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Safebet AI

  • Offering detailed pick reports and a unique AI Safe Score for every pick
  • Real-time odds comparison
  • A blend of mathematical precision and sports expertise
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Your AI partner for sports picks

  • Provides daily AI-generated sports picks and analysis to enhance betting strategies.
  • Covers multiple sports leagues like NBA, NFL, MLB, etc.
  • Offers some free weekly picks.
  • The AI's Mostly short-term predictions, focused on upcoming games.

What is Safebet AI?

Safebet AI is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that provides daily sports picks and betting insights to help users make more informed wagering decisions. It leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze thousands of games across various sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc. Safebet AI generates projected outcomes for upcoming matches and assigns an “AI Safe Score” indicating how likely the prediction is to be accurate. Users can integrate their betting strategies and risk tolerance with the AI's analytical guidance. 

Safebet AI

Essentially, Safebet AI serves as an advisor, using data-driven insights to recommend the safest bets based on the odds. Beyond just generating picks, Safebet AI aims to bring sophistication to sports betting by helping users better understand the complex dynamics that influence outcomes. With its blend of sports expertise and mathematical models, Safebet AI wants to revolutionize sports wagering with enhanced confidence and success.

How does Safebet AI work?

Safebet AI is an AI-powered Hub that analyzes thousands of games across various sports. It leverages advanced AI algorithms and models that have been trained on extensive datasets of past games and outcomes. Specifically, SafeBet's model is built using TensorFlow, ChatGPT, and Keras technology and has analyzed over 20,000 historical matches.

The AI system uses this data to generate projected outcomes and likelihoods for upcoming games across sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc. It then assigns an “AI Safe Score” from 1-99 for each pick indicating how likely it is to be accurate based on the AI's analysis.

Users can access these AI-generated picks and insights via a private Telegram channel where SafeBet sends out daily sports picks. Users can choose to follow the picks based on the AI Safe Score and their own risk tolerance or betting strategy. The AI serves more as an advisor using data-driven analysis to recommend the optimal bets.

So in summary, SafeBet leverages AI and deep learning models trained on historical sports data to provide data-driven betting picks and guidance to help users make informed wagering decisions. The core of the platform is the AI analysis, projections, and assigned confidence scores.

Key Features of Safebet AI

  • AI-Generated Sports Picks: Safebet AI provides daily sports picks generated by an advanced AI system. These picks are based on the analysis of thousands of games across various sports.
  • AI Safe Score: Each pick is assigned an AI Safe Score, ranging from 1 to 99, indicating the likelihood of the pick being accurate. This score is calculated based on various factors such as booking odds and historical match-ups.
  • Detailed Pick Reports: Safebet AI provides comprehensive pick reports, analyzing various sports leagues and offering emergency bet alerts for timely wagering decisions.
  • Personal Strategy Integration: Users can tailor their betting strategy according to their preferences, whether they're conservative long-term players, aggressive risk-takers, or casual sports wager enthusiasts.
  • High Win-Rate: Safebet AI boasts a 74% win rate, increasing the likelihood of successful picks.
  • Private Telegram Channel: Safebet AI provides its AI-generated picks and insights via a private Telegram channel, where it sends out daily sports picks.
  • Refund Policy: Safebet AI offers a refund policy, building trust among users and ensuring a user-friendly approach.
  • Free Weekly Picks: Every Friday, Safebet AI sends out one free weekly pick to its Telegram channel.
  • Covering Multiple Sports: Safebet AI covers multiple sports, providing a wide range of interests and betting strategies for users.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Safebet AI?

 Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use SafeBet AI:

  1. Create an Account
    Visit the SafeBet AI website and sign up for an account to start using the service.
Safebet AI Signup
  1. Choose a Subscription Plan
    Select from the available subscription plans, which may include weekly or monthly options, depending on your preference and how frequently you want to receive picks.
Safebet AI plan
  1. Access the Private Telegram Channel
    Once subscribed, join the private Telegram channel where SafeBet AI sends out daily sports picks.
  1. Receive Daily Picks
    Get three daily picks from SafeBet AI, which are generated based on the analysis of thousands of past matches using advanced AI models.
  2. Review AI Safe Score 
    Each pick comes with an AI Safe Score, which indicates the confidence level of the prediction. Use this score to guide your betting decisions.

Use Cases of Safebet AI

  • Enhancing Sports Betting Strategy: SafeBet AI can be used to enhance sports betting strategies. It provides AI-generated picks and assigns an AI Safe Score to each pick, helping users make informed betting decisions.
  • Making Informed Betting Decisions: With the AI Safe Score, users can make bets that align with their risk tolerance. It cuts through the noise, letting users focus on picks that statistically matter.
  • Receiving Accurate Sports Projections: SafeBet AI provides accurate projections for upcoming games in various sports, helping users predict what will happen in future games.
  • Start Beating the Betting Books: SafeBet AI can be used to gain an edge over the betting books. Its AI-generated picks and AI Safe Score can help users make more successful bets.
  • Having More Fun Watching Favorite Sports: By providing insights into upcoming games, SafeBet AI can enhance the enjoyment of watching sports. Users can use the AI's picks to engage more deeply with the games they watch.
  • For Sports Enthusiasts and Bettors: SafeBet AI is an ideal tool for sports enthusiasts, casual bettors, and professional gamblers. It provides valuable insights, helping users strategize and improve their chances of winning.
  • For Individuals Interested in Making Informed Decisions: The AI-analyzed picks provide valuable insights, helping users strategize and improve their chances of winning.
  • For Users with Different Betting Strategies: Whether users prefer conservative or aggressive strategies, SafeBet caters to their needs. It allows users to tailor their betting strategy according to their preferences.

