room types.

Restage AI Use Cases

  • Real Estate: Enhance property listings with virtually staged photos to attract potential buyers.
  • Interior Design: Present clients with multiple design concepts for their space using ReStage AI's unique design styles.
  • Homeowners: Visualize different design styles for your home before committing to a renovation or redecoration project.

Restage AI Pricing Plans

Restage AI offers two Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: This is a Free to use plan as the name suggests.The plan offers features like 3 renders per day, Basic Image quality, Images produced will have a watermark. The renders on this plan will be publicly available for anyone to see. The plan also offers default Lighting and Access to rendering with themes.
  • ReStage Pro: This Plan comes for $35/month. This plan offers features like Unlimited Renders, Enhanced image quality, Watermark free images, private mode, unlocks all lighting styles this plan also unlocks rendering with themes and prompts

Get 3 renders free every day! Sign up for Restage AI now.

Restage AI Alternatives

  • Styldod: An AI-powered virtual staging solution that helps real estate agents and interior designers create photorealistic room designs.
  • A virtual staging platform that offers a wide range of design styles and fast rendering for real estate professionals and homeowners.
  • Epique AI: A virtual staging tool that enables users to transform their photos with various design styles, catering to real estate agents, interior designers, and homeowners.

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  • Transform your space in seconds
  • $35/month
  • Visualize your dream home with ReStage
Try ReStage AI
Change your surroundings with ReStage AI!
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