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  • Customize conversational AI
  • Automate interactive experiences
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RisuAI is an AI platform that enables immersive roleplaying and conversational experiences. With support for multiple APIs like Claude, OAI, and Stable Diffusion, users can connect RisuAI to leading AI models to generate interactive characters, environments, and media.


Key Features of RisuAI

  • RisuAI supports connecting to various AI APIs like Claude, OAI, Ooba, OpenRouter, and more, allowing flexibility in choosing different AI models.
  • It has a highly customizable interface for both app and bot, with options to choose themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and more for an optimal user experience.
  • Users can add features via plugins or modify outputs using regex scripts for advanced customization and automation.
  • Additional assets like images, audio, and video can be embedded in chats or background for more engaging conversations.
  • The lore book allows users to provide additional context and memory for AI characters to enable more consistent and contextual responses.

RisuAI Use Cases

  • Immersive RP: Engage in immersive roleplay with AI-generated characters in fantasy or sci-fi settings.
  • Custom Bots: Build customized chatbot assistants for business, education, or personal use.
  • Media Tools: Generate and embed images, video, and audio content into digital experiences.

RisuAI Alternatives

  • Mockuuups: Free iPhone 5S Templates for mockup designs.
  • Flowjo: Making gifts easy to buy and fun to open.

RisuAI Details

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Try RisuAI
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