Safebet AI Subscription Plans

Safebet AI Pricing PlansWeekly Pricing Monthly Pricing
Basic Plan$47$97

SafeBet AI offers subscription plans for AI-generated sports picks. The weekly plan at $47 gives access to 21 picks, while the monthly plan at $97 includes 90 picks, providing better value at $1.07 per pick. Subscribers can enjoy a 3-day refund policy for unsatisfactory experiences.

Who Should Use Safebet AI?

SafeBet AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool designed for sports enthusiasts, bettors, and analysts. It caters to individuals who aim to improve their game predictions by leveraging AI's ability to analyze thousands of games across multiple sports. Whether you are a conservative, long-term player, or an aggressive risk-taker, SafeBet AI is a lucrative platform to enhance your betting strategy. It provides daily sports picks, making it a reliable advisor for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike. 

The platform is also beneficial for risk managers in sportsbooks and betting operators, as it provides real-time analysis to identify and manage risks around problematic betting patterns.

What Types of Bets Does SafeBet AI Provide?

Here are the main types of bets that SafeBet AI provides:

  • Daily AI Sports Picks: SafeBet AI offers 3 daily picks across multiple sports like basketball, football, baseball, etc. These are generated by AI algorithms analyzing thousands of past games.
  • Singles: The platform provides advice and analysis on single-game bets across the sports and leagues it covers.
  • Parlays: In addition to singles, SafeBet AI also offers guidance on parlay bets, which involve multiple picks grouped into a single bet.
  • EV Bets: “EV” refers to expected value. SafeBet AI identifies positive expected value bets where the estimated probabilities outpace the odds, providing an analytical edge.
  • AI Safe Score: Each pick is assigned a score from 1-99 indicating the confidence level of the prediction. This helps users determine the riskiness of bets.
  • Emergency Bet Alerts: Time-sensitive alerts on new opportunities are provided for users to make quick decisions.

So in essence, SafeBet AI leverages AI to recommend smart bets across singles, parlays, and value plays. The AI Safe Score and alerts help guide bettors' choices based on their risk tolerance and preferences. 

Top Alternatives of Safebet AI

1. MySports AI

MySports AI

MySports AI is an AI-powered sports prediction tool that boasts over 75% accuracy in predicting future match results. It covers a wide range of sports including NBA, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and MLB. The platform offers comprehensive analysis considering historical data, injuries, coaching tactics, and weather for accurate predictions. It also adjusts predictions in real time based on live match developments.

Pricing: MySports AI offers 3 days free trial and paid subscription Plans starting from $200 for 30 days to $500 for 90 days.

2. Sports Prediction AI

Sports Prediction AI

Sports Prediction AI is an AI tool designed to accurately predict the results of premier sports events. It uses the latest AI technology to analyze and process data from various sources, generating accurate predictions for each match. A unique feature of AI Sports Prediction is its investment advice service, allowing users to make informed decisions on their sports investments.

Pricing: AI Sports Prediction offers a free trial and a paid subscription plan.

What sports does SafeBet AI cover?

SafeBet AI covers six different sports, offering a diverse range of sports picks.

What is the AI Safe Score?

The AI Safe Score is a score (1-99 points) granted to every pick. It helps users gauge the level of risk associated with each pick.

How many matches has SafeBet AI analyzed?

SafeBet AI's model has been trained by analyzing over 21,067 matches.

Can I try SafeBet AI for free?

Yes, every Friday SafeBet AI sends one free weekly pick-out to their Telegram channel.

Are the picks guaranteed?

No, the AI system just analyzes the most likely outcome versus the odds. It may predict some games wrong and many games correct.

Can I trust the AI-generated recommendations from SafeBet AI?

SafeBet AI has a strong track record, with a 4.2/5 rating for accuracy and reliability. While it's not foolproof, it certainly adds an analytical edge to your bets.

What if I have questions or need assistance with SafeBet AI?

SafeBet AI provides resources, but more comprehensive customer support would be a plus. You can reach out to them through their Telegram channel for assistance.

Can I use SafeBet AI alongside other betting tools or systems?

Absolutely! SafeBet AI can complement your existing betting strategies, helping you make more informed decisions.

What technology does SafeBet AI use?

SafeBet AI is built on TensorFlow, ChatGPT 4.0, and

What types of bets does SafeBet AI provide?

SafeBet AI provides singles, parlays, and EVs.

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